Nuclear Energy

Energy power has witnessed strong proponents of growth across nations irrespective of economic status: underdeveloped as well as developed countries. The usual motivations for pursuing nuclear energy as a viable option are the same–to achieve energy security, adopting carbon-free sources, and to address burgeoning demand of electricity. Construction of new nuclear plants especially in China and Russia, growing number of reactors which are operating, developing countries such as India and China spending a substantial part of energy budgets on nuclear programs have all added to nuclear power generation capacity. However, the market faces many challenges in terms of safety requirements of the reactors, economic competitiveness and general public acceptance along with difficulty in monitoring radioactive waste generated in nuclear energy plants. Big Market Research reports extensively analyzes a range of social, economic and political factors that shape the market demand and the policies that different countries frame to address them. The reports offers data and statistics on the operating nuclear reactors across nations, the amount of electric power generated and several others. The security concerns and regulatory framework and its impact on global economic policies is analyzed in our reports.


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