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Accustream Research

AccuStream Research was founded by Paul A. Palumbo

Paul is an interactive broadcast, streaming, broadband media, streaming media advertising, streaming subscription and download research analyst and business consultant based near Silicon Valley, California.

Mr. Palumbo is research director for AccuStream Research, and responsible for company's primary research initiatives, data analysis, forecasting and report preparation.

Mr. Palumbo has an MBA from the Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA., and B.A. in Russian and economics from The University of Georgia, Athens, GA.

Accustream Research
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  • IP Audio-Video Stores, Paid Channels and Subscription Service Receipts 2015 - 2018

    Global Movie/TV Receipts to Surpass Music in 2016 The international marketplace for IP audio-video facilitated through paid-to-own media vendors and pay-as-you-go subscription services is on solid financial ground, and firmly integrated into the consumer experience. These emerging businesses frame a 12-year ...

    September 2015    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Ad Spend and Billings Viability of Time-Based Formats In Non-Linear Channels

    Premium digital video publishers, their agencies and brand marketer partners have settled expectations regarding the migration of linear TV to VOD advertising paradigms that are time-based, carving out pods of inventory inserted sequentially into long-form programming online. Marketers place their ...

    July 2015    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • In-Stream Video Advertising 101: Inventory Abundance, Execution Headaches

    Brands, marketers, agencies and adtech vendors-collectively the demand side-have all clamored for more premium in-stream ad inventory, and in 2015 the supply side is unlocking some 296 billion avails, though ad op growing pains persist. Media execs too, for their ...

    June 2015    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • IP Video Tech Live-to-VOD: CDNs, Cloud Software Platforms and Services

    In 2015, live-to-VOD is an emerging, converging set of solutions and technologies designed to support all video publishing initiatives, more specifically the broadcast industry’s transition to an IP delivery model, built on the foundation of abundant compute capacities and open ...

    May 2015    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video AdTech 2015 - 2017: Monetizing Beyond the Linear Clock

    Digital video adtech providers booked $7.3 billion in 2014 global net revenue, with ecosystem-wide comparable growth from all formats, screens and devices supported projected to increase 22% - 31% in 2015, according to this vendor, solutions, marketplace, business operations and ...

    March 2015    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Mobile AdTech 2015 - 2017: Staying Relevant and Getting Paid in an Era of Accelerated Volatility

    $14 billion in global ad spend rumbling through the mobile adtech ecosystem has undergone a striking transformation over the past 12 months, redefining how agencies (and agency trading desks), vendors and audience platforms engage with digital budgets, impressions and apportion ...

    December 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Mobile AdTech 2015-2017: Staying Relevant and Getting Paid in an Era of Accelerated Volatility

    Mobile AdTech 2015-2017: Staying Relevant and Getting Paid in an Era of Accelerated Volatility $14 billion in global ad spend rumbling through the mobile adtech ecosystem has undergone a striking transformation over the past 12 months, redefining how agencies (and agency trading desks), vendors and audience platforms engage with digital budgets, impressions and apportion subsequent profit splits.

    December 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Video Platforms, Players and Processing Tech 2006 - 2014: Exit Multiples and Transaction Outcomes

    Video software platforms, workflow CMS, media players and processing technologies operating independently prefigure an M & A deal market place worth $2.7 to $5.3 billion, according to an investment and acquisition analytics report by AccuStream Research.

    October 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Video and Mobile AdTech M & A 2005 - 2014: Exit Valuations

    This research bundle includes the Adtech M & A Exit Multiples research report, and either the desktop or mobile adtech sector report with a complete analysis of inventory, spend, participation rates and contributions to topline revenue.

    September 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Internet Radio Programmers 2014-2017: Music Plays and Monetization Mainstays

    Internet music radio and track play listening is on a 14.8% growth trajectory, surpassing 36 billion hours in 2014, delivered against promising programmer monetization efforts expected to achieve $1.9 billion in revenue, a 33.3% gain, according to a sector analytics report produced by AccuStream Research.

    August 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Virtual Video Viewing 2014-2017: User Demand and Exhibition Transition

    Audiences self-selecting into personal preference video through multiple device access points will watch 47.8 billion hours of programming in 2014, or 9.2% in equivalent TV viewing time, according to a publisher, site, aggregator and hosted network library share analytics report by AccuStream Research.

    June 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Virtual Video Value Chain 2014-2017: Ecosystem Operations and Analytics

    The virtual video value chain (an ecosystem connecting CDN, desktop, mobile and multi-screen ad networks, ad serving tech, programmatic inventory clearing systems, robust software platforms supporting consumer facing and enterprise centered video, plus IPTV/OTT/VOD solutions, CMS workflow and transformation, media players, encoding, processing, content discovery (including navigation and social conversation), security, optimization and analytics shape a highly integrated global marketplace worth $16.5 billion in 2014 receipts.

