Tobacco Insights 2015 - November

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : Nov-2015 | Pages : 60
Key Findings
- In Canada, in September 2015 the production of cigarettes rose more than 18% over the figure recorded in August, to around 2,000 million pieces. Sales of cigarettes in September increased 2.4% on the previous year.

- In September 2015 (fiscal year 2016), Japan Tobacco reported monthly sales of 9.2 billion pieces - a fall of 2.1% over the previous year, and static compared with the previous month.

- British American Tobacco reported more than a 6% decline in its third-quarter revenue (nine months to the end of September), a result of currency fluctuations and declines in smoking rates. The company sold around 500 billion cigarettes, down 1.8% from the first nine months of 2014.

- TTLC reported sales of approximately NT$75,500 million in 2014, more than 3% below 2013 levels. This represents a reversal of the upward trend which emerged in 2011.

“Tobacco Insights”, is a monthly report by Canadean which provides extensive and highly detailed information on the changing production and consumption patterns affected by the recent developments related to new laws and regulations globally.

What else does this report offer?

- Consumption data based upon a unique combination of industry research, fieldwork, market sizing work and our in-house expertise in the industry in order to offer data about the trends and dynamics affecting the Tobacco industry.

- Recent activities of the manufacturers operating in the industry.

- Detailed company profiles, highlighting key focus product sectors with the key features and developments, segmentation, per capita trends and the brands.

Reasons To Buy
- Evaluate important changes in consumer behavior to identify profitable markets and areas for product innovation.

- Analyse the current and forecast market position of the brands to identify the best opportunities to exploit.

- A summary of the latest news in the Tobacco industry, providing a single-source solution to understand how the industry is changing, and what this means for brands and companies.
Table Of Contents1. A Global Perspective 
1.1 Cigarette Consumption and Production
1.1.1 Cigarette Consumption Trends, 2004-2014
1.1.2 Cigarette Production Trends, 2003-2013
1.1.3 Regional Cigarette Consumption, 2013
1.1.4 Regional Cigarette Production, 2013
1.1.5 Per Capita Consumption of Cigarettes by Country, 2004-2014
2. Global News
2.1 Global News
2.1.1 Belarus
2.1.2 Canada
2.1.3 China
2.1.4 EU
2.1.5 Finland
2.1.6 France
2.1.7 Germany
2.1.8 India
2.1.9 Indonesia
2.1.10 International
2.1.11 Iran
2.1.12 Ireland
2.1.13 Italy
2.1.14 Japan
2.1.15 Kyrgyzstan
2.1.16 Latvia
2.1.17 Macau
2.1.18 Malaysia
2.1.19 Philippines
2.1.20 Russia
2.1.21 Saudi Arabia
2.1.22 Spain
2.1.23 South Korea
2.1.24 Turkmenistan
2.1.25 United Kingdom
2.1.26 United States
2.1.27 Ukraine
3. Company Analysis
3.1 Taiwan Tobacco and Liquor Corporation
3.1.1 Corporate Structure
3.1.2 Financial Highlights
3.1.3 Cigarette Business Review
4. Company News
4.1 Arian Tobacco Industry
4.2 Altria
4.3 Associated Central Africa
4.4 BAT
4.5 Bentley Tobacco
4.6 Booker Group
4.7 Davidoff
4.8 Four Winds
4.9 Heintz van Landewyck
4.10 Imperial Tobacco
4.11 Japan Tobacco International
4.12 KTandG
4.13 Philip Morris International
4.14 Reynolds American
4.15 Snoke GmbH and Co KG
4.16 Sparkle Roll
4.17 Swedish Match
4.18 Universal Corporation
4.19 Vapor Corp
5. Global Population Trends
6. Appendix
6.1 About Canadean
6.2 DisclaimerList Of TablesTable 1: Global Cigarette Consumption, pieces (million), 2004-2014
Table 2: Global Cigarette Production, pieces (million), 2003-2013
Table 3: Regional Cigarette Consumption, 2013
Table 4: Regional Cigarette Production, 2013
Table 5: Per Capita Consumption of Cigarettes by Country, pieces, 2004-2014
Table 6: Canada: Monthly Cigarette Production and Sales, 2010-2015
Table 7: France: Monthly Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2009-2015
Table 8: Japan: JT Monthly Cigarette Sales, Fiscal 2013-2016
Table 9: Spain: Monthly Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2009-2015
Table 10: Spain: Monthly Brand Shares, September, 2014 and2015
Table 11: UK: Tobacco Quantities Released for Consumption, 2009-2015
Table 12: USA: Monthly Tobacco Consumption and Output Trends, 2014 and 2015
Table 13: TTLC: Income Statement, 2012 - 2014
Table 14: TTLC: Global Cigarette Sales and Share Development, 2000-2014
Table 15: Taiwan: Market Size, Company Share and Sales Volume, 2000-2014
Table 16: TTLC: Brand Family Shares, 2002-2014
Table 17: TTLC: International Cigarette Sales, 2000-2014
Table 18: Smokeable Products: Revenues and OCI (US$ million)
Table 19: Smokeable Products: Shipment Volume (sticks, million)
Table 20: Smokeable Products: Revenues and OCI (US$ million)
Table 21: Smokeless Products: Retail Share (%)
Table 22: Segmental analysis of the volume of subsidiaries (cigarette and cigarette equivalents, billion)
Table 23: Summary of consolidated income statement (SKr Million)
Table 24: Swedish Match shipment volumes
Table 25: Global Population Trends, 2000-2014List Of FiguresFigure 1: Imports as % of Consumption, 2013
Figure 2: Exports as % of Production, 2013
Figure 3: TTLC, Organisation Chart, 2013
Publisher Name : Canadean


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