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Innovation in Beverage Packaging, 2013 - A review of recent trends, drivers and issues in global retail beverage packaging

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  • January 2014
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Innovation in Beverage Packaging 2013is a detailed analysis of and insight into recent packaging innovations in the global beverage market related to key trends, drivers, and issues.

The report is a result of extensive research to provide a comprehensive understanding of the global beverage market and packaging consumption; this clearly establishes market trends, packaging dynamics, and areas of future growth.
Detailed coverage of key packaging innovations in the global beverage market, such as Peronis new 33cl glass bottles for Peroni Gran Riserva Beer, which is 40% lighter than its previous version. Pack materials and components covered include Rigid Plastics, Flexible Plastics, Paper &Board, Rigid Metal, Glass, Closures, and Labels.

An assessment on the impact of key economic and demographic trends on the beverage consumption pattern in major economies. For instance, in spite of reduced effects of the global recession, consumers remain cautious and purchasing power remains low. As a result, typical substitutions over recent years include increasing popularity of standard beers over premium alternatives and a decline in popularity of bottled water in favour of tap water.

Packaging innovations are related to the key factors that drive consumer demand (such as convenience with the new squared-up bottle for SunnyD, which is easier to handle, pour, and stores more easily in the refrigerator door), cost savings (such as the lightweight 500ml PET bottle for packaged water manufactured by Sidel), and sustainability (such as Coca-Colas Plant Bottle technology).

Highlighting innovation for each major beverage packaging material and type including new beverage packaging technologies, developments, and products over the last two years
Why was the report written?
In an increasingly fast moving and competitive marketplace, innovation in packaging continues to play a key role in new product development and branding in the global beverage sector. This report clarifies and quantifies future demand patterns and the types of innovations best placed to exploit them, so packaging manufactures and suppliers can plan for the future in confidence.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
Beverage markets continue to become more competitive and sophisticated as manufacturers and marketers increasingly look to develop products to satisfy regional preferences. Packaging innovation is required to meet the various and changing needs of all sections of the supply chain from the manufacturer through to consumer within an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. As a result, understanding the shifting market dynamics is key to ensuring maximum sales in the future.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
Packaging suppliers need to react to the changing demands of consumers and regulation in order to plan for the future. But, its not all cost reduction and light weighting. Packaging needs to adapt to a more complex picture of how consumption needs vary by product category and positioning. More specific product positioning by finished goods manufacturers and retailers in many cases means more specifically tailored packaging creating opportunities for the industry.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
This report provides a comprehensive analysis of the beverage packaging landscape, including a mix of beverage market data related to recent packaging innovations, which are identified across Rigid Plastics, Flexible Packaging, Paper & Board, Rigid Metal, Glass, and Labels. This report also provides an update on new beverage packaging technologies and developments.
In tougher economic times, pressure is on packaging. Undoubtedly, keeping costs low is key in many areas, but other market drivers also create opportunities for new formats and innovation, and knowing these is key to developing and offering further value, helping counter some of the economic pressures.

Cost Reduction has been a major factor driving innovation in the Metal packaging sector with a focus on light weighting as can makers have continued to look for ways to reduce materials and develop more environmentally-friendly products, such as CDL aluminium can by Rexam.

Increasing consumer demand for enhanced shelf appeal is driving innovation in glass packaging for beverage products. Manufacturers have been making efforts to improve shelf appeal through new pack shapes and improved product visibility such as the new label from PernodRicard for its rum and tequila liqueur brand.
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