The Future of Packaging for Brand Impact and Shelf Presence

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : March-2015 | Pages : 130
In a world of ever-more fragmented advertising media and retail outlets, packaging has become a brand's most important consumer touchpoint for a food, drink or personal care product. Packaging is the component of the marketing mix that has the most intimate connection with consumers, because they touch it, squeeze it, carry it and drink from it.

- Understand how to differentiate a brand from competitors to influence brand switching.

- Identify ways to communicate something about the nature of the product and its benefits.

- Use case studies of successful innovations, which explain how and why innovation led to increased sales.

- Consider major technologies expected to influence the future of packaging design.

- Look to other categories for packaging design ideas that, while common in that category, will stand out in yours.

Reasons To Buy
- Where are the biggest opportunities for FMCG manufacturers to seize and adapt recent innovations in packaging for brand impact and shelf presence?

- What can manufacturers do to attract consumer attention?

- How can a package be made to translate a brand's key attributes or ingredients?

- What are some of the most interesting, game-changing examples of FMCG packaging?

- What kind of return-on-investment can such packaging innovation bring?

Key Highlights
As technology brings the cost down, and consumers become familiar with its advantages, aluminum is poised to replace glass as the favored material for beer bottles; for beverages where less expensive packaging options are standard, aluminum bottles are increasingly popular as a premium or promotional option.

Translating a brand's key attributes or ingredients directly into the package shape can not only make a brand stand out on the shelf, but also help tell the brand story at a glance and enhance the brand usage experience, as in the case of Mio liquid water enhancer and Holika Holika aloe vera products.

Shape is one of the most powerful attributes in packaging design. Neuroscience researchers have shown how a particular package shape, texture or color may actually influence a consumer's perception of the product's feel, flavor or scent.
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