Smart Commercial Photography Drones: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

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WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Smart Commercial Photography Drones: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. Next generation Smart photography drones leverage better technology. They support high quality video camera work in every industry. They support personal photography and video capture. The drone technology is evolving: better stability, better reliability, better navigation, softer landings, longer flights, better ability to carry different payloads. Affordable, useful camera drones are available. The study has 434 pages and 182 tables and figures.

Photography drones are smart because they have sensors and software that permits automated response to cameras or sensor input. Smart drones are evolving the ability to interconnect to smart phones, but drones are smart even without smart phone guidance systems. Smart commercial drones connect seamlessly and securely to the Internet and to each other.

Smart commercial drones have a computer inside. They are easy to fly, maneuverable remotely, contain sensor logic. Soon all smart drones will have computer driven collision avoidance technology making the flying more reliable. Remote operation occurs in the context of a workflow and sensors. Cameras are improving dramatically to permit management of video and picture taking that is realistic and detailed.

Vendors continue to improve the capabilities of these drone aircraft. Their ability to support the commercial endeavors is increasing. Unmanned aircraft have fundamentally changed the accuracy of video photography from the air. Drones can provide more information at less cost than a human inspection team can. Drones provide video that is more exact than what can be gathered in any other manner. Drones provide more compelling video for entertainment than can be done at a reasonable cost.

Photography drone smart sensors and software permit automated response to camera or sensor input. Smart photography drones are evolving the ability to interconnect to smart phones, but drones are smart even without smart phone guidance systems. Smart photography drones connect seamlessly to the Internet and to each other. Connections are secure.

Smart commercial drones have a computer inside. They are easy to fly, maneuverable remotely, contain sensor logic. Soon all smart drones will have computer driven collision avoidance technology. Remote operation occurs in the context of a workflow and sensors. Cameras are improving dramatically to permit management of video and picture taking that is realistic and detailed.

Drones achieve doing work as they are remotely controlled.

Smart commercial drones connect seamlessly and securely to the Internet and to each other. Smart commercial drone aerial vehicle (UAV) technology has reached a level of maturity that has put these systems at the forefront of aerospace manufacturing. Procurement around the world is adapting to drone availability.

Use cases are evolving rapidly for video, specialized video, targeted video, and personal photography. The emergence of stable flight platforms that provide a stable photography image and collision avoidance systems makes market maturity a certainty. Use in the global war on terrorism has demonstrated unique usefulness for military intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and communications relay achieving 3 million hours of operation. Small commercial drones are being used to shoot video from the air, proving the viability of drone camera systems.

The relatively low-cost of smart commercial drones make them work for civilian applications. Drone aircraft are sophisticated and flexible. They take off, fly and land autonomously managed by a remote controller. They enable engineers to push the envelope of normal flight. Reconnaissance drones can fly for days continuously. Remote, ground-based pilots can work in shifts.

Designers work to simplify the aircraft’s configuration, making systems that are adaptable to different payloads on different days. Drones can be redesigned and tested at reduced risk than with development of manned aircraft. Drones allow configurations that would be impossible or impractical for human occupation. Drones are becoming easier to control.

Drone unmanned aircraft systems are achieving a level of relatively early maturity in this manner, having parallel markets. Fleets of unmanned aircraft systems have begun to evolve. The U.S. Army has achieved four million flight hours for its unmanned aircraft systems fleet. Unmanned aerial systems have good handling characteristics. Drone UAS units are designed to support taking remarkable video using stable platforms. Other military drones perform high-speed, long-endurance, covert, multi-mission intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and precision-strike missions over land or sea.

According to Susan Eustis, leader of the team that prepared the study, Quantities of fielded smart Photography drone systems of every size and description are set to increase. Every photo opportunity can be enhanced vis use of a smart drone. Drones will connect to smart phones. Drones can fly indoors. Smart commercial drones units feature a variety of camera attachments, sensors, and internal loads. Large 2,000 pound payloads are possible, campus security is set to emerge as a significant sector. Electro-optical/Infrared (EO/IR) sensor, and an all-weather synthetic aperture radar indicators are maximizing long loiter capabilities and increasing the usefulness of smart commercial drones.

