Orange Acquires SecureData and SecureLink to Expand its International Reach and Expertise in Cybersecurity

Orange Cyberdefense, a cybersecurity company, signs an agreement to acquire SecureLink. This deal values Orange Cyberdefense at €515 million including debt. SecureLink is a Belgian technology company based near Antwerp. It functions in eight European countries. It generated a revenue of €248 million in 2018 and delivered a convertible bond on the Oslo stock exchange to raise €150 million.

Hugues Foulon, the Executive Director of cybersecurity at Orange stated that
the agreement with SecureLink will be a game changer for the telecom company. It will transform the company into ‘go-to defense specialist’ with its huge size and geographic area. Today, the importance for cybersecurity is growing tremendously. All the companies of varying sizes are now concerned about the security of their data. The company believes that proximity and scale are the two most important factors for achieving success.

Recently, Orange also acquired SecureData Group, which is a company based in the U.K. It is one of the largest independent cybersecurity service providers in Europe. The company provides its services in Denmark and Norway, Germany, Belgium, the U.K., the Netherlands, and Sweden. It promises Orange to provide additional technical cooperation and help strengthen Orange's position in cyberdefense industry. With this deal Orange will gain a new source of talent and advanced technology to hold a strong position in the Global Cybersecurity Market. Additionally, the company claims an advanced cyber-SOC (Security Operations Center) in the U.K., which will support Orange Cyberdefense's international reach.

According to Hugues Foulon, the deal with SecureData is a major step toward Orange's dream of accelerating its control over the European cybersecurity market. The company aims to build the commercial and operational relations with SecureData, under the guidance and support of Michel Van Den Berghe, the CEO of Orange Cyberdefense.

Hugues believes that the union of Orange Cyberdefense and SecureData will deliver a strong resource for the customers. The combine expertise and skills of the two companies will ensure the protection of the valuable data of the clients.

Ian Brown, the Executive Chairman at SecureData said that our company is both eager and pleased to be a part of the Orange Cyberdefense family. Both the companies have the same desire and aim for the cybersecurity. The partnership with orange will help us serve better for the requirements of our existing clients and also offer improved cybersecurity services to Orange customers.

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