How Has Alstom Accelerated the Indian Economy Over the Past Few Year?

According to the recent report published by Ernst & Young, Alstom, a French multinational rolling stock manufacturer, indirectly contributed about 438 million euros to the Indian economy in the past five years.

Alstom is one of the leading rolling stock manufacturers, operating across the globe in rail transport markets. They are actively involved in the fields of passenger transportation, locomotives, signals, suburban, regional, and metro trains apart from introducing innovative like the Eurostar, AGV, TGV, Avelia and New Pendolini high-speed trains, and many more. 

Alstom has been an integral part in numerous Indian Railway and urban metro transport projects for the production and induction of rolling stocks, trainsets, and electric locomotives since the past few years, and has invested about Rs 12,556 million locally in the last five years. Alstom India ensures that about 75 percent of total goods and services are manufactured with the suppliers in India, building a massive supply chain ecosystem in the country.

Alstom has aided about 71,340 indirect and 27,770 induced jobs all over the country. In addition to that, they also proclaimed to include about 28 percent women in fields like engineering, law, and management by the year 2025. Thus, Alstom has tremendously created massive number of job opportunities for lakhs of people, significantly contributing to the economic growth of India.

Alstom impressively helped in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions by about 10 times when compared to other conventional modes of passenger or freight transport with the help of its sustainability mobility solutions. Carbon dioxide emissions from cars accounts for 79.5 gCO2/passenger km and the traditional goods trucks in India account for 92.3 gCO2/ton.kms. On the other hand, Alstom’s metro trains in India accounts for just about 7.9 gCO2/ passenger kms. 

Alain SPOHR, the Managing Director of Alstom India said that India has always been a pivotal market for Alstom, and they will further continue to strengthen this partnership by contriving mobility solutions whilst providing their unflinching support in fulfilling government’s prime motive of ‘Make in India' and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat.’

Alstom further aims to attain 85 per cent localization on all major domestic projects and advocate optimum utilization of renewable energy in all industrial operations.

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