    June 2014    |    $3695    |    View Details >>

  • CDN 2014-2017 Operations and Analytics

    CDN (Content Delivery Network) revenue is projected at $3.36 billion in 2014, up 19%,directed by user appetite for self-selected content, further accelerating linear broadcast, media and entertainment’ stransition into virtual paradigms, as detailed in a sector business ops and tech solutions report by AccuStream Research.

    May 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • In-Stream and Virtual Video Advertising 2014-2017

    In-stream and virtual video ad billings are forecast to realize 24% growth in 2014, led by extensive monetization against broadcast and cable programmer inventory, supported by a stable of multi-screen media executions, brand-direct spend, mobile, social, internet music radio and VOD avails, according to a wide-ranging, data rich marketplace analytics report by AccuStream Research.

    April 2014    |    $3495    |    View Details >>

  • Virtual Video Platforms and Workflow Solutions 2014-2016

    Virtual video platforms together with essential CMS workflow, encoding, transcoding, optimization, recommendation and discovery tools produced a market worth $1.53 billion in 2013 revenue.

    March 2014    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Desktop and Mobile Music Monetization 2005 – 2016: Advertising, Download and Subscription

    Digital desktop and mobile music monetization channels are on track to chart a U.S. business worth $6.4 billion in 2013, 59.8% of the global market. This report is a data-driven analysis of multiple components contributing to the sector’s expanding revenue base. Revenues include media spend bought against desktop/mobile radio/song-plays, video and overlay impressions directed at audiences viewing music videos, audio subscription services and download-to-own sales.

    November 2013    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • The Economics of Mobile Ad Spend 2013 – 2016: Global Inventory, Media Billings and Business Operations

    Mobile advertising networks, exchanges, programmatic trading systems and direct publisher sales combined form a global marketplace worth $7.4 billion in unduplicated 2013 media billings. This sector analytics report presents a detailed accounting of global sales by territory, including the U.S., Europe, AsiaPac, Africa and Latin America, calculated against inventory requests, formats, pricing by region, fill rates, CTRs and eCPMs.

    October 2013    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Radio, Curated Station and Track Play Music: Listening Hours and Revenue Analytics 2013 - 2016

    Streaming music radio, curated station and track play listening hours are spinning ahead at a 2013 growth rate of 47.5%, backed by monetization initiatives channeling $1.22 billion into the digital music ecosystem. This due diligence level sector analytics report presents a multi-year analysis of listening by brand, platform, product offering, business model, subscriber count, available inventory by format, CPMs (national and local), sellout rates and corresponding advertising revenue.

    July 2013    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Pre-Roll and In-Stream Video Avails: 2013 - 2016

    Digital pre-roll and in-stream video inventory is expanding at a 20.3% rate in 2013, while corresponding media spend is expected to increase 37.8% over the calendar year. This reportÕs analytics attributes increased video spend to higher sellout rates sector-wide--even as insertion frequencies rise--to marketers who are buying scale, including campaigns against YouTubeÕs expansive library and inside social networking environments strengthened by greater inventory transparency.

    June 2013    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Views 2012 – 2015: Site, Brand, Category Share and Platform Analytics

    streaming media, streaming video and audio, video on demand & interactive TV. Research on streaming media & video, audiences, stream monetization, technology investment and applications provisioning.

    April 2013    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Value Chain 2013

    Digital Video Value Chain Climbs 38% To $6.3 Bil. In ’12; Global Ecosystem Revenues Reach $9.4 Bil.

    March 2013    |    $3495    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Monetization 2012 - 2015: Advertising, Download and Subscription Revenue Analytics

    Digital video advertisers and virtual storefront merchandizers presided over a collective marketplace worth $12.55 billion in 2012, bookending a nine-year CAGR run of 56.6%, as quantified by a multi-disciplinary sector analytics report.. This research report provides an extensive, data-rich, service and publisher-driven portrait of the market's emergence through 2012, with detailed annual analysis of an eight-year transformation from what was a ...

    February 2013    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Subscription and Download Media Merchandizing 2003-2015

    Digital Audio/Video Download And Subscription Storefronts Ring Up $12.5 Bil. In ’12 Digital subscription and download media storefront revenue (audio and video) increased 32+% in 2012 to $12.5 billion, concluding a ten-year CAGR run of 52.8%, details a retail sector analytics report by AccuStream Research.

