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2017 Animal Health Market Consolidation: Who will not survive

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  • 83 Pages
  • November 2017
  • Diagnostic and Biotech

- Will the industry consolidate, decentralize, or undergo a bimodal transformation?

- How will the current trends affect the major market segments?

- Which companies will enter the market and which will not survive?

This new 83-page report from VPGMarketResearch analyzes strategies, marketing tactics and
technological know-how of the worlds leading animal health companies, including:

  • Five-year forecasts for:

    - Major market segments

    - Key geographic regions

    Company Profiles

    Bayer Animal Health

    - Considering selling animal health division
    - Plans to invest in Kiel
    - Rising demand for collars
    - Focusing on parasiticides and anti-infectives
    - Strong position in parasiticides
    - Animal health R&D
    - Worldwide marketing network
    - Emerging markets
    - Re-registering existing products
    - Present structure
    - Diverse businesses
    - Challenged by animal disease outbreaks
    - Europe's premier research organization
    - Animal health R&D
    - Crop science segment
    - Monsanto acquisition
    - Chairman Werner Baumann
    - Supervisory board

    Boehringer Ingelheim

    - Sales and growth
    - Animal health is one of the major pillars
    - Swine vaccine Ingelvac circoflex
    - Merial animal health
    - U.S. animal health market position
    - Promoting Eqvalan line
    - Seeking to reinforce position in livestock market
    - Strategies supported by collaborations
    - Merial R&D programs
    - Collaborative efforts
    - Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS)
    - Decentralized R&D


    - Sales, growth and R&D investment
    - Biomune, Phylaxia and French sites
    - 2016 acquisitions
    - Hatcher automation and in-ovo vaccination
    - India acquisition
    - Brazil--important strategic market
    - Merial swine vaccines acquisition

    Elanco Animal Health

    - Strong technological base
    - Fermentation and chemical synthesis
    - Strong base in antibiotics and anticoccidials
    - Expiration of patents caused restructuring
    - US marketing
    - Lilly Japan
    - Focused marketing strategies
    - Well-established relationship with customers
    - Multi-disciplinary business with diverse product portfolio
    - In the midst of strategic decisions
    - Stepping up efforts to curtail time to market
    - Could divest animal health
    - Changed product mix
    - Strategic collaborations
    - Broadening portfolio of companion animal medicines
    - Hard look at bottom line
    - CEO Dave Ricks

    Merck Animal Health

    - Sales and growth
    - Higher sales of Bravecto
    - Valle acquisition
    - Extensive know-how in animal health
    - Sphereon technology
    - Expanding worldwide poultry business
    - Poultry biological research laboratories
    - Segmented poultry-product line
    - Mitigated generic competition
    - R&D productivity improving
    - Patents, economies of scale, and powerful intellectual base
    - Keytruda key to future

    Phibro Animal Health

    - Sales and growth
    - Extensive portfolio of antibiotics and antibacterials
    - Sales force, sales offices and distribution network
    - Animal health R&D facilities
    - Biotay acquisition


    - Sales and growth
    - Eli Lilly dog parasiticides acquisition
    - Product portfolio
    - Formulation know-how
    - Waltham nutrition products
    - Reorganized European distribution
    - Decentralized approach for food-producing animals
    - Benefitting from new companion animal products
    - Focusing on niche markets
    - Seeking expansion in the U.S.


    - Majority of revenue from production animals
    - Largest market share in the industry
    - Poultry and swine revenue declining
    - Scale allows to use own sales force in emerging markets
    - Management continues cost-cutting efforts
    - Reassessing manufacturing infrastructure
    - CEO Juan Ramon Alaix
    - Market-leading position in emerging markets
    - Leading share in Asia-Pacific, Canada and Latin America
    - Fragmented customer base
    - Leading position in fastest-growing markets

    Contains 83 pages and 6 tables

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