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Research Nester is a leading service provider for strategic market research and consulting. We aim to provide unbiased, unparalleled market insights and industry analysis to help industries, conglomerates and executives to take wise decisions for their future marketing strategy, expansion and investment etc. We believe every business can expand to its new horizon, provided a right guidance at a right time is available through strategic minds. Our out of box thinking helps our clients to take wise decision so as to avoid future uncertainties.

Through our robust, unbiased extensive primary and secondary research, we help organizations to understand current and future market trends, thus letting them making a prolonged yet dynamic financial investment. We never believe in working as a consultant for our clients but as a business partner, helping the business to grow with a positive wave. With our high level of in-depth industry knowledge and analysis, you always can rely upon us for current market estimation and respective future market forecast for every geographical region.

A strong pool of research reports, executive search, webinars and custom consulting, reflects our expertise. Our business consultants carry the competencies to help every business from every corner of the world, making us an essential resource for every company. Our business consultants do not track growth of the industry but live with it and help business partners to shape future ways.

Research Nester
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  • Asia-Pacific InFlight Wifi Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    Asia-Pacific in-flight Wi-Fi market of the region is majorly boosted by the increasing number of air passengers. In the past 20 years, Asia Pacific region has witnessed an increase in the number of air passengers by over 6.5%. This trend of growth is anticipated to continue for the coming 10-12 years. Backed up by this trend, Asia Pacific is expected ...

    September 2016    |    $2000    |    View Details >>

  • Europe InFlight Wifi Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    The European in-flight Wi-Fi market is anticipated to register a healthy CAGR rate of >18% during 2015-2021. With a larger proportion of the European population getting access to the internet, the desire of the population to remain connected while travelling in air is expected to impel which would drive the in-flight Wi-Fi market in the region. In addition ...

    September 2016    |    $2200    |    View Details >>

  • North America InFlight Wifi Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    Inflight wifi is the next big game changer in the airlines industry. Long travel, up-surged personal disposable income, need to connect to people socially even in air etc. are few of the factors that are driving the North America inflight wifi market a present. In addition to that, rising penetration of smartphones and formulation of favorable guidelines by the ...

    September 2016    |    $2000    |    View Details >>

  • Asia-Pacific Diabetic Shoes/Footwear Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    On the back of expanding diabetic population across the continent, the demand for ortho shoes has spiked in recent years. Countries like Singapore and Australia has diabetic prevalence >10%. As a result, the demand for diabetic footwear is mounting every year. Singapore, in-spite of being a small Asian country, is estimated to witness a burgeoned increase in the diabetic footwear ...

    September 2016    |    $2000    |    View Details >>

  • Europe Diabetic Shoes/Footwear Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    The demand for the Diabetic shoes is on a continuous rise in the European region. In last few years, U.K. has recorded a significant increase in the prevalence of diabetes in the country. The number of diabetic population of the U.K. in 2013 was about 3 million with most of the countries like England and Scotland having significant percentage of ...

    September 2016    |    $2200    |    View Details >>

  • North America Diabetic Shoes/Footwear Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    On the back of ageing population and spiked diabetic people bracket, the demand for ortho/diabetic shoes is projected to see a great demand in the region. The diabetic footwear market in United States was valued at USD 1112.0 Million in 2015 and it is anticipated that the market would increase at a healthy compound annual growth rate (CAGR) by 2021. The ...

    September 2016    |    $2000    |    View Details >>

  • Global Home Healthcare Device/Equipment Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    Home healthcare device market is one of the growing markets across the globe. Rising aging population worldwide and increasing chronic diseases have forced end-users to opt for home-based diagnostic devices. The innovation and continuous fall in average price of home healthcare devices have bolster the demand in recent years. Further, government support and penetration of healthcare insurance have allowed people ...

    September 2016    |    $3800    |    View Details >>

  • Global Digital Door Lock Market Demand & Opportunity Outlook 2021

    Today, the locks are not only to secure your holdings through their strength but also provide a convenience. The market of locks has completely transformed from those conventional metallic structure to smart locks. Now, your lock is going to provide you all information regarding your premises safety and let you control it from your smart phone or bluetooth from a ...

    September 2016    |    $3800    |    View Details >>

  • Global Smart-Railways Market Outlook 2021

    With growing technological advancement and digitalization all over the world, the existing traditional rail network is also believed to see massive transformations over next 7-10 years. The transformation of existing rail network would support manufacturing of smart devices and solutions such as advanced security systems, networking and connecting systems, rail operating and management systems, etc. Regionally, Western Europe dominates the ...

