Stratistics MRC Pvt Ltd is a market research firm serving the fortune 500 companies across the world with market intelligence. We provide market research reports in more than 10 industry verticals such as Agriculture, Healthcare, Electronics & Semiconductors, Energy & Power, Food & Beverages, Chemicals, Telecom & IT, Aerospace, Advanced Materials, and Packaging. We offer syndicate research reports, customized research reports and consulting services. We offer consulting services to gain the benefit of competitive landscaping and investment opportunities. We provide our clients with customized research requirements to meet their specific requirements. Our research services helps foster quick decision making and in overcoming the market challenges.
Stratistics MRC also identifies new growth opportunities to help you successfully establish and expand your business needs. Our consultants work closely with our research analysts to understand your specific business needs, and provide strategic recommendations. Our team of consultants help you to formulate a confident business strategy by providing competitive advantage.
Our research services cover the following:

  • Market Size & Segmentation
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Strategic Benchmarking of the players
  • Competitive Landscaping
  • Customer Intelligence
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