Google To Acquire Velostrata To Ease Cloud Migration

Google is all set to acquire Velostrata, an Israel-based company that develops real-time hybrid cloud software solutions to help companies move workload from data center to Google Cloud platform. Every major or small enterprises are now adapting to cloud computing, which has increased the struggle to unchain their massive workloads from data center. On the other hand, Google aims to offer speed and access of technologies such as cloud analytics and machine learning to such companies.

According to the blog published by Velostrata, Velostrata’s primary goal will remain to speed up the company’s cloud transaction through a new technology. To achieve this aim, the company assembled a core team of systems and WAN optimization experts that have years of experience and developed a novel technology, real-time agentless workload streaming. This is new technology is supposed to decouple the compute from storage without degrading performance. In theory, the solution allows workload can be transparently migrated to public cloud in just minutes.   

“Over the years, Google Cloud has made significant investment in developing a robust global cloud infrastructure that delivers industry-leading availability, reliability and security. Google Cloud continues to innovate with advanced compute and services platforms. We are proud to join forces and help pave the way for enterprise customers to transform their most demanding enterprise workloads on Google Cloud Platform,” stated Issy Ben-Shaul, Velostrata CEO and co-founder in his blog post. “We are truly excited about the future ahead of us and looking forward to continuing the journey together as part of Google Cloud when the deal closes.”

According to the blog post published by Eyal Manor, Vice President Engineering at Google Cloud, this deal will be beneficial to Google customers as it will be able to help them adapt their workload on-the-fly for cloud execution. Moreover, he wrote that they can easily and quickly able to migrate virtual machine-based workloads like large databases, enterprise applications, DevOps, and large batch processing to and from the cloud.

Google wants to use Velostrata to simplify its ongoing business process and easily migrate workload to Google Compute Engine. Moreover, Velostrata has successfully mobilized several enterprise customers to cloud by migrating thousands of servers with complicated task and huge database with minimal downtime and simple deployment.

The recent development in cloud analytics has made Google take such steps to migrate its workload. In its recent report on Global Cloud Analytics Market, Big Market Research offers insights on the market size, challenges, top market players, information of sales and region-wise revenue generation for the historic period 2012–2017 and forecast period 2018–2023. Furthermore, the report offers an in-depth analysis of the competitive status and trends to aid market players, new entrants, and investors to understand the strategies to be taken to withstand in the global cloud analytics market.

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