City Statistics Chartbook: Top 20 UK Cities

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City Statistics Chartbook: Top 20 UK Cities


In an increasingly globalized and freely-trading world economy, the number of economically-important cities across the globe is growing rapidly. As developing regions continue to experience rapid and unsustainable economic growth the makeup of the global marketplace, and the relative importance of different regions, is changing constantly.

Key Highlights

- UK cities have typically grown quite well in recent years. Despite suffering multiple slight declines in recent years - interestingly UK cities were largely unaffected by the 2008-09 recession - continued, if slow, growth is expected in the future.
- While all of the UK's major cities are expected to experience per capita GDP growth, growth is very low due in large part to the uncertainty surrounding the country's future outside of the EU.
- Population growth has historically been very low and is expected to slow slightly in the future; this is typical of a mature and developed economy.


- Identifies the largest cities in a particular region by GDP.
- Assesses their importance to the region in question in comparison to the rest of the major cities.
- Provides an overview of various demographic indicators to assess the health of a city.
- Provides a surface-level understanding of a particular region, its composition and what drives it.
- Allows businesses to identify potential target markets and demographics in order to drive successful business.

Reasons to buy

- How has the economy in the region developed in recent years?
- How is it expected to develop in the future?
- What are the largest cities in the region?
- What is the population and population structure of each of the top cities?
- How healthy is the employment market in each city and what drives growth?
- What is the average household income and expenditure in each city?
- What is the educational structure of the population of each city?
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