Cryo Innovations Brings Space-age Technology to the Forefront: Recovery XR Cryotherapy Chamber

As a response to the devastating incident that happened in 2015, where a woman in Las Vegas was found dead inside her employer's cryotherapy chamber, Cryo Innovations, a company commitment to health, healing, and longevity through anti-inflammatory treatment recently introduced its safest and first U.S. manufactured, thermal imaging, bio-metric, whole-body cryotherapy chamber in the market. Cryotherapy serves the purpose of enhancing health by reducing pain, strengthening immune systems, offering detoxification of the whole body, increasing the production of collagen, helping with the signs of aging, and tackling cellulite among several other benefits. The product is now known to be the most technologically advanced unit in the market at present.

Known as the Recovery XR, the cryotherapy chamber combines biometrics, thermal imaging, and superior safety monitoring features into one cutting-edge product. Currently, it is the only cryotherapy chamber in the market. The working of the chamber is simple. It cuts to the chase, optimizes wellness, and offers cosmetic advantages in three minutes or less time, giving one a phenomenal ROI increase for his/her business. To protect owner liability and customer safety, a dual fingerprint authorization ensures that only a certified operator can activate the machine and a qualified customer can undergo a session. In addition, the chamber needs the operator to engage the chamber's tablet every 30 seconds. This makes sure that an operator is available while the machine monitors the client at each moment.

Keith Scheinberg, CEO of Cryo Innovations, said, “Now, people can confidently step into a cryotherapy chamber that monitors their every move and function. From the moment they log in with their fingerprint, our pulse oxygen reader, thermal video imaging and biometric monitors in the chamber, guarantees the safest client experience.”

Cryo Innovations was founded in 2015 by CEO Keith Scheinberg. With a commitment to health, healing, and longevity through anti-inflammatory treatments, their team has created the Recovery XR cryotherapy chamber.

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