Dronamics Black Swan Drone to Carry 800 Pound Payload

Dronamics has designed a cargo drone with a carrying capability of 800 pounds for up to 1,550 miles. Svilen Rangelov and Konstantin Rangelov, the Rangelov brothers are heading the company to bring innovative drones to carry massive payload. Dronamics has a small team which worked on the development of cargo drone for nearly four years. The company aimed for development of drone which would replace a cross-country truck.

Dronamics found out that the issues related with aerial transportation are cost and finding nearby airports to manage flights. They proposed the solution named Black Swan, a drone with a single propeller and gasoline engine. Konstantin Rangelov explained the reason of using traditional gasoline engine instead of the modern electric engines. He said that usage of a Rotax engine would offer a practical edge owing to its universality in aviation across the globe. This unmanned vehicle can be tracked through satellite. It has capability to land at the most unpaved and narrow airstrips. Moreover, the cost is nearly half of the traditional manned solution.

The Black Swan is structured wide on sides to carry stacked goods and pallets. It is structured in such as way that it would carry massive amount of e-commerce goods than huge amount of bulk. Moreover, it is constructed using low cost composite materials and designed with optimum aerodynamic potential in consideration. The company is developing an autonomous software to fly the drone effectively.

“We focused on getting a payload that could match the most common type of ground vehicle in the world—the small cargo van,” said Konstantin Rangelov, Chief Technology Officer, Dronamics. “This meant we can create an aircraft the size of a bush plane, and we could make it land at even very short runways, significantly expanding the number of towns that we can connect.”

The Black Swan prototype has already finished its test flights at unused civilian and military fields across Bulgaria in 2017. It had validated the performance, aerodynamics, communication, and control systems. The full version will be ready in the next month. Companies have been focusing on development of prototypes for drone payload that would carry maximum load in lower costs.

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