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Mobile Internet Product Portfolios 2012-2016

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  • March 2012
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How MNOs can seamlessly deliver and maximally monetise Mobile Internet Services via strategic device/ user segmentation, vendor tie-ups, app offerings, and culmination of cloud business with case studies, and much more…

An accurate study of the present and the expected face of the telecom market based on detailed research by our experts has been supported by true data extracted from the grass root levels. This study is a conclusive report based on interviews, data mining techniques, in depth analysis, scrutiny of factual data and possible innovative propositions that could equip an entity to tackle the ongoing advancements in the industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Worldwide retail smartphone shipments would touch 653 million by 2016.

  • Global market share of Android-based smartphones is predicted to be 47% by 2016, with a mammoth over-90% on all mobile devices taken together.

  • Worldwide shipments of NFC-enabled smartphones is forecasted at 567 million units by 2016.

  • Worldwide shipments on 3D-enabled smartphones would be 100 million units by 2016.

  • Worldwide Tablets’ revenues would rocket at $68 billion by 2016.

  • Global Cloud market is forecasted to touch $138.1 billion by 2016, growing at 26.2% CAGR.

  • Worldwide 3G USB Dongle of Huawei shipments would be 500 million by 2016

  • Asia Pacific smartphone shipments will be 325 million by 2016.

  • Global mobile app revenues would touch $53 billion in 2016.

  • Global cloud-based music services will reach 200 million users by 2016.

Key Questions Answered

  • Would Apple be able to continue its iPad dominance?

  • How can the notebook/ netbook/ laptop deal with the Tablet onslaught?

  • Which would be the top 10 mobile apps in the coming 2 years?

  • Has the complete potential of NFC been envisaged yet?

  • Can smartcards’ makers come up with enhanced computational ability and enable realtime encryption of speech or video in the future?

  • How would the balance tilt in favour of content aggregators/ developers from MNOs in the Mobile VAS arena?

  • What are the most excruciating concerns for cloud computing adoption, and the latest business models?

  • What are the strategies the tier 1 and tier 2 smartphone makers are focusing upon for the next few years?

  • What would be the CAGR of mobile apps regionally, by 2016, and what factors would affect it?

  • How can MID makers strategise production, especially in unserved/ underserved markets?

  • What should be the top concerns for chipset makers vis-à-vis upcoming technologies like NFC, and how could ventures within the Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) be exploited further?

  • How would the app models be evolving over the next 6 years?

  • How to make all MIDs linkable for a truly mobile Internet experience at all times?

  • How to drive user adoption of mobile Internet in unserved/ underserved regions?

  • What could be the potential mergers/ acquisitions the telecom industry would witness in the coming 24 months and how can smaller players avoid being snuffed out by the bigger ones, especially in unserved/ underserved markets?

Who Needs This Report?

  • Content vendors ‐ For The possible changes that content development might go through and issues of adaptability solved.

  • Mobile operators ‐ For a better understanding of the dynamics of Mobile Broadband markets across the globe, this study would also provide global opportunities and competition. Business Case Studies, Absolute picture of the MBB Subscriber growth & psychology and recent technological developments, is a must read for better understanding of live scenarios.

  • Retail chains-For truly understanding and incorporating latest apps like NFC and LBS.

  • Mobile device OEMs-For strategising their production and pricing.

  • Mobile device ODMs-For understanding the unique marketing opportunities in unserved/ underserved regions.

  • Consumer electronics companies-For coming up with, and integrating mobile Internet into consumer durables.

  • PC OEMs-For strategising production and distribution in the face of the rising popularity of MIDs.

  • Processor Vendors-For streamlining their products for mass market adoption.

  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS semiconductor vendors-To overcome security concerns, and to exploit newer opportunities/ partnerships with device makers.

  • Mobile broadband modem vendors-For coming up with options inclined towards more mobile use of modems.

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