    January 2013    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • In-Stream and Digital Video Advertising 2012 - 2015

    In-stream and digital video advertising momentum rolled forward 52.1% in 2012 to $7.6 billion, capping off a nine-year CAGR run of 62.5%, with more growth ahead, concludes this data rich inventory and spend report. Presented is a systematic, data-driven study of this flourishing market sector by format and platform. The ecosystem's twin pillars, in-stream and in-page formats, own a combined 86.7% ...

    November 2012    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Platforms and Workflow Solutions 2012 - 2014

    Digital video platforms together with indispensable workflow encoding, transformation, optimization and discovery solutions are forecast to deliver $1.12 billion in 2012 revenue, advancing 33.8% over 2011, based on primary research contained in this comprehensive sector analytics report. The report constructs a detailed sector analytics template, augmented by analysis of each core segment within it by product type and target market. The report ...

    September 2012    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Video and Mobile Ad Networks, Platforms 2012 - 2014: Path to Media Spend Parity

    Video advertising networks, trafficking platforms and exchanges when evaluated with and compared to mobile counterparts are projected to process, clear and deliver $13.2 billion in combined 2012 multi-format media spend. This comparative analytics report presents a systematic, data-driven valuation of each sector’s performance, based on multi-year contrasting analysis of billed inventory and net revenue accruing to platform solutions. Collectively, these diverse ...

    September 2012    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Video Ad Clearing and Trafficking Platforms: Inventory, Media Spend and Business Channel Analytics: 2012 - 2014

    Video ad networks, serving platforms, auctions, exchanges, RTBs, DSPs and SSPs are forecast to process $8.2 billion in 2012 connected device media spend, with 75.6% ($6.2 billion) attached to video formats. This sector report presents the channel-by-channel economics of formats supported, media cleared, served, total inventory, fill rates, CPMs, ad serving CPMs and social media CPV/CPCV pricing models that taken ...

    August 2012    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Mobile Advertising Networks and Platforms 2012 - 2014: Inventory, Media Spend and Revenue Share

    Global mobile advertising networks, ad serving platforms, auctions, exchanges, mediation environments and RTBs are primed to clear $5 billion in 2012 media spend, approximately 70% of the market’s total worth. This sector analytics report presents a meticulous valuation of the global market by territory, including the U.S., Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America, by network and platform calculated against in ...

    May 2012    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Internet Video 2011 - 2014: View, Share, Site and User Analytics

    Internet video climbed to a lofty 431.8 billion views in 2011, an increase of 43.2%, delivering 21.2 billion hours of self-selected, personal preference content to users, an estimated 5.2% of TV hours watched for the year.

    March 2012    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Internet Music Radio and Track Play Growth 2012 - 2014: Listening and Monetization Analysis

    Internet music radio and track play listening hours rose 50.5% in 2011 to over 1.3 billion monthly, while monetization initiatives (advertising and subscription) advanced 64.3%, according to this in-depth sector analytics report This sector research report details how the market’s forward momentum accelerated in 2010, delivered strong usage and monetization results in 2011 which continue unabated in 2012. For the first ...

    February 2012    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Value Chain 2012

    The online and mobile video value chain (comprising CDN, integrated video platforms, full service advertising networks, ad serving platforms, auctions and exchanges) produced a combined $4.3 billion in top line revenue in 2011, an increase of 45% over 2010. Double-digit revenue growth of 30% annually projected across all value chain sectors yields a $10 billion market by 2014, according to ...

    January 2012    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Business Transformation and Market Analytics 2012 – 2014

    U.S.-based CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are tenaciously adapting their technologies, services, account and business strategies to address new markets of opportunity, concurrently improving top line revenue by 17.7% in 2011 to $1.86 billion, an estimated 65% of the global total. As bandwidth prices continue to decline, revenue growth (forecast at 20% through 2014) is predicated on CDNs selling more solutions per ...

    December 2011    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Video Advertising 2011 - 2014

    Digital video advertising is projected to rise by 41% in 2011 to $5.6 billion, according to a sector analytics report published by AccuStream Research. This sector report consolidates multiple video inventory formats across platforms including in-page video executions, pre/post/mid roll, mobile video advertising, paid viral placements, overlays and podcasting. Corresponding gross media spend for each format is presented in detail, calculated ...

    September 2011    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Pre-Roll Video Advertising 2011 - 2014: Inventory and Gross Media Spend

    Pre-roll video advertising bought against increasing volumes of premium, syndicated, aggregator, 2nd and 3rd tier, UGC and social media inventory online is powering a thriving market forecast at $1.56 billion in 2011 gross billings, a 48% improvement over 2010.

    September 2011    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Online and Mobile Video Advertising Networks, Serving Platforms and Exchanges: Comparative Business Model, Media Spend, Inventory and Revenue Analytics

    Online and mobile advertising networks, serving platforms and exchanges are projected to clear an estimated $5.65 billion in gross video media spend in 2011, according to this detailed interdisciplinary sector report. This report is a comprehensive, data-driven assessment of each ad network sector, and the competitive cross currents interconnecting them. Media spend and net revenue growth trajectories are provided by sector, ...

