Automotive and Transportation

As technology makes continual changes across various manufacturing industries, the automotive & transportation industry is likely to evolve rapidly. These transformations are majorly focused on energy efficiency, making product innovations, and achieving enhanced connectivity and portability. Development of advanced automotive sensors for monitoring a range of physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, magnetic resonance will witness a range of technological enhancements. This will help industry players to push the green initiative in sustainable development to new levels. Environmental regulations related to emission standards will continue to evolve across regions that will make way for advanced exhaust systems in vehicles including commercial ones. Key automotive manufacturers are proactive in developing smart engines that reduce the energy consumption in vehicles. The features such as ADAS technology and the advent of semi-autonomous cars are some of the emerging trends transforming the competitive landscape. Big Market Research Reports offer insights into best industry practices, drivers and key market challenges, the impact of regulatory framework across various regions and countries, and the government regulations that significantly boost the industry demand. Furthermore, recent product launches and strategies related to value additions in industry chain are highlighted and analyzed.


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