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Current Analysis
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  • IT in Retail - Technology Priorities

    Summary Retailers will aim to address the following key challenges through IT in 2017: supply chain management efficiencies, offering a superior customer experience across channels, and gaining better insight from existing as well as new data sources. The share of outsourced IT services is growing among retailers, however business-critical functions tend to remain in-house. The right level of outsourcing needs to ...

    December 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • ICT investment trends in retail banks

    Summary survey of 127 retail banks suggests that ICT budgets are set to grow more than in 2014-15 in both absolute and percentage terms, as they tackle more “change the bank” rather than “run the bank” initiatives. Key Findings - The spiraling cost and inefficiency of legacy technology has become unacceptable amid changing consumer behavior, declining revenues, new regulation and the onslaught of ...

    December 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • ICT investment trends in insurance

    Summary While providers intend to make some or significant IT investments across all insurance business functions through 2016, vendors need to respond to this in relation to the current market dynamics across the sector. More providers invested in modernizing their core systems such as policy administration and claims processing in order to improve infrastructure and policy service, as well as to ...

    October 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • ICT investment trends in Retail

    Summary Global retail organizations plan stronger increases for their IT budgets in 2016 compared with 2015. No major shift in retailers' approach to combining different IT domains when comparing survey data from 2015 and 2016 but slight increase for the share of ICT services. Growing shift to cloud services in form of SaaS, IaaS as well as PaaS depending on the ...

    September 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • ICT investment trends in healthcare

    Summary While providers intend either some or significant investment across all clinically related IT domains through 2016, vendors need to view this planning against the broad range of market dynamics playing out Key Findings - ICT budgets are firmly aligned to the principles of the transformational agenda - Providers appreciate that ICT can accelerate optimal performance and enhance the bottom line - Vendors ...

    August 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Retail Banking: Trends in contact center automation; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Rapid digitalization has resulted in a lower attention span of customers. As customers have access to multiple brands and interaction touch points, they can change their brand loyalties with just a click of a button. This has made it even more difficult for service centers, such as banks, to enhance their customer experience and retain customers. Contact center automation has ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Retail Banking: Trends in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) management; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary In the age of rapidly changing business conditions, rising regulatory pressures have added to the overheads involved in addressing and managing escalating compliance and risk issues associated with legacy banking systems. With budget constraints, and unpredictable market conditions and challenges, banks are constantly focusing on improving operational efficiency. GRC has come a long way by integrating the various diverse modules ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Retail Banking: Trends in omnichannel banking; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Omnichannel banking approach is the next generation of multi-channel banking. The omnichannel approach involves a harmonious integration between the different banking channels including online, mobile, social, ATMs, and physical branches. This approach modifies the customer experience from 'fragmented banking blocks' to ensure a seamless banking experience. The sharing and integration of consumer data at the back end of the omnichannel ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Retail Banking: Trends in claims processing; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Insurance companies are known to house varied legacy systems that have either evolved over time within the company or have been acquired as a result of mergers and acquisitions. However, persisting with these aging systems will obstruct carrier operations by offering limited agility, increasing complexity, and exposing the carrier to increased fraud risk, in addition to hindering automation of processes. ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Insurance: Trends in policy administration; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Carriers have known for years that their legacy policy administration, claims and billing systems are out-of-date, but have largely worked around them with manual processes and one-off technology efforts. However, today's competitive environment, pricing pressures and changing market dynamics are forcing insurance carriers to consider a more dramatic approach. This has resulted in a move to replace the full suite ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Insurance: Trends in customer information system; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary An integral part of the customer information system (CIS) is the CRM system. The operations that generate revenue within an organization are primarily driven by the customer relationship management (CRM) system. Core business activities for the insurance sector, such as sales and marketing, mostly revolve around the CRM systems that facilitate the generation of leads and tracking of customer behavior. Key ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Insurance: Trends in online platforms; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Easy internet accessibility through computers, mobiles, and handheld devices has increased customers' dependence on online platforms for most things. Customers are now using these devices to seek information and updates on insurance products and services, a trend that is expected to grow in the near future. While the penetration of these devices is higher in developed western economies, the developing ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Insurance: Trends in sales force enablement; Vertical and technology trends

    Summary Marketing and sales activities drive business growth. However, the explosion of the digital marketing landscape and massive amounts of available content is further complicating sales processes, thereby making them more disjointed and inconsistent. Sales enablement aims to de-silo sales and marketing functions and aligns business goals to empower sales representatives in providing the right messaging and the right asset to ...

    May 2016    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

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