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Big data and analytics: Telco strategies, investments and use cases

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  • June 2016
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Big Data' has become a buzz phrase for companies in all sectors in recent years, and telcos are at the forefront of trying to utilize data in a bid to achieve their stated business objectives. This report examines the current situation with regard to big data analytics among communication service providers, for which use cases these organizations are harnessing the technology and to what extent these efforts are proving successful.

Key Findings

Explore key drivers and challenges to Telco big data and analytics implementations

Assess big data and analytics adoption

Examine Telco strategies and best practices for commercializing big data and analytics solutions

Gain insights on Telco investment plans for big data and analytics implementations over the next 2-3 years

Identify the main use cases for current and emerging big data and analytics implementations.


Why is big data analytics becoming increasingly important for telcos?

What are the challenges to BDA implementation?

What benefits does BDA bring?

What are some working examples of telcos using BDA?

Key Highlights

Telecoms operators are embracing big data analytics (BDA) with enthusiasm, but while many report that BDA is fully operational and already contributing benefit to their organizations others are still at the exploratory stage of addressing its potential.

A range of use cases for BDA exist in the telecoms environment including network optimization, fraud detection, customer experience management, churn reduction and data monetization. Customer satisfaction / churn reduction is the most important driver of BDA implementations and linked to this is the ability to personalize services for individual customers which is the next most important rationale.

Set against the backdrop of an unprecedented challenge facing operators to differentiate themselves from the competition it is clear that those operators who make BDA work for them can put themselves at a significant advantage over their competitors. While operators are very reluctant to quantify to what extent they have benefitted already in terms of revenue generated or costs reduced it seems clear that potential benefit is huge. But of course all operators cannot benefit in equal measure. The extent to which BDA implementations are successful is set to be a significant factor in determining who the winners are and who will lose out.

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