Smart commercial drones drone markets at $1.6 billion in 2014 are anticipated to reach $8.5 billion by 2021. This forecast number is arrived at by close examination of all the segment growth trajectories. Photography, real estate, campus security, filmmaking, and Videography are all being implemented in the context of drone photography. Each of these will grow at a different pace, depending on the use case effectiveness of the smart commercial photography drones. Commercial grade consumer video drones represent the largest revenue segment in 2015 and remain the biggest throughout the forecast period.

WinterGreen Research is an independent research organization funded by the sale of market research studies all over the world and by the implementation of ROI models that are used to calculate the total cost of ownership of equipment, services, and software. The company has 35 distributors worldwide, including Global Information Info Shop, Market, Research and Markets, Bloomberg,, and Thompson Financial. WinterGreen Research is positioned to help customers facing challenges that define the modern enterprises. The increasingly global nature of science, technology and engineering is a reflection of the implementation of the globally integrated enterprise. Customers trust wintergreen research to work alongside them to ensure the success of the participation in a particular market segment.

WinterGreen Research supports various market segment programs; provides trusted technical services to the marketing departments. It carries out accurate market share and forecast analysis services for a range of commercial and government customers globally. These are all vital market research support solutions requiring trust and integrity.

1.1 Smart Photography Commercial Drones 47
1.1.1 Smart Photography Drones Description 47
1.2 Drone Enhanced Capability and Payloads 50
1.2.1 Photography Drones Resilience 51
1.2.2 Small and Micro-Drones 51
1.2.3 Drone Aerial Systems Perimeter Surveillance 52
1.3 Georeferenced Imagery 52
1.3.1 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Traffic Monitoring 53
1.3.2 Mapping 54
1.3.3 Homeland Security 55
1.3.4 Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) for Scientific Research 57
1.4 Globalization and Technology 58
1.4.1 Proliferation of Conventional Drone Technologies 59
1.4.2 Drones General Roles 59
1.5 Border Patrol: 60
1.6 Development Of Lighter Yet More Powerful Power Sources For Photography


