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Local Government ICT Spending in the UK to 2016/17 - Services Market

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  • February 2013
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This report is based on Kables detailed, bottom-up research and analysis of the UK public sectors spend on ICT and our five-year forecasts at a product and sector level.
The scope of services markets covered is as follows:

Hardware maintenance
Also includes support but first-line helpdesk for end users is only included here if dedicated exclusively to specific hardware.

Software maintenance
Includes upgrades, patches and support but first-line helpdesk for end users is only included here if dedicated exclusively to specific software.

Custom software
Includes software development and tweaks/templates for off-the-shelf applications. Investment in open source software is included here.

IT outsourcing
A significant category that covers all outsourced provision of IT including desktop, hosting, and data centres and helpdesk.

Managed communications
This includes managed voice, data and mobile communications services attached to an SLA that requires the management and hosting of the majority of the service stack by an external provider. Simple calls and lines services are excluded.

IT consultancy
This category includes all professional services to ICT managers that are not covered by other services category. It also includes contract or temporary staff whom either the customer or the supplier prefer to identify as consultants.

This applies to the training of ICT staff in ICT technologies and the training of non-technical staff in ICT applications, rather than the training of ICT staff in non-technical skills.

Systems integration
Contracted IT projects or programmes relates specifically to the deployment, configuration and roll out of one or more applications and associated infrastructure within an enterprise.
This report contains a product-by-product market size and forecast for spend on services, including hardware maintenance, software maintenance, custom software, IT outsourcing, managed communications, IT consultancy, training, and systems integration within UK local government.
We've assessed the impact of austerity and the coalition governments diminished appetite for reform, and mapped out the implications of structural and political change. We've assessed the impact of a weak recovery and a double-dip recession to reforecast ICT spend to 2017. A team of eleven analysts have calculated the ICT spend for every organization in this reports scope and aggregated this to provide an invaluable guide to the market.
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