    July 2011    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Video Advertising Networks, Serving Platforms and Exchanges 2007 - 2014: Inventory, Gross Media Spend and Net Revenue Analysis

    Video advertising networks, media serving platforms, auctions and exchanges are on track to achieve $1.4 billion in CPM share, transaction and fee-based revenue in 2011, a 67.5% annual rate of growth. The sector’s participants analyzed ran $6.26 billion in aggregate media spend across their platforms in 2010, with $3.1 billion attributable to video campaigns or inventory. Video inventory, sellout rates, corresponding ...

    July 2011    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Integrated Video Optimization Solutions 2007 – 2014

    Integrated video optimization providers are forecast to earn $898 million in 2011 revenue, an increase of 44% over 2010. This sector report analyzes multiple categories of media optimization services, encompassing end-to-end providers Brightcove, Ooyala, KIT Digital, Kaltura, Limelight Video Platform, thePlatform, MobiTV, Move Networks and others. The indexing, metadata, tracking and media measurement segment comprise specialists such as Auditude, Digitalsmiths, BayTSP ...

    June 2011    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Mobile Advertising Networks 2009 - 2013: Gross Media Spend and Revenue Analytics

    Mobile advertising networks delivered 340 billion filled and billed impressions across the globe in 2010, generating $794 million in media spend, and earning $254.3 million in net platform and media services-related revenue. This sector research report analyzes total inventory by network, geography, billing models, pricing (CPC, CPM, CPA and eCPM) by ad format, fill rates, click-through rates and participation percentages.

    March 2011    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • UGC Video, Library Share Analyses and Pre Roll Media Spend 2010 – 2012

    UGC video sites, networks, channels and brands generated in excess of 230 billion domestic (U.S.) views in 2010, up 146.9% over the previous year. Meanwhile, advertisers stepped up, wading into market with some $426 million in pre roll ad spend made across the entire UGC video segment. The report details the growth and maturation of UGC video from 2005 through 2010, with view forecasts carried out to 2012.

    March 2011    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Pro Online Video 1999 – 2014: Consumption and Category Share Analytics

    Professional video produced, published and hosted by online-only and cross-platform media brands rose by 47.1% in 2010 to 72.3 billion views, the highest annual growth rate seen since 2007. This research report presents a rigorous analytical narrative of online video, complete with detailed graphics revealing historical video viewing patterns through 2010, the elemental building blocks supporting market growth forecasts through 2014.

    February 2011    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Value Chain 2010-2012

    The online media value chain (comprising CDNs, OVPs and Video Advertising Networks) is forecast to generate $2.3 billion in top line revenues in 2010, with 56.5% of that figure linked predominantly to CDN-powered video distribution, video platform services and content monetization. The combined market grew by an estimated 30% in 2010. Video-based CDN contracts, OVPs and video advertising networks together have ...

    November 2010    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • CDN 2010 - 2012

    CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are generating double-digit top line revenue growth in 2010, a convincing turnaround from the single-digit increase in 2009. CDNs are writing new contracts at a 26.7% annualized pace, and poised to produce $1.5 billion in 2010 revenue.

    November 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Value Chain 2010 – 2012

    The online media value chain (comprising CDNs, OVPs and Video Advertising Networks) is forecast to generate $2.3 billion in top line revenues in 2010, with 56.5% of that figure linked predominantly to CDN-powered video distribution, video platform services and content monetization. The combined market grew by an estimated 30% in 2010.

    November 2010    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Advertising and Media Spend: 2010 - 2012

    Strengthened by transaction transparency, ad networks, marketplace auctions, expanding premium inventories, innovative formats, lower CPMs, unambiguous campaign performance benchmarking, ROI and accountability metrics, combined with broadcast buying scale, online video advertising and related media spend is forecast at $2.7 billion in 2010.

    August 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Pre-Roll Video 2010 - 2012: Inventory Growth and Media Spend Analysis

    Pre-roll video advertising billed against an expanding supply of online inventory is forecast at $758 million in 2010, an increase of 25.2% over 2009. This report presents a rigorous, analytics based appraisal of pre-roll inventory growth, video views, insertion frequencies, sellout rates, CPMs and total market value. Extensive AccuStream data indicate pre roll inventory grew by 74% last year, while ad ...

    July 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Online and Mobile Music Spins and Media Spend

    Online and mobile music listening (including individual track plays) are forecast to rise 15% in 2010 to 8.3 billion hours, a year after the radio webcasting business underwent a significant round of consolidation. Despite brand contraction, time spent listening spun out a 9% increase in 2009. Total listening hours are forecast to expand 22% in 2011 building on a more sound ...

