Optical and Liquid Biopsies to Compete with Traditional Techniques in $1.16 Billion Market by 2022

Biopsy Devices - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts

The biopsy devices space across the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, Brazil, China, and India, will rise modestly in value from $915.2 million to over $1.16 billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 3.5%. Emerging countries in the Asia-Pacific region, such as India and China, will have growth rates similar to the global CAGR due to increased market access of each country’s population to healthcare resources. Although the market value is rising, there are several barriers preventing this growth from being particularly striking. In the US, for example, the benefit of routine screening for prostate cancer has come under scrutiny, as sophisticated clinical trials have revealed that screening has a minimal impact on cancer-related mortality.    -             

The current biopsy devices market also faces substantial long-term competition, as start-up companies and large medical device manufacturers try to employ new technologies to make the diagnosis of cancer even less invasive without the need for target tissue extraction. Two such technologies include optical and liquid biopsies, which seek to replace physical ones. Unlike traditional biopsy techniques, which involve extracting a tissue sample from the patient, optical biopsies capitalize on the properties of light to enable the operator to make real-time diagnostic assessments without the need for extracting tissues and examining them under a microscope. Liquid biopsy technology is based on circulating tumor cells or circulating DNA, and would only require a sample of patient’s blood in order to obtain key information on the cells’ physical and biological properties.

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MediPoint: Biopsy Devices - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts report provides analysis of the biopsy devices space across the 10 major markets of the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the UK, Japan, Brazil, China and India, including annualized market data from 2013 and forecast until 2022.

Key questions answered:

  • What are the procedure volumes for different biopsy procedures in different countries? How will the volumes change in the next five years?
  • Growth in the biopsy devices market is driven by an increasing number of cancer incident cases. What are the current numbers of cancer diagnosed cases in different geographies? How will the numbers change in the upcoming years?
  • Biopsy guns are most frequently used biopsy devices and core needle biopsy devices gain popularity over fine needle aspiration devices. What are the current adoption trends of different types of biopsy device in different geographies? How will the adoption trends evolve in the near future?
  • There are various types of biopsy devices and different companies have a different strategic product focus. Who are the leading players in the biopsy devices market?     

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