The Future of Infant Nutrition

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The $32.2bn total global infant nutrition market is large and diverse, and is contested by major manufacturers from both the food and pharmaceutical industries. This report aims to define, characterize, and analyze opportunities within the infant nutrition market, estimating product sales and growth, describing new product activity, and outlining the competitive positions of the leading players.

- Quantify future growth areas in the infant nutrition market based on this report's analysis and forecasts of the infant nutrition market by segment.

- Identify the drivers and key issues that are shaping the global infant nutrition industry and how they will impact product formulation.

- Benchmark your competitive position against other players in the infant nutrition market using analysis of the performance of key players.

- Understand the latest trends and developments in infant nutrition and identify the leading infant nutrition products by segment.

- What is driving growth of baby foods and what will constrain greater growth of the baby food segment?

- Which companies dominate the infant nutrition market and which ones are expected to make market share gains over the next five years?

- What is driving growth of baby milk products and what will constrain greater growth of the baby milk segment?

- How do sales in the baby food market breakdown by stage?

- To what extent will emerging markets drive future growth of the infant nutrition market?

Key Highlights
Valued at $17.1bn in 2012, the emerging markets are already more valuable than the developed world in the infant nutrition industry. As the population of this region continues to expand and economies grow, a strong compound annual growth of 13.8% is expected. Market expansion will be supported by high birth rates and rising consumer affluence.

In 2012, stage 1 baby food (4 to 6 months) was the largest segment with $3.8bn in sales and 9.4% annual growth rate. Market expansion will be greatest for early stage baby foods, which cannot be as easily replaced by table food as later stage items. While nutrition is the key factor, convenience is the other major influence of purchasing behavior.

In 2012, Nestl led the global infant nutrition market with total sales of more than $7.6bn and a 23.4% share. The group has steadily expanded in the sector over the last decade through a combination of new product introductions, organic growth, and major acquisitions, such as the 2012 $12bn capture of Pfizer's infant nutrition business.
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