    June 2016    |    $3400    |    View Details >>

  • Global Frozen Fruits market Outlook 2021

    In today’s pace and hectic lifestyle, people tend to adopt more convenient and healthier food options, which have positively impacted the frozen fruits market across the globe. Frozen fruits are maintained at a temperature usually below -9.50 C, at which all moisture is in the solid state. This helps in preventing growth of microorganisms, slows down decomposition and in-turn keeps ...

    June 2016    |    $3000    |    View Details >>

  • Global Aloe-vera Extract Market Outlook 2021

    Aloe-Vera is a one of the succulent plant species which grows suitably in tropical climatic conditions. Cultivation of aloe-vera plant is primarily done for medicinal and agricultural uses all over the world. An aloe-vera plant generates two substances i.e. gel and latex. Aloe-vera gel is one of the healthiest parts of the aloe-vera plant and is extracted from leaf’s inner ...

    June 2016    |    $3000    |    View Details >>

  • MENA Digital Transformation Market Outlook 2021

    Digital Transformation is defined as the application of technology to profoundly enhance performance of enterprises and extend their reach to customers. To achieve this, executives from different industries are focusing on implementation of digital platforms including social media, analytics, mobility and smart devices in their organization. In addition to that, effort is also being laid on improving traditional systems such ...

    June 2016    |    $3500    |    View Details >>

  • Global Smart-Mirror Market Outlook 2021

    A smart mirror is an innovative technology that enables the user to access smartphone like features on a basic mirror. These smart mirrors are embedded with several electronic components such as displays, sensors, etc. which enhance the user’s experience. The global smart mirror market is anticipated to expand at an astonishing compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.83%. Regionally, with USD ...

    April 2016    |    $2800    |    View Details >>

  • Global Diabetic Footwear Market Outlook 2021

    Diabetes is a prolonged medical condition, which is caused by low levels of insulin in the body. A person suffering from diabetes is more prone to develop wounds, ulcers or lack of sensation in any part of his body, particularly in his feet. Diabetic/therapeutic shoes have evolved as a medical revolution as it aids in preventing the feet of a ...

    March 2016    |    $3000    |    View Details >>

  • Global In-Flight Wifi Market Outlook 2021

    In-Flight Wi-Fi is a revolutionary service that enables people to remain connected and updated with the latest activities all across the globe even while travelling above 3,000 meters in the air. The global in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity market was valued at USD 2,493 Million in 2015 and is anticipated to expand at a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.50% ...

    March 2016    |    $2600    |    View Details >>

  • Middle East Spiral Welded Pipe Market Outlook 2021

    The HSAW/ Spiral pipes market in the Middle East region is anticipated to flourish at a healthy rate during the forecast period of 2015-2021. HSAW pipe market is backed up by the increasing infrastructural developments in most of the countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and U.A.E. In addition to that announcement of major upcoming pipeline projects in the Middle East ...

    January 2016    |    $2800    |    View Details >>

  • Global Telemedicine Market Outlook 2021

    On the back of global factors like ageing world population, target to expand the reach of healthcare services in rural and most remote areas, attending emergency medical incidents, governments’ initiatives to cut down on medical expenses etc. have allowed the global telemedicine market to expand at an astonishing CAGR of 14.77% during 2015-2021. The expansion in the global telemedicine would ...

    January 2016    |    $2800    |    View Details >>

  • North America Bulletproof Security Glass Market Outlook 2021

    With the rise in crime rates and terror attacks in the world over the past few years, the concern for the safety and security of the people have also increased. This rising concern for security of people has led to the expansion and growth of bulletproof glass market across the globe. It is anticipated that the global bulletproof glass market ...

    December 2015    |    $2400    |    View Details >>

  • U.S. 3D Printing Market Outlook 2020

    Globally, burgeoned investment in Research and Development (R&D) across industries like aerospace, automotive, healthcare, oil and gas etc. will fuel the additive manufacturing industry. Following the same trend, the US 3D printing industry is poised to experience astonishing growth in the future. A shift from designing prototypes to producing end-user products can be seen in various U.S. industries. As a ...

    December 2015    |    $1500    |    View Details >>

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