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Stents Market by Stents Type (Coronary (Drug-Eluting, Bare-Metal Coronary, Bioabsorbable), Peripheral (Iliac, Femoral-Popliteal, Renal, Carotid), Stent-Related (Synthetic Grafts, Vena Cava Filters), Material (Metallic, Polymers, Natural)) - Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast, 2014 - 2022

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A stent is a metallic r a plymer tube implanted int the lumen f any bld vessel r a duct in rder t keep the passage pen. A variety f stents fr different clinical cnditins are available in the market. A stent implant is mst cmmnly used fr the treatment f cardiac abnrmalities such as blcked bld vessels. In additin, stents are implanted in the esphagus t allw the passage f fd and beverages in patients suffering frm esphageal cancer. They are als inserted in the ureter t prevent bstructin f urine flw frm kidney, in the gall bladder t allw passage f bile in patients suffering frm gall bladder cancer, and in the abdmen & gastrintestinal tract. They are generally made f metals, plymers, and natural biabsrbable materials.

The wrld stent market is estimated t generate a revenue f $16,666 millin by 2022. The grwth in the wrld stents market is primarily attributed t the rising geriatric ppulatin, wh are mre susceptible t strkes and require a stent implant fr treatment, technlgical advancements in stents, increased adptin rate f these devices, and increased risk f restensis in patients underging angiplasty. In additin, unhealthy diet habits and lack f necessary physical activity lead t the develpment f cardivascular diseases, and hence increase the need fr percutaneus crnary interventins. Cnversely, stringent gvernment regulatins fr the apprval f stents as they are highly specific devices and high cst f stent implant prcedures are factrs restraining the market grwth.

The reprt segments the wrld stents market based n prduct type, material, and gegraphy. Based n prduct type, it is categrized int crnary stents and peripheral/vascular stents. Mainly three types f crnary stents are used, namely, drug-eluting stents, bare metal stents, and biabsrbable stents. ut f these, endthelial prgenitr cell capture stent, a type f drug-eluting stent, is preferred ver the thers as it uses the latest technlgy and prevents stent thrmbsis. Crnary stents was the highest revenue-generating and fastest grwing segment in 2015, registering a CAGR f 9.5% during the analysis perid, wing t increasing advances in the field f interventinal cardilgy cupled with the prgress f minimally invasive techniques.

Based n material, the market is segmented int metallic bimaterials, plymer bimaterials, and natural bimaterials. Amng these, metallic stents segment generated the highest revenue in 2015 and natural bimaterials segment is estimated t grw at fastest CAGR f 10.5% frm 2016-2022.

Based n gegraphy, the market is divided int Nrth America, Eurpe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA regins. Asia-Pacific is expected t cntinue t dminate due t rise in the geriatric ppulatin, favrable reimbursement rates, and rise in the prevalence f chrnic disrders even amng yunger ppulatin. LAMEA is expected t emerge as the area with maximum grwth ptential, wing t the presence f high unmet medical needs and cnstantly imprving healthcare infrastructure t cure cardiac disrders, hemdialysis, and ther clinical cnditins which lead t cnstrictin f bld vessels. Huge investments in develping natins by key players results in market grwth wing t the rapidly grwing aged ppulatin.

Key players perating in the wrld stents market include Abbtt Labratries, B. Braun Melsungen AG, Bitrnik SE & C. KG, Bstn Scientific Crpratin, C.R. Bard, Inc., Elixir Medical Crpratin, Medtrnic plc, Micrprt Scientific Crpratin, STENTYS SA, and Terum Crpratin.

Key benefits

  • The study prvides an in-depth analysis f the wrld stents market with current trends and future estimatins t elucidate the imminent investment pckets.
  • The reprt prvides a quantitative analysis frm 2014 t 2022, which is expected t enable the stakehlders t capitalize n prevailing market pprtunities.
  • Extensive analysis by prduct helps in understanding the varius types f devices used fr the treatment f chrnic diseases and ther related cardiac cnditins.
  • Cmpetitive intelligence highlights the business practices fllwed by leading players acrss varius regins.
  • SWT analysis studies the internal envirnment f the leading cmpanies fr strategy frmulatin.

Key market segments

The wrld stents market is segmented based n prduct type, material, and gegraphy.

By Type

  • Crnary Stents
  • Drug-Eluting Stents (DES)
  • Bare-Metal Crnary Stents
  • Biabsrbable Stents
  • Peripheral Stents
  • Iliac
  • Femral-Ppliteal
  • Renal
  • Cartid
  • Stent-Related Implants
  • Synthetic Grafts
  • Vena Cava Filters

By Material

  • Metallic Bimaterials
  • Plymers Bimaterials
  • Natural Bimaterials

By Regin

  • Nrth America
    • U.S.
    • Canada
    • Mexic
  • Eurpe
    • Germany
    • U.K.
    • France
    • Italy
    • Spain
    • Rest f Eurpe
  • Asia-Pacific
    • Japan
    • China
    • India
    • Suth Krea
    • Malaysia
    • Rest f Asia-Pacific
    • Brazil
    • Suth Africa
    • Egypt
    • Rest f LAMEA
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