2.1 Smart Commercial Drone Market Driving Forces 62
2.1.1 Photography Drone Challenges 69
2.1.2 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Systems 70
2.1.3 Smart Drone Roads In The Sky 70
2.2 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Market Shares 71
2.2.1 DJI Phantom 74
2.2.2 Parrot AR.Drone $299, Flies Off a Roof 75
2.2.3 Ascending Technologies AscTec Firefly 76
2.2.4 Ascending Technologies Professional Line 77
2.2.5 AscTec For Professional Drone Users: 77
2.2.6 Insitu 78
2.2.7 Boeing Insitu 78
2.2.8 BP and AeroVironment Launch FAA-Approved, Commercial Unmanned
Aircraft Operations 79
2.2.9 AeroVironment’s Extensive Operational Track Record 81
2.2.10 Draganflyer X4 UAV 81
2.2.11 DRS Unmanned Technologies Ground Control Stations 82
2.2.12 3DR Intel Consumer Drones 82
2.3 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Market Forecasts 83
2.3.1 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Market Total Forecasts 84
2.3.1 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Market Total Unit Forecasts 87
2.3.2 Smart Commercial Drone: Photography / Videography Systems
Forecasts 92
2.3.3 Smart Commercial Drone Aerial Systems By Sector, 93
2.3.4 Smart Retail Consumer Photography Drone Unmanned Aerial Systems
2.3.5 Smart Real Estate Photography Drone Segment 96
2.3.1 Smart Campus Security Photography Drone Segment 97
2.3.1 Smart Film Making / Videography Photography Drone Segment 98
2.3.2 Photography and Videography Smart Commercial Drone Aerial
Systems 99
2.3.3 Photography and Videography Smart Commercial Drone Aerial Systems
(UAS) Market Shares 99
2.3.4 Smart Commercial Drone Film / Photo / Video 101
2.4 Photography Drone Prices 103
2.4.1 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadcopter Elite Edition 106
2.4.2 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with 14 Megapixel Flight Camera
(Blue) 107
2.4.3 Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Quadcopter Elite Edition (Sand) 107
2.4.4 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Skycontroller Bundle (Red) 108
2.4.5 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with 14 Megapixel Flight Camera
(Red) 108
2.4.6 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Skycontroller Bundle (Blue) 109
2.4.7 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Skycontroller and Soft Case
Bundle (Red) 109
2.4.8 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Backpack Bundle (Blue) 110
2.4.9 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Backpack Bundle (Red) 110
2.4.10 Parrot BeBop Drone Quadcopter with Hard Case Bundle (Blue) 111
2.5 Smart Commercial Photography Drone Regional Market Analysis 112
2.5.1 Smart Drone Commercial (UAV) Industry Regional Summary 113
2.5.2 U.S Accounts for 73 Percent Of The Worldwide Research,
Development, Test, And Evaluation (RDT&E) Spending On Smart Drone UAV
Technology 114
2.5.3 U.S. State Department Drone Export Guidelines 115
2.5.4 Canada 116
2.5.5 UK Trade In Drones 116
2.5.6 Drones for the Netherlands 117
2.5.7 Japan 117
2.5.8 Sony Drone Services 120
2.5.9 Japanese Drone Works Inside The Nuclear Power Plant 122
2.5.10 China 124
2.5.11 Chinese Smog-Fighting Drones That Spray Chemicals To Capture Air
Pollution 124
2.5.12 China Desires Exports, Steps Up Research In Military Drones 126
2.5.13 Singapore 126
2.5.14 Brazil 127
2.5.15 Morocco 127
2.5.16 India 128