    June 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Video Ad Networks and Media Platforms 2010 - 2012

    Online video advertising networks and media ad serving platforms are forecast to generate $377 million in video CPM share and fee-based revenue in 2010, an increase of 41% over the prior year comparable. This industry report tallies provider and segment revenue by analyzing video inventory, sellout rates, CPMs, participation percentages and serving fee components of gross media spend.Â

    May 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • OVP and Video CMS 2010 - 2012

    Online video platforms (OVPs), CMS product suites and related integration services are forecast to generate $480 million in 2010 revenue, an increase of 71.1% over 2009. This report analyzes multiple categories of video platform provider including full featured OVPs, video indexing and ad serving, plus integration, encoding and associated services.

    April 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Pro and UGV Viewing Share Analytics: 2005 - 2009

    UGV and professionally produced, distributed and syndicated video combined rose 35.9% in 2009, generating 93.2 and 49.1 billion views respectively. UGV views grew by 47.8%, while the growth figure for pro video was 18.1%.

    March 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Pro Online Video: View Analytics and Category Share

    Professionally produced, hosted or syndicated online media and entertainment video views increased by 18% in 2009 to 49.1 billion. This research report provides rigorous analytical explanation and detailed graphical illustrations of historical and market growth forecasts to 2014 based on extensive AccuStream data sets spanning 1998 – 2009, compiled and sorted by month, site, brand, event, affiliate partners, channels and aggregation services.

    February 2010    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Growth and market share shifts: 2002 - 2006

    This report offers a detailed historical to present day analysis of Content Delivery Network (CDN) services from 2002 through 2006, including market share shifts between CDNs, pricing, media player format share in 2006, market value for both retail and backhaul streaming media contracts and more.

    November 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • User Generated Video 2006 - 2007: Mania and Myth

    UGV shot into prominence in 2006 with new sources content, a unique distribution stage and pent up viewer demand for content that formally resided on the edge of the counter culture experience, but became a pop culture phenomenon. But meteoric broadband successes can cut both ways, and the market is showing clear signs of maturation. This report offers detailed usage, ...

    November 2009    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • UGV Library Share Shifts 2005 - 2009

    User Generated Video (UGV) libraries analyzed by category have exhibited consistency, resiliency and significant evolution over the past five years, with comedy/funny, music and entertainment as the leading view generators.

    November 2009    |    $2195    |    View Details >>

  • Subscription Streaming and Download Media: Revenue and Market Share 2003 - 2006

    A detailed market analysis of streaming media subscription and download services, revenue, market share and growth from 2003 through 2006. This report examines streaming and download music, sports, news, entertainment (including download movie services) and platform services revenue and subscription growth.

    October 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Guide to Streaming Advertising 2005 - 2006: Agencies to Vendors

    This is a comprehensive guide for to buying and selling streaming media advertising in 2005 and 2006. The report takes you through all the essential advertising components--from agencies to vendors--that make up one of the most dynamic advertising environments today. This report is a step-by-step market analysis tool.

    September 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Broadband Streaming Video: Viewer Metrics and Market Growth Analysis 2000 - 2004

    Video streams viewed at broadband rates by high-speed users (at home and work) have, within a span of three years, experienced rapid growth and now account for close to 80% of total views.

    August 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • CDN 2010

    CDNs (Content Delivery Networks) are achieving another year of double-digit growth in 2009, writing new contracts at a 23.3% pace above 2008, powering top line revenue forecasts up 16.4% to $1.37 billion across the segment. The U.S. market currently generates an estimated 55.8% of the global CDN total, though international traffic is now increasing at a faster rate than its domestic counterpart.

    August 2009    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Flash Streaming Video 2004 - 2006: CDN, Site And Advertiser Adoption

    A market analysis of Flash streaming video, from CDN provisioning capacity, to content site implementation and advertiser adoption in support of streaming advertising campaigns. Flash streaming video has deep roots in the entertainment, creative, production and now distribution communities, and is poised to become the de facto format for streaming advertising. This report looks a how CDNs, sites, and advertisers are incorporating Flash into their overall streaming initiatives.

    August 2009    |    $1797    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Advertising and Subscription Media 2003 - 2006

    The most detailed, data-driven and market analysis report on streaming advertising and subscription published by AccuStream Research. A complete and comprehensive analysis of streaming video advertising, streaming audio advertising, download revenue by site, service and brand, CPMs, avail formats, the growing importance of Flash streaming, inventory (pre rolls, embedded/in-page) by site, network and aggregator, who is representing inventory and much more.

