Packaging Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Survey H1 2015

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Even though packaging organizations are concerned about market uncertainty and responding to pricing pressure, focus will increase on expansion in current markets and new product development during H1 2015 (July 2015-December 2015). Procurement activities will increase on IT services and capital equipment purchases amidst expectation of surge in supplier prices over the next months. Capital expenditure will be higher on new product development and machinery and equipment purchase despite of increase in mergers and acquisitions over the next six months. Focus will be on emerging markets such as China, Brazil, India and developed markets such as Germany, the US and the UK that are expected to present significant growth opportunities for packaging industry over the next six months.

Key Findings
- Expansion in current markets, new product development, and improving operational efficiency are key priorities for packaging organizations in H1 2015 (July-December 2015)

- Germany, the US, and the UK will present significant growth prospects during the next six months

- Market uncertainty and responding to pricing pressure are major concerns for packaging organizations

- Procurement activities for IT services and capital equipment purchases are anticipated to increase during July-December 2015

- Overall, 17% of executives anticipate their global procurement budget to range between US$500,000 and US$5 million over the next six months

- The highest percentage of executives anticipate supplier prices to increase over the next months

Canadean's Packaging Industry Business Outlook and Procurement Survey H1 2015 report examines executives' opinion on business outlook and procurement activities over July-December 2015. It also highlights key business priorities, supplier price variations, changes in capital expenditure, and organizations perspective on e-procurement. Additionally, it provides information categorized by region and company type.

What else does this report offer?

- Key business priorities: examines packaging organizations' important priorities for July-December 2015

- Emerging and developed markets: provides information about key emerging and developed markets, which will offer the most growth over H1 2015

- Change in MandA activity: analyzes packaging industry executives' opinion on changes in merger and acquisition activity globally

- Business concerns: identifies major business concerns that are likely to impact manufacturers and suppliers

- Change in capital expenditure: tracks the expected change in capital expenditure both globally and regionally

- Change in procurement activities: evaluates how procurement activities will change in the packaging industry over the next six months

- Procurement budget outlook: projects procurement budget allocation along with changes in procurement objectives over July-December 2015

- Supplier prices outlook: determines the expected change in supplier prices over July-December 2015

- E-procurement: identifies executives' perspective towards e-procurement implementation and deployment within the packaging industry

- Packaging companies can realign business strategies by knowing the business priorities indicated in the report

- Organizations can develop or adjust business expansion plans by knowing the significant growth offering emerging and developed markets highlighted in the report

- Helps organizations to adjust procurement budget by providing information about procurement budget projections anticipated by executives for July-December 2015

- Organizations can implement effective price management by viewing supplier price variations highlighted for H1 2015
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