Choked to Death: Drowning Opportunities in Paper Records

The other day, I was shocked to learn two things. First, that the fax machine was invented in the 19th century, and second, that medical staffing companies are still using them every day to clear their candidates through pre-employment medical exams.

If your medical staffing company still uses a fax machine to get in touch with your occupational healthcare provider, you’re still using 19th century technology to place candidates. In a business where speed is everything, that fact should give you occasion for pause.  

Despite my harsh words about fax machines however, I actually believe that it’s symptomatic of a much bigger problem facing medical staffing companies. I’m talking about paper record keeping, and it’s one of the biggest ways your organization is choking its best opportunities to death. 
If you’re in the medical staffing business, you know that placing your candidates quickly is the difference between making money, and merely surviving. However, if you’re still using paper records to manage your candidates, you’re creating choke points within your organization that are slowing down your placements and wasting your time and money. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in the final phase of medical staffing placement, the pre-employment medical assessment. During this last phase of candidate placement, your candidates go out and, depending on what they need, bring back dozens of slips of paper that may or may not have been filled out correctly. Your organization has to spend the resources to manage, organize, correct, and verify each of these documents for each of your candidates. 

Essentially, staffing companies are paying a full time employee a lot of money to sit there and sort through dozens of papers coming from hundreds of candidates. Now if that doesn’t sound like a good use of your companies resources, that’s because it isn’t. Paper records slow your placements to a crawl, and that’s costing your organization heavily in opportunity costs as well as in administrative costs. 

Luckily, there’s a better way to do business. Many occupational healthcare companies, like Mobile Health, are starting to provide digital medical records. A major time saver, digital medical records cut down on the administrative burden and opportunity cost lost while searching through endless faxed documents. 
Furthermore, one of the best parts of digital medical records is that they speed up the pace of your business. Because digital records have the advantage of built in search and indexing functions, handling this last step of the placement process is quicker, which means your organization has the time to develop the opportunities that were previously drowning in paper.

So if you want to stop the choke points in your business, you need to ditch that fax machine and the paper records along with it. You’ll be glad you did because, as far as I know, fax machines have only have two settings frustrating, and really frustrating.

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