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Innovation in Caps and Closures 2013 - A Review of Recent Innovation and Trends, Drivers and Issues in Global Caps and Closures Markets

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  • November 2013
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Innovation in Caps and Closures 2013 is a detailed analysis of and insight into recent packaging innovations in the global caps and closures market related to key trends, drivers, and issues.
The report is a result of extensive research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the global caps and closures market and packaging consumption; this clearly establishes market trends, packaging dynamics, and areas of future growth.
Detailed coverage of key packaging innovations in the global caps and closures market, such as new tamper evident closures for beverages and improvements in the design, appearance, and functionality of closures and dispensers for Health & Beauty products.

Packaging innovations are related to the key drivers of consumer demand (such as Menchens Choke-Safe cap closure to help protect children), cost savings (such as increasing the shelf life of wines with Bacchus Wine Closures and Nomacorks new corks), sustainability (such as Procaps GreenCap, which saves on transportation costs by being lighter and enabling stacking), and logistics efficiency (such as Plasticums Spray Cap Jill with integrated spray technology, integrating the actuator and insert).

A survey of key packaging experts identifies the key areas of innovation in caps and closures over the next three years.
Why was the report written?
The constantly changing nature of consumers and converters packaging demand makes it difficult to understand exactly which packaging caps and closures will be the focus of future growth. This report clarifies and quantifies future demand patterns and the types of innovations best placed to exploit them, so packaging manufactures and suppliers can plan for the future in confidence.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
As consumer product demand evolves, the dynamics between different packaging caps and closures also evolves favoring some closure types and formats and leaving others increasingly out of line with demand patterns. As a result, understanding the shifting market dynamics is key to ensuring maximum sales in the future.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
Packaging suppliers need to react to the changing demands of customers, consumers, and regulation in order to plan for the future. But its not all cost reduction and light weighting. Packaging needs to adapt to a more complex picture of how consumption needs vary by product category and its positioning. More specific product positioning by finished goods manufacturers and retailers in many cases means more specifically tailored packaging closures creating opportunities for the industry.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the packaging caps and closures landscape, including data for past, current, and future demand for caps and closures in the Beverage, Food, and Health & Beauty industries, while packaging innovations are also identified by industry. In addition, the results of a survey of leading players in the packaging industry are also included, highlighting the key areas of future innovation for caps and closures.
Over recent years, volatility in resin pricing and the general economic downturn have encouraged a focus on saving material and cost in the Beverage industry, with the aim of delivering closures that require a minimal adaptation of installed technology. The focus has therefore been on efficient cost reduction, tailoring closures to a level of appropriateness for particular sectors, and product groups.

Cost savings have also been a major factor driving innovation for food packaging, with a focus on waste reduction, increased shelf life, and light weighting.

In an extremely competitive Health & Beauty sector, the visual appeal of the closure, as well as its functionality, can be a critical factor in terms of consumer choice. This has led to an increased emphasis, by fragrance manufacturers in particular, on luxury caps and closures to reinforce the premium image of the product.

Metal has been gradually losing share of the global caps and closures market to plastic, and this is expected to continue into the future. By 2017, metal is expected to account for less than one-third of the caps and closures market.

Asia already used the largest proportion of caps and closures in 2007. This is expected to increase even further by 2017, at the expense of Western Europe, which has lost share since 2007.
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