3.1 DJI 129
3.1.1 DJI Phantom 3 Professional & Advanced 129
3.1.2 DJI Phantom 132
3.1.3 DJI Inspire 1 134
3.1.4 DJI Ronin 135
3.1.5 DJI Ronin Major Updates: 135
3.1.6 DJI Industries Phantom 3 Drone 144
3.1.7 DJI Industries Phantom 3 Drone Live HD View 145
3.1.8 DJI Industries Phantom 3 Drone Complete Control 146
3.1.9 DJI Industries Phantom Intelligent Battery 148
3.1.10 DJI Industries Inspire Drone 150
3.1.11 DJI Industries Ronin-M 152
3.1.12 DJI Industries Spreading Wings S1000+ 155
3.1.13 DJI Industries Zenmuse Z15-A7 157
3.1.14 Flying Platforms 159
3.1.15 DJI Flight Controllers 161
3.1.16 DJI Camera Gimbals 163
3.1.17 HD Video Downlink 166
3.1.18 Ground Stations 166
3.1.19 DJI Guidance 168
3.2 Parrot AR Drone 2.0 168
3.2.1 Parrot S.A. Drone 170
3.2.2 Parrot Bebop Drone Stability 171
3.2.3 Parrot AR.Drone $299, Flies Off a Roof 176
3.3 GoPro 177
3.3.1 GoPro Recorded Video Can Be Stitched Together Using Kolor 177
3.4 3D Robotics 179
3.5 Draganfly Innovations Inc. 181
3.5.1 Draganfly Draganflyer X4-P 181
3.5.2 Draganfly Handheld Ground Control System 183
3.5.3 Draganflyer Vision Based System (VBS) 183
3.5.4 Draganflyer Guardian 185
3.5.5 Draganfly X4 187
3.5.6 Draganflyer X6 192
3.5.7 Draganflyer Aerial Photography & Video Applications 194
3.5.8 Draganflyer Real Estate Applications 195
3.5.9 Draganflyer Law Enforcement Applications 196
3.5.10 Draganflyer X8 199
3.6 Integrated Dynamics 202
3.6.1 Integrated Dynamics Rover 202
3.6.2 Integrated Dynamics Explorer 204
3.6.3 Integrated Dynamics Skycam 206
3.6.4 Integrated Dynamics Pride 208
3.6.5 Integrated Dynamics Spirit 210
3.6.6 Integrated Dynamics Border Eagle MK - II 213
3.6.7 Integrated Dynamics Hornet 214
3.6.8 Integrated Dynamics HAWK MK - V 215
3.6.9 Integrated Dynamics VISION UAV systems 216
3.6.10 Integrated Dynamics VISION MK I 217
3.6.11 Integrated Dynamics Vision M K - I I 218
3.6.12 Integrated Dynamics S/Integrated Dynamics Integrated Dynamics M K
- I 219
3.6.13 Integrated Dynamics Vector 220
3.6.14 Integrated Dynamics Tornado 221
3.6.15 Integrated Dynamics Nishan MK - II 221
3.6.16 Integrated Dynamics Nishan TJ - 1000 222
3.7 Northrop Grumman / Scaled Composites 223
3.7.1 Northrop Grumman Super Bat with Piccolo II Autopilot and TASE
Gimbal 223
3.7.2 Northrop Grumman M324 UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) 225
3.8 Schiebel Camcopter S-100 226
3.8.1 Schiebel Camcopter Target Markets: 227
3.9 TRNDlabs SKEYE Nano Drone 228
3.10 Prox Dynamics PD-100 Black Hornet PRS 230
3.10.1 Prox Dynamics AS 234
3.11 Ascending Technologies 235
3.11.1 Ascending Technologies Professional Line 235
3.11.2 AscTec For Professional Drone Users: 235
3.11.3 AscTec Compliance 237
3.11.4 Ascending Technologies For Professional UAV 238
3.11.5 AscTec Falcon 8 + InspectionPRO 240
3.11.6 AscTec Falcon 8 + VideoEXPERT 243
3.11.7 AscTec Firefly 243
3.11.8 Technical Data - AscTec Firefly 243
3.12 Danish Aviation Systems 245
3.13 AeroVironment RQ-20A Puma AE 247
3.14 Textron 249
3.14.1 Textron Shadow M2 249
3.15 Secom Security Drone Follows, Photographs Intruders 251
3.15.1 Japanese Companies Developing Drone Security Solutions 255
3.15.2 Secom License Plates Detected 255
3.15.3 Secom Robot X 255
3.15.4 Secom Tracks Unauthorized Vehicles Entering Large Commercial
Facilities 257
3.16 Alsok 257
3.16.1 Alsok Drone Detectors 258
3.16.2 Alsok Drone Service To Monitor Large-Scale Solar Power Plants 258
3.17 XAircraft 261
3.18 Walkera QR X900 263
3.18.1 Walkera Runner 250 Advance 268
3.18.2 Walkera Voyager 3 272
3.19 3D Robotics Iris+ 275


