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World Automotive Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2022

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Automotive fuel delivery and injection systems are used for storing and introducing fuel inside the automobile internal combustion engines. The system consists of many integral parts like sensors and fuel pumps that assist air intake, mixing and supply of fuel. Fuel and engine efficiency are increased by optimizing the air-fuel ratio causing reduction in the exhaust gases. Technological advancements are continuously being done in the field to further enhance these systems contributing to the growth of the market.

The current fuel delivery and injection systems market is changing rapidly. The key factor that is driving the market is the growth in sales across all vehicular segments. Also, the technological advancements aimed at improving the fuel economy and efficiency of the engine further boosting the market growth. The global sales of all vehicles steadily growing over the years, from 75 million in 2010 to 89.7 million in 2015. The growth in sales of vehicles is directly supplementing the growth of fuel delivery and injection systems market.

Global Vehicle Sales, 2005 2015 (Million)

Global Vehicle Sales 2005  2015, Global Automobile Sales

The major restraint that can hinder the growth of this market is the increasing emphasis on the production and usage of the electrical vehicles and the supporting governmental policies for greener vehicles. The EV sales has gone great transformation in last few years from just 345 EVs sold in 2011 to about 114 thousand EVs sold in 2015, globally. The demand in EVs shall have regressive effect on the growth of fuel delivery and injection systems market. EVs are gradually having impact on all vehicle segments, outside passenger vehicle segment, further impacting the fuel delivery and injection systems market.

Growth in Electric Vehicles Sales, 2011 - 2015

Growth in Electric Vehicles Sales, Growth in EV Sales 2011 - 2015

Further, the introduction of stringent emission control norms such as Euro IV has induced spending on Research & Development for improved systems. The introduction of different fuel type available for the engines, including CNG, is providing big growth opportunity for the market.

Sales of natural gas vehicles globally, 2000 2012 (Million)

Sales of Natural Gas Vehicles Globally, Sales of CNG Vehicles

The world automotive fuel delivery and injection system market encompasses vehicle type, fuel type and injector type of the Automotive fuel delivery and injection system market. The vehicle type segment namely Heavy commercial vehicle, light commercial vehicle, passenger vehicle and hybrid vehicle are covered under the scope of the report. The fuel types include gasoline, diesel and Alternative fuel types. The injector types include Port Fuel Injection, Throttle Body Fuel Injection, Direct Injection and sequential Fuel Injection. Based on geography, the world lithium-ion battery market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA. Further, the report also covers the strategies adopted by key market players in order to sustain competitive environment and increase their market share. Continental AG, Robert Bosch GmbH, Delphi Automotive Plc., Magneti Marelli, Denso Corporation, Infineon Technologies AG, TI Automotive INC. and NGK Spark Plug Co. Ltd. are some of the major players discussed in the report, which cater to the lithium-ion battery industry.

On-going advancements in the automotive fuel delivery and injection systems due to innovative efforts have further enhanced the efficiency of these batteries. The competitive advantages of automotive fuel delivery and injection systems over conventional alternatives have been also described in the report. In order to understand the market, drivers, restraints, and opportunities are explained in the report. Further, the key strategies adopted by potential market leaders to facilitate the effective planning have been also discussed under the scope of the report.

Automobile fuel delivery and injection system industry can be segmented into different categories based upon the vehicle types used by the consumers. The vehicle type is basically divided according to their usage. The different categories being the light commercial vehicles, Heavy commercial vehicles, Passenger Vehicles and Hybrid vehicles. The Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems are differentiated into these segments as the components are different, depending upon the vehicle.

North America Automotive fuel delivery and injection systems market by vehicle type, 2015

Automotive Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems Market by Vehicle Type (Hybrid Vehicle, Passenger Vehicle, Light Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Commercial Vehicle)

The major constituent of this segment is Passenger vehicles, followed by Heavy Commercial vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The passenger vehicles are also the most important segment as he demands among automobile consumers is increasing to own a personal vehicles and also due to the basic need for transportation.

Key Benefits of The Study

  • The report gives extensive details about the current and possible future scenarios of the market
  • The report covers in depth study about the various strategies adopted by the companies involved in the market and the new emerging strategies
  • The report includes the Competitive intelligence in order to understand the competitive scenario across the geography
  • The report provides Porters Five forces analysis to understand all the factors affecting the market
  • This report provides in depth quantitative analysis about the current market and future forecast which assist in finding new market opportunities
  • This report provides comprehensive segmentation of the market along with the market leaders of different categories
  • Report constituents the breakdown of various geographical market available and their requirements so that these markets can be penetrated

Automotive Fuel Delivery and Injection Systems Market Key Segments

The market is segmented on the basis of type of vehicle, fuel type used, type of injector and geography.


  • Heavy Commercial Vehicle
  • Light Commercial Vehicle
  • Passenger Vehicle
  • Hybrid Vehicle


  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • Alternative Fuel


  • Throttle Body Fuel Injector
  • Direct Fuel Injector
  • Sequential Fuel Injector
  • Port Fuel Injector


North America

  • U.S.A.
  • Mexico
  • Canada


  • U.K.
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Rest of Europe


  • China
  • India
  • South Korea
  • Japan
  • Rest of Asia-Pacific


  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • Africa
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