    August 2009    |    $2195    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Value Chain 2010

    Video CMS platforms, VASP applications and CDN services connecting the online value chain are forecast to grow revenue at a combined 25.3% rate in 2009 to $1.3 billion, increasing top line another 26.4% in 2010. Revenue growth is attributable to account acquisition as publishers adopt video applications spanning CMS to indexing, building on double-digit increases in CDN and video advertising network billings.

    July 2009    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • CDN MARKET GROWTH 2006 - 2009

    A fact based CDN and bandwidth services report, complete with pricing for rate and volume account models, revenue, infrastructure deployment and operational analyses.

    July 2009    |    $2095    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Advertising and Subscription Media: A Complete Market Analysis 2003-2005

    An extensive market research and analysis of streaming advertising and subscription media over the period 2003-2005. Sites and available inventory, how inventory is growing and created, as more broadband Internet is being consumed, CPMs, types of advertisers, strategies and expert industry executives offering their insight and knowledge.

    June 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • CDN 2006 - 2007: Market Size, Share, Metrics and Analytics

    A comprehensive analysis of the CDN provisioning segment in 2006 with forecasts for 2007 by delivery category, including pricing for downloads (music, movies, television), advertising (Flash), progressive download, gigabytes transferred, 95th percentile pricing model analysis, servers deployed and more.

    May 2009    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Video Avails 2000 - 2005: Inventory History and Growth by Site

    A site-by-site historical to present day listing and analysis of streaming sites (including Internet music radio) with streaming video advertising. The report examines the historical avail formats, placement, CPMs, growth rates in streams, and more. An essential tool for advertisers, agencies, rep firms and content publishers who monetize streams with streaming video advertising.

    May 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Internet Music Radio 2001 - 2006: The Brands and the Beat Go On

    A comprehensive analysis of Internet Music Radio, it's early evolution, decline in 2002 followed by a steady rise to a sophisticated media offering with over 300 million hours of listening done per month on the top ten sites, some 700,000+ average quarterly hour listeners (AQH) and 2.4 million subscribers to various online radio services.

    May 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Video CMS, Media Player and Indexing Platforms 2007 - 2010

    Video CMS, custom media player, indexing and metadata platform providers have acquired 1,820 total accounts to date, and forecast to generate $180 million in annual revenue in 2009, an increase of 62.9%. Video CMS providers (including Brightcove and thePlatform, among others) are estimated to enable 26.4% of total professional content views on a monthly basis, according to a platform services report ...

    May 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Pre-Roll Video Inventory and Media Spend: 2003 - 2010

    Pre-roll video advertising billed online against premium inventory (short and long-form content) is forecast to reach $560 million in 2009, and increase of 31.6% over ’08. This research report presents a rigorous, analytics based appraisal of historical, current and forecast market value attached to the pre-roll avail, comprising total views, insertion ratios, inventory, sellout rates and CPMs that anchor gross media spend estimates.

    May 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Video 1998 - 2010: March To Mainstream

    Video streams have grown from 284.6 million served in 1998 to 18 billion served in 2005. The report traces the evolution of video online from its very beginnings, with events such as the Internet baby birth in 1998, open heart surgeries, Space Shuttle launches and a scattering of music and news programming. This report is an anthology, chronology and forecasting resource, with extensive and complete eight year-over-year comparative analysis by site, network, content category, media brand and bit rate.

    April 2009    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Video Ratings 2004: Site and Brand Share

    A comprehensive ratings and streaming video share analysis by site, network aggregator, and for the first time, sites all grouped by major brands, including Time Warner, Yahoo, Real Networks, Viacom and others.

    April 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Market Share Report 2003 and Forecast 2004

    A detailed analysis of the streaming media content distribution business in 2003, including forecasts for 2004

    March 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Advertising Networks 2007 - 2010: Emerging and Surging

    Online video advertising networks are forecast to make $493 million in participation revenue, hosting and insertion fees against gross CPM billings of $2.2 billion in 2009. The industry research report details video inventory and gross media spend for both emerging and established avail formats and executions, including in-banner video, remnant/3rd party pre-roll sales, video overlays, video search and podcasting.

    March 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Market Dynamics, Analysis and Streaming Share: 2005 - 2006

    This report provides a detailed data and audience analysis of Content Delivery Network services segment (CDN), with detailed analysis of pricing (streaming audio, video, download and advertising), streaming infrastructure, R&D initiatives, market share by CDN, revenue, MRR (monthly recurring revenue), an analysis of Flash pricing and server deployment and streaming media format share.

    March 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Professional and UGV Market Size 2005 - 2008: Views, Category and Brand Share Analysis

    Professional video (launched on brand operated or affiliated sites) and User Generated Video (user, semi pro and professional content delivered on hosting networks) combined are forecast to culminate a four-year growth period (2005 - 2008) with a total 192.6 billion views.