4.1 Learning to Fly a Hobby or Commercial Drone 277
4.1.1 US FAA Launches Drone Safety Campaign 278
4.2 UAS Sense and Avoid Evolution Avionics Approach 279
4.3 Integrated Dynamics Flight Telecommand & Control Systems 287
4.3.1 AP 2000 288
4.3.2 AP 5000 288
4.3.3 IFCS-6000 (Integrated Autonomous Flight Control System) 288
4.3.4 IFCS-7000 (Integrated Autonomous Flight Control System) 289
4.3.5 Portable Telecommand And Control System (P.T.C.S.) 291
4.4 Improved GPS Operations 291
4.5 Integrated Radio Guidance Transmitter (IRGX) 292
4.5.1 Portable Telecommand And Control System (P.T.C.S.) 293
4.6 IRGX (Integrated Radio Guidance Transmitter) 293
4.6.1 Ground Control Stations 294
4.6.2 GCS 1200 294
4.6.3 GCS 2000 295
4.7 Antenna Tracking Systems 295
4.8 ATPS 1200 296
4.8.1 ATPS 2000 297
4.8.2 Gyro Stabilized Payloads 298
4.8.3 GSP 100 299
4.8.4 GSP 900 300
4.8.5 GSP 1200 301
4.9 Civilian UAV’s - Rover Systemstm 301
4.10 CPI-406 Deployable Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) 302
4.10.1 Deployable Flight Incident Recorder Set (DFIRS) 303
4.10.2 Airborne Separation Video System (ASVS) 303
4.10.3 Airborne Separation Video System - Remote Sensor (ASVS - RS) 303
4.10.4 Airborne Tactical Server (ATS) 304
4.11 Cloud Computing and Multilayer Security 305
4.12 Aurora Very High-Altitude Propulsion System (VHAPS) 306
4.13 Danish Aviation Systems’ 307
4.14 Draganflyer X4 Applications 308
4.14.1 Draganflyer X4 Large Project Management 309
4.14.2 Draganflyer Remote Supervision and Investigation of Equipment 310
4.14.3 Draganflyer Remote Supervision and Investigation of Agricultural Land
and Equipment 313
4.14.4 Draganflyer Advanced RC Flight Research 315
4.14.5 Aerial Archeology 316
4.14.6 Environmental Assessment 318
4.14.7 The Draganflyer X4 is Fun to Fly 320
4.15 Drones Protect US Commerce and US Civilian Safety 324


5.1 3D Robotics 326
5.1.1 The Vision 326
5.1.2 3DR Intel Consumer Drones 327
5.1.3 3DR Series C Round of V.C. Funding Led By Qualcomm 327
5.1.4 3D Robotics Solo Intelligent Technology System 327
5.2 AeroVironment 329
5.2.1 AeroVironment Financial Results For Its Third Quarter Ended January
31, 2015 333
5.3 Alsok 334
5.4 Ascending Technologies AscTec Firefly 338
5.4.1 Drone: Asctec Firefly With Intel Realsense 338
5.4.2 Ascending Technologies and Intel Collaboration To Develop Drone
Collision Avoidance Technology 339
5.4.3 Ascending Technologies Asctec Firefly / Intel RealSense Camera 340
5.4.4 Intel Realsense Cameras And Ascending Technologies’ Asctec Trinity
5.4.5 AscTec Falcon 8 342
5.4.6 Topcon Distribution Partnership With Ascending Technologies 342
5.5 Chiyoda Uses Drones for Managing The Materials Used To Construct Huge
Oil And Gas Plants 343
5.6 Danish Aviation Systems 343
5.7 DJI 344
5.8 Draganflyer 346
5.8.1 DraganBot 347
5.8.2 Draganflyer ABEX Awards 348
5.9 GoPro 349
5.9.1 GoPro Second Quarter 2015 Highlights 351
5.9.2 GoPro Opular Mount 352
5.9.3 GoPro Revenue Surges 54% As It Gains Popularity Abroad 353
5.9.4 GoPro Acquires Kolor, A Virtual Reality Company 354
5.10 Integrated Dynamics 354
5.11 Parrot/senseFly 356
5.29.1 Parrot Group / senseFly 357
5.29.2 Parrot Group senseFly CTI Certified 357
5.11.1 Parrot Drone First Quarter Sales For 2015 Up 356 Percent 358
5.12 Schiebel 360
5.13 Secom 361
5.13.1 Japanese Security Company To Offer Private Security Drones 361
5.14 Textron 362
5.15 TRNDlabs 365
5.16 XAircraft 366
5.17 Walkera 367
5.18 Drone Market Participants WorldWide 368
5.45.1 Military UAV Manufacturers 395
5.45.2 Top Drone Products 413
5.45.3 FAA Approved Drone Projects 414
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