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Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Individuality

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  • August 2015
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There is a feeling of time-scarcity among consumers who simply feel there isn't enough time in the day to do what they want. Busier and more active lifestyles, and longer working hours are leading to greater pressure on consumers, which in turn is leading to increasing level of stress. Many consumers are quickly realizing that they need to re-prioritize what is important to them, and take time out to relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Key Findings
- Across developed and developing economies, levels of stress are rising. In developing economies, this is being brought about by the high levels of pressure being placed on people to succeed both personally and professionally - particularly younger adults

- Consumers are becoming more aware of a range of health issues; and those related to a lack of sleep have been no exception

- Consumers are increasingly seeking out food, beverages, and personal care products that contain ingredients with energy boosting properties to help get them through the day

Canadean's Global and Regional Mega-Trends: Understanding Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors in Individuality report is a comprehensive analysis of global attitudes in the food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and personal care categories. The report details current and future expectations of behavior derived from the survey responses of 52,000 global consumers in 48 countries. As well as highlighting opportunities in new product development, there is also insight on positioning and retail strategy, besides analysis of consumer profiling and targeting.

What else does this report offer?

- An investigation of the Individuality mega-trends and how they are presenting themselves on a global, regional, and country basis

- Key attitudes and behaviors influencing consumption patterns globally

- Proposals on how you should best target these global consumption patterns

- Detailed comparisons that provide insight into regional and country attitudes towards Individuality

- Key recommendations for manufacturers from product, targeting, and retail perspectives as they are reflected in the four main categories of food, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, and personal care

- Manufacturers can design their products to meet the most pressing needs of today's consumer by understanding consumers attitudes and behaviors as captured in a unique 2015 consumer survey

- Improve product targeting to different consumer groups through understanding how consumer opinions and perceptions are changing on topics such as relaxation, personal space and customization

- Quickly pinpoint the best opportunities for products as data is presented in a highly visual and engaging style

- Stay ahead of competitors and know what consumers want next with recommended actions which clearly identify how to successfully adapt product strategies to the latest trends

- Regional and local survey data from across 48 countries helps brands to meet the needs of their specific market, as well as highlighting new countries for expansion
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