    March 2009    |    $2250    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media Growth and Content Category Share: 2006 - 2010

    Streaming video once again turned in a substantial growth year in 2006, driven by an expanding library of high production value content from major networks and channels, broadband extensions of general entertainment and information network content and driven up by the appetite for streaming audio and video content by an increasingly savvy group of broadband users.

    March 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Account Verticals and Revenue Performance: 2006 - 2010

    Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) posted $1.16 billion in 2008 revenue, notching 30% improvement over 2007. The U.S. market made up an estimated 57% of the global tally; combined geographies are forecast to grow at 19% in 2009. Revenue attached to audiovisual verticals including professional video, video advertising, video advertising networks, CMS platforms, online music spins, UGV and podcasting totaled $550 million, or 47.3% of total billings..

    February 2009    |    $2095    |    View Details >>

  • Net Music Radio 2007 - 2010: Listening Hour Analysis By Site and Brand

    Music radio online (live streaming channels and individual track plays) generated 4.85 billion listening hours in 2007, up 26.1% over 2006. Listening hours averaged 404.2 million hours per month (excluding downloads), compared to a 320.5 million hour average in 2006, including leading music subscription services such as Napster, Yahoo Music and Rhapsody.

    February 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Net Music Radio 2007 - 2010: Listening Hour Analysis By Site

    Internet Music Radio ad billings came in at $80 million for calendar year 2007, up by 194% over the $26.9 million comparable in 2006 for audio ads. With the addition of $12 - $15 million generated through video ads placed on music sites, gross media buys were approximately $92 million in 2007. A comparison of reach and revenue for both ...

    February 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Broadcast and Cable TV Network Brands Inside Streaming Media: A Market Share Analysis: 2001-2003

    A data-driven, market share analysis of broadcast and cable TV brands and their respective share of broadband and narrowband streaming media.

    February 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media 2003: Brand, User and Audience Share Analysis

    A comprehensive streaming media usage and audience analysis and market share report.

    February 2009    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

  • Pro Online Video Views: 1998 - 2012

    Demand for professionally produced and distributed online video continued unabated in 2008, with cumulative volume advancing 24.3% to 41.6 billion views. Over the past ten years, audiences have accessed 142.7 billion pieces of professionally produced, brand-hosted and distributed video.

    February 2009    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media Market Growth: 2005 - 2010

    This report provides a detailed data and audience analysis of the year in streaming media 2005, with usage metrics and share metrics across key content categories such as music, news, sports, entertainment, Internet TV, movies and Internet music radio.

    February 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video 2007 - 2011: Views, Category Share and Usage Analytics

    Online video views (streams and progressive downloads) delivered through professional content sites increased 50.3% in 2007 to 33.5 billion. The entertainment category experienced the highest rate of growth in 2007 compared to 2006, running up 216.3%. In entertainment and television, large media brands are enjoying a period of ascendance powered by broadband properties (or personalities) associated with Disney, Viacom, CBS, ABC, Fox, Time Warner, Comcast and NBC, among others.

    February 2009    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Online Music Spins and Media Spend: 2003 - 2012

    Online music radio and track play listening hours increased 37.6% to 6.67 billion in 2008, while in-stream audio sold against ad-supported cumulative hours improved by 46.1% to $84 million (including video placements) over the 12-month frame.

    February 2009    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Market Share: A Complete Streaming Media Business Segment Analysis 2004 - 2005

    The CDN business segment grew at robust rates in 2004, and forecast to do so again in 2005. The increase in streaming media usage, audience size, high-value content published by larger Internet and major media brands, and broadband penetration has also broadened the scope of services and applications CDNs now offer.

    February 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Subscription and Download Media Stores: 2003 - 2010

    The report, Subscription and Download Media Stores 2003 - 2010 analyzes content verticals including music, movies, television, sports, news and entertainment with detailed subscriber, service and transaction velocity numbers, monthly and yearly.

    January 2009    |    $2195    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Media Spend: 2003 - 2010

    The research report, Online Video Media Spend: 2003 - 2010, calculates multiple ad sales components corresponding to annual growth 2003 – 2010 by avail unit: pre-roll (short and long-form execution), In-banner video, overlays, in-game, podcast, player display and skins.

    January 2009    |    $2195    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media 2004 - 2007: Market Development and User Data Analysis

    Streaming Media (Internet Radio and video) exhibited strong growth in 2004, with both Internet-only and major offline brands capturing share in this growing on-demand broadcast segment.

