Personalized Medicine - Opening Doors and Overcoming Challenges

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  • November 2010
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Over the last 20 years personalized medicine has grown as tool in patient treatment. Personalized medicine uses a patients genetic information to help tailor treatment to avoid side effects, identify what treatments will and wont work and establish a pre-disposition towards certain diseases.

Personalized medicine has been focused to a great degree in the oncology area, where on average an individual patient may find more than 70% of medicines ineffective for them. In the last few years this has begun to change as more personalized medicines have been developed outside of the oncology field. The spread of personalized medicine to other fields has increased the challenge of physician uptake, with many GPs not feeling comfortable ordering genetic tests.

Personalized medicine faces a number of road blocks, including the issues of physician uptake of diagnostics, challenges for clinical trials, public controversy and, most significantly, lack of reimbursement by payers.

CBR Pharma Insights report, Personalized Medicine - Opening Doors and Overcoming Challenges provides insights & analysis on this important issue and the strategies pharmaceutical companies can employ to support the future growth of their business.

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- Overview and timeline of personalized medicine
- Issues and case studies related to personalized medicine
- Key topics covered include identification of adverse reactions, identification of pre-disposition towards diseases and treatment options that will and will not work
- Healthcare legislation related to personalized medicine
- Challenges and strategies to overcome
- Future outlook

Key Reasons to Purchase

- Gain access to a fully sourced, executive assessment of the ins and outs of personalized medicine
- Benefit from CBRs evaluation of the key areas where personalized medicine is used through our case study analysis
- Identify opportunities where your company can strengthen its portfolio through the use of personalized medicine
- Understand the recent US legislature which will have the greatest impact on the growth of personalized medicine
- Identify the road blocks to the growth of personalized medicine and what can be done to overcome them
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