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Li-ion Battery for Tablets 2015-2019 - Global Trends and Forecast

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Growth Factors of the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market:

The Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market is characterized by the high adoption of tablets coming from developed economies and shifting consumer focus from laptops. Multi-function feature of tablets and the ability to use it as a lighter and easier alternative to the laptop has elevated its popularity among various consumer segments.

New Li-ion batteries for tablets have a longer shelf life and have the best weight to energy ratio. Also, with changing consumer usage, thanks to the availability of internet on the go, the market is witnessing an upsurge in the demand for tablets globally. This is subsequently leading to an increase in the demand for Li-ion batteries. The worldwide shipment of tablets has surpassed 200 million units from close to 20 million units in 2010. The research report discusses the tablets market with an overview of investments by the top companies that are encouraging the market.

The Li-ion Battery Market for Tablets is expected to grow moderately at a CAGR between 4 and 5 percent during the forecast period.

Study of Key Factors Impacting Li-ion Battery Demand for Tablets:

The research report includes a discussion of the following factors that are impacting the market:

  • Entry Barriers

  • Competition Level

  • Distribution Networks

  • Government restrictions

  • Recycling

  • Capital investment needed

  • Technological changes

Considering these factors, analysts have undertaken a comprehensive five forces analysis to shed light on the market scope while showcasing the expected demand for tablets by 2019.

Key Trends in the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market:

The market is witnessing introduction of new tablet types. Companies are expanding existing product lines with an increase in investment on R&D. The growing popularity of tablets among various end-user segments is fast replacing desktop PCs and Laptops. Additional features in tablets are expected to provide further traction to the market.

For instance, development of new tablet design with HDMI ports, is enabling users to connect to HDMI devices directly. High popularity of audio/video interface has made companies invest in R&D, to come up with improvised features.

With such advances, the market share for tablets is expected to grow and positively impact the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market.

Market Outlook and Top Companies:

Demand for tablets is expected to gain momentum from the advances in polymer Li-ion batteries. There is a growing need for storing energy for longer periods and for making Li-ion batteries smaller and thinner.

With further technological improvements, the market is expected to witness rapid investments by the leading players in emerging markets. The market is currently witnessing intensified competition on pricing among the top companies. With the declining cost of tablets and introduction of advanced substitutes, competition for market share is expected to intensify further during the forecast period.   

The report provides the detailed profiles of the top companies with their product specializations and offerings.

Top Companies in the Market Include:

  • Samsung

  • Panasonic

  • LG

  • Sony

The other prominent vendors in the market are Sunwoda, Tianjin Lishen, electrovaya, Cell-Con, Highpower International, MINAMOTO, New Energy Systems and ALT.

Geographical Segmentation by Regions and Countries (Market Shares and Demand Forecast Included):

  • APAC

  • Europe

  • North America

  • ROW

Key Leading Countries:

  • United States

  • United Kingdom

  • Japan

  • China

Other Sections Include an Analysis on the Following:

  • Key Drivers and Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market

  • Market Challenges and Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market

  • Top Trends and Impact on the Li-ion Battery for Tablets Market

  • Understand the key regions who would dominate the Li-ion Battery for Tablets

  • Understand the factors affecting the prices of Tablets

Technavio also offers customizations on reports based upon specific client requirement.

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