Secure and adaptable borders: Organisational profile for the Home Office

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This report provides a deep dive organisational profile of the Home Office for the ICT public sector supplier market. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector clients, and those considering this market for the first time.
Kable covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
Delivering a range of domestic security functions, but without a single system integrator has meant the Home Office has historically struggled with interoperable ICT. With legacy contracts coming to an end or being re-negotiated, now is a key time for vendors of re-usable, secure ICT to win business at the department. In 2013–14, the Home Office departmental family will spend £240m on ICT products and services, accounting for 16% of total Whitehall expenditure on ICT. The Home Office offers a unique opportunity for suppliers of secure ICT products and services, particularly those with proven and adaptable products in border management and policing, to enter both the Whitehall and police markets. The department is moving to a common secure platform aiming to establish an adaptable, multi-supplier, multicontract service towers model. As legacy prime contracts, such as Sirius with Fujitsu, come to an end, the department will open up to suppliers. While commodity ICT such as desktop and networks will be sourced from pan-government frameworks, the department has a need for secure applications both to better manage immigration processes and to provide cutting-edge software supporting specialist functions.
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• Gain insight into the UK central government marketplace. • Gain insight into the Home Office ICT strategy. • Gain insight into the Home Office ICT future opportunities and challenges. • Gain insight into the Home Office ICT key suppliers and contracts • Gain insight into the Home Office expenditure on ICT. • Gain insight into UK central government ICT trends. • Gain insight into the Home Offfice structure.
Table of Contents1 Executive summary
2 Home Office
2.1 Delivery organisations
2.2 External aims
2.2.1 Empower the public to hold the police to account for their role in cutting crime
2.2.2 Free up the police to fight crime more effectively and efficiently
2.2.3 Create a more integrated Criminal Justice System
2.2.4 Better immigration management
2.2.5 Protect people’s freedoms and civil liberties
2.2.6 Protect our citizens from terrorism
2.3 Internal challenges
2.3.1 Better management of UK immigration
2.3.2 Departmental reform
2.3.3 Flexible and adaptable UK policing
2.4 Departmental staffing levels
2.5 Departmental expenditure
3 Departmental ICT
3.1 Home Office ICT strategy
3.2 Future opportunities and challenges
3.2.1 ICT needs for security and policing
3.2.2 Border and identity management
3.3 Key suppliers and contracts
3.3.1 Independent Police Complaints Commission
3.3.2 Disclosure and Barring Service
3.3.3 Equality and Human Rights Commission
3.3.4 Home Office Corporate services Line-of-business services
3.3.5 HM Passport Office
3.3.6 Security Industry Authority
3.3.7 Serious Organised Crime Agency
3.4 Expenditure on ICT
3.4.1 Hardware
3.4.2 Software
3.4.3 Services
3.4.4 Communications
3.4.5 ICT staff
4 Home Office agencies and non-departmental public bodies
4.1 Executive agencies
4.2 Executive non-departmental public bodies
4.3 Advisory non-departmental public bodies
4.4 Tribunal non-departmental public bodies
4.5 Other List Of TablesNAList Of FiguresFigure 1: Departmental structure
Figure 2: Staff across the Home Office and wider departmental family, March 2013
Figure 3: Home Office departmental family resource expenditure and financing, 2011–12
Figure 4: Total expenditure on ICT by technology within the Home Office family, 2012–13 to 2016–17 (£m)
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