Six Innovation Opportunities in Soft Drinks : Routes for innovation in mainstream carbonates, flavored water, nutraceutical and fruit drinks, and concentrates

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : Sept-2015 | Pages : 23
There is a growing trend in the soft drinks market towards "natural" beverages, away from hyper-sweet refreshment, and towards more tailored products, both in terms of functionality and occasion. Using Canadeans most up-to-date proprietary research, this report analyzes six nascent trends that have the potential to revolutionize the soft drinks market, and align with the changing consumer mindset.

Key Findings
The convergence of the movement towards herbal infusions and the wider savory cocktail trend is pushing savory flavor varietals onto the market.

With an overarching negative view on the soft drinks industry, players are working to integrate more healthful and natural solutions into their portfolios.

The dangers of micronutrient deficiencies (e.g. low iron, iodine, zinc, vitamin A, etc.) are heightened before, during, and after pregnancy. This combined with the convenience and inherent hydrating benefits of the beverage format creates a compelling point of investment.

With a convergence of market interests driving several nuanced trends, there is room for significant investment to push these six trends into the mainstream soft drinks market.

Six Innovation Opportunities in Soft Drinks outlines six opportunities for soft drinks manufacturers to invest in, exploring innovation in flavor, functionality, and consumption occasion.

Your key questions answered:

How do I play my part in revitalizing the global soft drinks market?

What are the opportunities for a beverage producer, and which consumer segments can I target?

Reasons To Buy
Use Canadeans insightful analysis to translate organic, consumer-driven trends into successful soft drinks launches.

Compare the different drivers of individual and converging soft drinks trends to better understand the consumer mindset.

See first-movers in each of these nascent opportunities, and learn from key innovations.
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