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Language Translation Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017

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WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on Language Translation Software Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2011-2017. The 2011 study has 712 pages, 256 tables and figures.

Hybrid machine translation is evolving more sophisticated software that actually works well enough to be useful, The hybrid systems provide dramatic improvement, creating the ability to use machine translation in a wide variety of situations.

Hybrid machine translation combines the features of statistical and rules based approaches. Human language technology solution combines the strengths of rule-based and statistical systems. The term hybrid in this context means statistical MT (SMT) systems use examples and apply statistical techniques to a large body of language data to perform translations combined with rules based approaches.

Statistical SMT systems learn from text alignment rather than in depth grammatical knowledge as with rules based RBMT systems. Machine translation takes into account the grammatical structure of each language and uses contextual rules to select among multiple meanings, in order to transfer sentences from the source language (to be translated) into the target language (translation).

Rule-based machine translation (RBMT) uses linguistic rules. This means that words and phrases are translated based on an in-depth knowledge of the language. That is, the most suitable words of the target language replace the ones in the source language. RBMT provides more of a human element to the translation because the rules are user-defined based on an understanding of the target language.

Rule-based methods parse a text, usually creating an intermediary, symbolic representation from which the text in the target language is generated. These methods require extensive vocabulary along with word meanings, how words are formed and how words are arranged to create meaning, all governed by large sets of rules.

RBMT programs are highly advanced and allow a native speaker of the target language to comprehend what is written by the native speaker of the source language. The advantage of rule based translation is that it accommodates fairly abstract text and the informative aspects of the translation. 

Rules based translation provides high coverage of a greater number of domains and types of texts. Rules support information being transferred from the source to the target language in an intelligent manner. Adequacy refers to the quality of the information that was transferred from the source to the target language.

Globalization of the economy is occurring with the advent of the integrated enterprise. As companies position to sell goods and services worldwide, globalization becomes a fact of life. Teams of people work together from many different countries sharing workload and marketing efforts.

The globalization of the economy has brought into existence 1,000 globally integrated enterprises that sustain operations in 160 countries. These commercial organizations generally have more money than most countries, all but the largest countries. As such the commercial enterprise has become a global force, changing the nature of combat by their very existence.

Even war is changing. Negotiated settlements are a result of the shift of military to peace keeping law enforcement. There is a fundamental shift in the nature of combat as military robots and unmanned vehicles get adopted.

Cell phone ubiquity, the globally integrated enterprise, the Internet, automated software translation all complement military robots to change the nature of combat. Armed intervention needs to have automated process, and the unmanned ground vehicles provide efficiency in the context of this changed war environment.

As people have more in common with each other, the world becomes a melting pot, with people within nations dependent on and interacting with people of other nations. Communication has become facilitated worldwide. Nationalistic passion has become an anachronism in this context.

Prime figures in the globalization of crime are emerging, that change the nature of combat. The new type of organized crime is evolved by people who are educated, have international ties, and operate with the support of the state. It is not large countries like Germany, Russia, North Korea, China and India that are the foe; it is globally integrated terrorist organizations pushing drugs and other illegal activities that are the enemy. Large and mid size UGVs provide the ability to quickly and with relative safety, track and capture these rogue bands of bad guys.

Military unmanned ground vehicles support a shift in the very fundamental goal of military action. Military action has become a matter of protecting a nations’s own borders. The US is not in Iraq or Afghanistan for any other reason than to protect the US borders, prevent bad guys from blowing up buildings or otherwise creating havoc in the internal borders of the US.

Language Translation Software markets are growing because business is expanding in a manner that provides enterprise presence all over the world. Markets at $575.5 million in 2010 are anticipated to reach$3 billion by 2017.

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