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Telepresence Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

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  • November 2010
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Product Synopsis

Telepresence Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Telepresence is useful as a system to support unified communications systems. Telepresence is used to create collaboration a cross geographical boundaries. The study has 602 pages and 182 tables and figures. Telepresence is considered to be any video communication system that leverages HD, high definition.

Virtually every video collaboration system does leverage HD these days. Telepresence supports consistent contact with a group f distributors or customers. Telepresence provides a way to keep in touch with clients and the line of business.

It is HD TV that provides the essence of telepresence. Broadcast quality images are available from a lot of different technologies. It is the life size screen that is so compelling.

Telepresence provides a consistency in the remote relationships. Significant sales calls need to be done face to face. Telepresence provides a way to supplement the face to face calls, to provide a continuity to marketing and management efforts that is not replicable in any other way. Telepresence is like a drum beat, it is regular.

Major drivers include increased productivity as well as cost savings. Video conferencing market drivers are indicative of significant, changing ways of implementing presence communications capability. Technology has improved working relationships, it reduces costs of doing business, and it improves responsiveness.

Telepresence is next generation high definition TV videoconferencing. Telepresence leverages high definition video and high definition audio to support collaboration across distance. People located remotely can communicate effectively because of the compelling experience provided by HD TV.

According to Susan Eustis principal author of the study, “The bigger screens, the audio clarity, the visual clarity of telepresence are compelling. The technology components are positioned to work together to provide a more lifelike communication experience. Collaboration is facilitated by enabling sharing of documents and power point presentations as if people were in the same room.”

Telepresence is an emerging market segment driven by the need for geographically dispersed groups to communicate as if they are all in the same room. The telepresence solutions provide an immersive collaboration experience where remote participants are lifelike in size and voice and visual clarity. Telepresence solutions are standards-based and are available in a wide array of configurations that include full eight or 16-foot high definition cinematic views, high definition sound, and eye connect technology that places the camera at eye level for more natural face-to-face interaction.

The telepresence solutions are available in multiple configurations accommodating from four to 28 people. Complete telepresence solutions have list prices ranging from US$199,999 to US$695,000. Systems are available for as low as $100. HD is what defines telepresence. TelePresence digital communications creates life size representations of people and documents located remotely in a conference room. Robots are being used as security systems that create remote communication experiences. TelePresence systems are enabling a network to change the way people live, work, learn and play. Telepresence brings virtual meetings to a sense of the participants being in the same room. HD TV is the technical breakthrough that makes this happens. Three HD TV screens in a conference room bring a sense of realism that is similar to being there. The reason most people travel for business is to enable ad hoc decision making. Telepresence carries that type of ad hoc decision making forward into the world of virtual meetings.

High quality images and sound, simplicity and tightly integrated service elements enable high quality ad hoc decision making. These features enable users to work productively without experiencing communication fatigue. They can work for longer hours due to the natural feel of the solution. As a result, a large number of existing trials have turned into production environments for telepresence. Users have increased the deployment of telepresence solution across their departmental regions, providing a global reach in many cases.

Polycom has an open collaboration network strategy. This provides an open and interoperable collaboration solution that gives customers greater flexibility and investment protection for their UC environment. The worldwide revenue opportunity for telepresence and related services is anticipated to reach US $ 6.7 billion by 2016. Markets are anticipated to grow in response to an increase in the availability of broadband communications, the inherent value of video in supporting collaboration among people located remotely from each other, and the inherent value of sustained, frequent communication when people are located remotely from each other.

Market growth is a result of demand for communication that benefits from controlling connectivity in a manner that will scale and is feasible for use by business units and partners. Systems are useful for implementing the supply chain economics that make the enterprise competitive . New properties of systems are evolving rapidly.

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