    January 2009    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Online Video Applications and Platforms: 2007 - 2010

    The report, Online Video Applications and Platforms: 2007 – 2010, unites the spectrum of extant video applications and platforms, and aligns them in relevant product category groupings. Product groups include video overlay applications, advertising platforms, CMS platforms, platforms with inventory sales, search with inventory sales, integration services, indexing and metadata libraries with media sales.

    January 2009    |    $2195    |    View Details >>

  • User Generated Video 2005 - 2008: Mania Meets Mainstream

    User Generated Video scored 22 billion views in 2007, up 70% over 2006. The report's detailed data sets and analyses illustrate how UGV library management is crucial to maintaining brand and entertainment value. Almost 20% of total views generated in 2007 were delivered by videos published in 2006 or before.

    January 2009    |    $2495    |    View Details >>

  • Video Ad Tech Systems: Inventory Clearing, Trafficking, Spend and Business Operations Analytics: 2014 – 2016

    This extensive video ad tech research report is segment-by-segment portrait of the sector’s economic fundamentals, growth trajectories, media CPMs, serving CPMs, formats supported, business models and marginal performance yielding net revenue. Each segment (video ad networks, trafficking platforms and programmatic technologies) is analyzed against monthly and annual unduplicated inventory, sources of supply and demand, percentage of spend by format (in-stream, in-banner, display and overlay), including domestic and international undertakings.

    January 2009    |    $2995    |    View Details >>

  • Digital Value Chain 2013

    The digital video value chain (comprising CDN, video ad networks, serving platforms, auctions, exchanges, RTBs, integrated video platforms, media transformation, processing, optimization and analytics, mobile ad networks, platforms and media clearing environments made a combined $6.3 billion in 2012 revenue. Revenues (net of requisite publisher payouts) improved 38.1% for U.S.-based vendors, including their international operations. Globally, the digital video value ...

    January 2009    |    $3495    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Operational, Account and Content Vertical Analytics 2012 - 2015

    Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) raised contract revenue 18.3% in 2012, to $2.28 billion, as value-added services (site/app acceleration, cloud solutions, analytics, specialized HTTP video platforms, content transformation, workflow, management, security and rights protection) in addition to core bandwidth provisioning supporting very large video accounts fueled market growth. Sector-wide monthly recurring revenue (MRR) rose 8% to $5,265, calculated as an average ...

    January 2009    |    $2895    |    View Details >>

  • User Generated Video 2007 - 2008: Metadata Metrics

    This report analyzes UGV interaction rates, focusing on user comments, number of videos and total views, compiled from hundreds of thousands of videos. The report evaluates each content category on AOLUncut,,, LiveDigital, Metacafe, MySpace TV,,, Yahoo Video and YouTube, among others.

    January 2008    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media Value Chain 2003 - 2007: CDN, Advertising, Subscription and Download Segment Analysis

    Since 2003, when the market generated $560 million in media chain value, the steady climb to $4.9 billion in combined market opportunity for 2007 is a testament to how quickly audience demand stimulates both distribution and content investments required to facilitate a better experience and expand the market. This report provides the historical and current day data to bring value chain growth into focus as a market opportunity.

    September 2007    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Subscription and Download Media 2003 - 2008

    A comprehensive, data-driven research report that analyzes subscription and download media from 2003 forecast through 2008 by service, brand and content category. Music, news, sports, entertainment, movies and aggregation services are included

    July 2007    |    $1995    |    View Details >>

  • Streaming Media Advertising 2003 - 2008: Spending Analysis by Avail, Brand and Content Category

    A comprehensive, data-driven research report that rates, prices and quantifies pre roll video avails, in stream video, audio gateways, audio in stream, embedded ad units, in game video impressions, CPC and more by year.

    June 2007    |    $2250    |    View Details >>

  • User Generated Video Advertising 2007: Metadata Metrics and Viral CPM Valuations

    This report also analyzes specific content categories inside each site, determines average performance of videos per category based on relevant metadata, and converts those metrics into a CPM. The area between average videos and top performing videos yields a viral CPM opportunity for advertisers.

    December 2006    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • Pre-roll video avails 2001 - 2006: A site, network and aggregated brand analysis

    The era of the broadband media brand is still in its early stages, but it is real, embraced by some of the largest rights holders in the world who are convinced broadband advertising will drive the business toward profitability. Enter the emergence of the pre roll ad unit, which got off to a slow start way back in 2001, but ...

    July 2006    |    $1895    |    View Details >>

  • CDN Streaming Media Market Share Report

    This concise, data-driven report pegs the commercial market value of streaming entertainment-based audio and video content distribution at between $50 and $90 million dollars in 2002. Market pricing models examined in detail. Includes extensive database listings of bandwidth service providers and respective content contracts, yielding market share in terms of video streams served or aggregate tuning hours delivered.

    January 2003    |    $1495    |    View Details >>

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