Source Market Insights; Belgium

Category : Tourism and Lifestyle  | Published Date : Jul-2015 | Pages : 19
Source Market Insights: Belgium provides an overview of the Belgian outbound market, analyzing market data and providing insights. This report provides a better understanding of the number of Belgian tourists going abroad, their spending habits, and the main destination markets

Key Findings
- The Belgian outbound market recorded 5.2% growth in 2014, increasing from 10.7 million trips in 2013 to 11.1 million trips. Outbound trips are important to Belgians, even in tough economic times. With only 2.7 million domestic trips made in 2014, Belgians prefer outbound journeys over domestic trips. As a result, outbound expenditure has been growing in the last few years

- Ryanair opened its second Belgian base at Brussels Zaventem airport in 2014 and is also the market leader in Belgium. Meanwhile, Antwerp Airport and Oostende Airport (both based in Flanders) have both witnessed fast growth in terms of passengers by opening up new routes

- Close to 31% of all outbound trips were to France in 2014, which remains by far the most popular holiday destination for Belgians. The Netherlands as an outbound destination has also seen rapid growth in the last few years, although the average Belgian tourist only spent 2.6 nights in the Netherlands in 2013

The report provides detailed market analysis, information, and insights, including: 

- Historic and forecast tourist volumes covering the entire Belgian outbound tourism sector from 2010 to 2019

- Detailed analysis of the mode of transport preferred for outbound trips including air, water, land, and rail

- Detailed analysis of the market trends in the Belgian outbound tourism sector

Reasons To Buy
- Make strategic business decisions using historic and forecast market data related to the Belgian outbound tourism sector

- Understand the key market trends and growth opportunities in the Belgian outbound tourism sector, along with key trends and growth opportunities
Table Of ContentsSnapshot
Outbound Trips by Purpose
Belgians highly prefer outbound journeys over domestic trips
Of Belgians, 75% go overseas at least once a year on holiday
Outbound Spending
Outbound spending continues to grow with the rise in trips
Belgium's spend per trip declined in 2013 due to the fall in disposable income
Mode of Transport
Land is the prime mode of transport as most outbound trips are to neighboring countries
Ryanair opens second Belgian base while new routes at Flemish airports start showing results
Main Destination Markets
Destination Focus; France
France continues to be the leading destination for outbound travel
Holiday is the main purpose of travel
Destination Focus; Netherlands
Belgian tourists flock to the Netherlands for a short holiday break
Belgians prefer provinces based on proximity
Visa Policies
Market DataList Of TablesTable 1 Key Statistics, 2014
Table 2 Main reasons for going on holiday, 2014
Table 3: Outbound trips (in 000s)
Table 4: Key factors for Belgians to visit Vosges, 2014
Table 5: International departures by region (in 000's), 2010-2019
Table 6: International departures by purpose of visit (in 000's), 2010-2019
Table 7: International departures by country (in 000's), 2010-2019
Table 8: Overnight stays (in millions), 2010-2019
Table 9: International departures by mode of transport (in 000's), 2010-2019
Table 10: Average length per outbound trip ( number of nights spent), 2010-2019
Table 11: Total outbound tourism expenditure by category (in EUR millions), 2010-2019
Table 12: Total outbound tourism expenditure by category (in US$ millions), 2010-2019
Table 13: Average outbound expenditure per resident by category (in EUR), 2010-2019
Table 14: Average outbound expenditure per resident by category (in US$), 2010-2019List Of FiguresFigure 1: Outbound trips, by purpose of visit, (in 000s)
Figure 2: Outbound expenditure (in US$ million)
Figure 3: Average outbound spending per resident
Figure 4: Outbound trips by mode of transport (in 000s)
Figure 5: Company market share by passengers carried, 2014
Figure 6: Outbound trips to France
Figure 7: Outbound trips to Netherlands
Figure 8: Most visited provinces in the Netherlands
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