Bharat Petroleum Introduces 'UFill', an Automated Fuelling Technology, in about 65 Cities

In October 2021, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, one of the leading oil and gas companies in India, publicized the launch of automated fuelling technology called, 'UFill' in about 65 cities of India. UFill is a digital customer experience that precludes the need for keeping a check of zero or final reading and other offline manual activities at fuel stations.

This novel technology offers a complete control of fuel as well as a contactless pre-payment solutions for the user. The dispensing mechanism automatically gets pre-set for the amount paid for the fuel beforehand and eradicates the need for any manual activities at the point of sale.

As a result, the user need not have to check zero or final reading before adding fuel. The dispensing system is programmed in such a way that it automatically gives out the precise amount of fuel for the amount paid.

In addition, this new system is in effect all across the investor chain, right from the company’s officers to end-users such as managers, dealers, and driveway salesmen (DSM).

Bharat Petroleum revealed that this novel automatic fuel technology is up till now another breakthrough in the digital revolution journey of the company which is focused on improving the turn-around time (TAT) of customers at fuel stations and boosting transactional transparency, thus enabling improved experience similar to retail.

The company further stated that this innovation is a stress-free and suitable solution for a customer who is expecting a revolutionary change in the way traditional fuel refilling is done. The automatic fuel technology does not require any particular App download, as it is payment App agnostic (i.e. customer can pay using any payment application which is downloaded on his / her smartphone such as PayTM, GPay, PhonePe, etc.), provides real time Quick Response (QR) code as well as voucher code via Short Message Service (SMS), and is accepted at all Fuel Stations by Bharat Petroleum, where this novel technology is being implemented.

The new UFill plan has been implemented so far in 65 cities in India and is soon expected to be in effect all across India.

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