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Asia Connected Retail Solutions Market (2018-2023)

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The Asia connected retail solutions market is expected to expand at a CAGR of 25.2% during the 2018-2023 period, owing to the rapid adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), and the huge surge in online shopping.

Based on application segment insights:

Growing investments to digitize the supply chain process, adoption of omnichannel strategies to integrate both online and offline customer experience, and technological innovations such as IoT, AI, Big Data and blockchain will drive profitability of the market. The supply chain management (SCM) segment will drive a high CAGR (33.1%) during the forecast period. Close on its heels will be the Business Analytics/Business Intelligence segment, anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 25%.

Based on country insights:

In 2018, China represented the largest market share, accounting for 66% of Asia’s connected retail solutions market revenue. China’s mega corporations, Alibaba and Tencent, have heralded the era of digital retail by forging partnerships and pursuing acquisitions and organic business creation strategies to introduce a shared retail ecosystem for customers. However, India is anticipated to expand at the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to its huge smartphone penetration and the presence of diversified digital payment modes.

Companies covered:

• Cisco Systems

• Intel


• Microsoft

• Samsung Electronics

Chapter 1. Executive Summary

1.1. Market scope and segmentation

1.2. Key questions answered in this study

1.3. Executive summary

Chapter 2: Asia Connected Retail Solutions Market – Overview

2.1. Market definitions

2.2. Market overview

- Asia market revenue (USD Bn)

- Forecasted Asia market revenue (USD Bn)

- Country-wise market revenue (USD Bn)

2.3. Market trends

2.4. Market drivers and challenges

Chapter 3: Asia Connected Retail Solutions Market – Based on Applications

3.1. Supply Chain Management

- Market overview

- Forecasted market segment revenue (USD Bn)

3.2. Customer Relationship Management

- Market overview

- Forecasted market segment revenue (USD Bn)

3.3. Business Analytics/Business Intelligence

- Market overview

- Forecasted market segment revenue (USD Bn)

3.4. Other applications

- Market overview

- Forecasted market segment revenue (USD Bn)

Chapter 4: China Connected Retail Solutions Market

4.1. Overview

- Revenue (USD Bn)

- Forecasted market revenue (USD Bn)

4.2. Trends

4.3. Drivers and challenges

Chapter 5: India Connected Retail Solutions Market

5.1. Overview

- Revenue (USD Bn)

- Forecasted market revenue (USD Bn)

5.2. Trends

5.3. Drivers and challenges

Chapter 6: South Korea Connected Retail Solutions Market

6.1. Overview

- Revenue (USD Bn)

- Forecasted market revenue (USD Bn)

6.2. Trends

6.3. Drivers and challenges

Chapter 7: Rest of Asia Connected Retail Solutions Market

7.1. Overview

- Revenue (USD Bn)

- Forecasted market revenue (USD Bn)

7.2. Trends

7.3. Drivers and challenges

Chapter 8: Competitive Landscape

8.1. Cisco Systems*

- Company snapshot

- Products

- Strategic initiatives

- Countries present

- Key people

8.2. Intel

8.3. IBM

8.4. Microsoft

8.5. Samsung Electronics

(*) The coverage approach remains the same for all companies

Chapter 9: Conclusion

9.1. Future outlook

Chapter 10: Appendix

10.1. List of tables

10.2. Assumptions

10.3. Research methodology

10.4. About Research on Global Markets

10.5. Disclaimer

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