PM Modi to Launch GatiShakti National Master Plan in the Favour of Infrastructure Development

In October 2021, Narendra Modi, the current Prime Minister of India, came up with a novel initiative of launching­­- the GatiShakti-National Master Plan. The initiative will soon be launched and is aimed at improving the infrastructural development of the nation and address the issues related to dearth of coordination amongst numerous organisations by implementing a holistic approach.

Avowing it as a remarkable event for the nation’s infrastructural growth, the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) stated that the GatiShakti project will end departmental silos and implement all-inclusive planning for the investors involved in foremost infrastructure projects. 

Additionally, the PMO stated that the organisations will have transparency and know about each other’s projects, such as about the movement of individuals, goods, and services, by means of a centralised portal and facilitate seamless and integrated connection among them.

While stating the details of the GatiShakti-National Master Plan, Modi stated that this project is established with an aim to adhere to the 6 pillars of synchronisation, prioritisation, comprehensiveness, optimisation, and being logical and dynamic.

The project is going to create widespread opportunities for employment, reduce costs involved in logistics, advance supply chains, and make local products competitive all over the globe.

The PMO mentioned that infrastructure development of the nation is being suffered for years due to numerous problems such as absence of cooperation and management amidst different sectors. For instance, the newly built roads being dug up by other departments for carrying out tasks such as placing of underground gas pipelines, cables, etc.

The PMO further added that this not only resulted in massive inconvenience but also a reckless expenditure. Hence, certain rules and approaches need to be put in place to build healthy coordination among different infrastructure departments. Various measures have also been taken to look into other matters like an approval process taking unnecessary prolonged time and multiplicity of governing authorizations etc.

The PMO avowed that in the past 7 years, the government has guaranteed exceptional emphasis on infrastructure through a holistic perspective. It concluded by saying that the financial zones including pharmaceutical clusters, textile clusters, electronic parks, fishing clusters, defence corridors, industrial corridors, and agricultural zones will also be a part of this new project for improving the connectivity and making the Indian markets more competitive.

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