Private Label Personal Care: Does the shift in consumers shopping habits in developed economies mean major brands face a revitalized competition?

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Private Label Personal Care: Does the shift in consumers shopping habits in developed economies mean major brands face a revitalized competition? is a detailed consumer insight report exploring the advancement of private labels in developed economies. The report breaks down 8 key trends that when targeted effectively can further mature private label in the personal care market.

Key Findings
- Private label personal care is a quickly advancing market across developed economies in order to stay ahead of the competition and capitalize on growth opportunities in the market private label manufacturers must ensure they stay ahead of key consumer trends in the market. 

- Consumers are increasingly trusting and interested in private label personal care allowing private labels to take a new stance in the market leaving behind their low cost-low quality image and instead building and shaping their brand.

- Value is a significant factor in many purchases across developed economies with recessionary spending habits remaining rife private label manufacturers must use this search for value to their advantage offering both competitive prices and quality simultaneously to meet consumer demands and secure repeat custom.

- Less developed target markets in personal care such as male grooming and aging populations present opportunities for private labels to become the preferred choice ahead of brands. In such instances effectively meeting the demands of men and older consumers will see that private labels secure a foothold in the market and the opportunity to become market leaders in these fields. 

- How consumers shop and the marketing efforts that influence them are quickly evolving. Many consumers enjoy the one-stop-shop element of hypermarkets such a scenario grants opportunity for private label manufacturers to really showcase their products alongside brands. 

- The internet is having a huge influence on the way consumers shop with people increasingly shopping and researching online. Online sales platforms as well as bloggers will continue to influence consumers personal care spending and both provide a tool which private labels must use in their favor.

Private Label Personal Care: Does the shift in consumers shopping habits in developed economies mean major brands face a revitalized competition? highlights key consumer groups that offer both new and ongoing opportunities for private label development. It identifies key trends in the personal care arena and how to effectively position differentiated products to target consumer needs. Important consumption motivations and changes in consumer behavior are analyzed and recommendations for manufacturers and retailers are drawn from this identifying profitable markets and areas for innovation.
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- Analysis of the private label personal care market at current across developed economies including market sizing and private label penetration rates. 

- Analysis of key trends influencing private label personal care consumption patterns and recommendations of how best to target such trends.

- A brand prospective on the changing shape of private label personal care including recommendations of how to counteract rising private label successes; as well as exploring how the trends are also relevant to brands. 

- Introduction of private label maturity model including commentary on how each of the trends progresses private labels across the model to reach the aim of brand building.

- Unique insights into market data and the implications of this to manufacturers and retailers operating in the private label personal care market; for instance how changing shopping habits or an aging population affects the required positioning of many personal care products.

Reasons To Buy
- Consumer analysis and case studies provide insight into the private label personal care market and clear opportunities for new product developments are explored.

- Canadeans unique consumer data developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking quantifies the influence of 20 consumption motivations across the market hence granting a thorough understanding of consumer behavior.

- Canadeans market data and country/category comparisons allow for markets and opportunities to be sized a measure of potential profitability. 

- The recommended actions and analysis throughout the report will allow manufacturers to align their research and development and marketing strategy with the stand out trends influencing consumer behavior.
Table Of ContentsExecutive Summary
Introduction to the report format
Summary of the key steps to successfully target and position private label personal care for growth and brand development
Introduction and summary methodology
Drivers and inhibitors in the private label personal care market
Summary methodology
Country coverage
Canadeans consumer trend framework
Overview of the private label Personal Care market
Identifying established and key growth markets of private label Personal Care
Understanding the key users of private label Personal Care, including age, gender and regional comparisons
Development of private label
Introduction and explanation of the Private label five stage maturity model
Introduction to the 8 steps to help personal care manufacturers to move up the maturity curve
8 steps to grow private label Personal Care
For each step the report explores the current state of the market, how to further private label personal care usage through capitalizing on the trend, and how brands can look to defend against strengthening private label competition
Grow Trust in Private Label
Speak to the Savvy Shopper
Target the Evolution of Male Grooming
Meet the Needs of Aging Populations
Optimize for Shopping Online
Build Service into Hypermarkets and Supermarkets
Provide for the Whole Personal Care Usage Spectrum
Build a Unique Brand with Bloggers
Methodology and appendix
Global survey methodology
Market data methodology
Consumer data methodology
About CanadeanList Of TablesTable 1: Private label personal care category values and CAGRs, 2010, 2013
Table 2: Over and under consumption of private label personal care by age group, 2013
Table 3: Number of times per year men use personal care products in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, 2013List Of FiguresFigure 1: Private label maturity model introduction
Figure 2: Consumer side drivers and inhibitors of private label personal care growth and uptake
Figure 3: The value share (US$) of categories within private label Personal Care
Figure 4: CAGR of the private label Personal Care market, by country, 2010-2013
Figure 5: Private Label as a percentage of the market, by category, 2010 and 2013
Figure 6: Consumption of private label split by age group and category, 2013
Figure 7: Private Label consumption by gender and category, 2013
Figure 8: Consumption of private label split by age group and country, 2013
Figure 9: Private label Personal Care consumption in volume (million units) by gender, 2013
Figure 10: Private label Personal Care consumption in volume (million units) by urban/rural, 2013
Figure 11: Private label Personal Care consumption by leisure hours, 2013
Figure 12: The five stage private label maturity model
Figure 13: The five stage private label maturity model and its impact on national brand market share
Figure 14: The influence of the Trust trend in 2015
Figure 15: Consumers who keep a look-out for new products, by region, 2015
Figure 16: Consumer perceptions of grocery products with heritage, 2015
Figure 17: Influence of the value trend, 2013
Figure 18: Mens satisfaction with their personal appearance, by country, 2015
Figure 19: Respondents who say that a Personal Care products ability to offer maximum results is important to them, 2015
Figure 20: Population of over 65s, 2015-2025
Figure 21: Importance of a known and trusted brand in personal care, UK and US, 2015
Figure 22: Consumers who stated to have a broadband internet connection at their home in 2015
Figure 23: The number of consumers who indicate that they have shopped online for groceries, in 2015
Figure 24: Cosmetics and toiletries sales by retail channel, 2014
Figure 25: Consumer confidence about their ability to spend on non-essentials, 2015
Figure 26: Consumers who indicate that looking their best is important to them, 2015
Figure 27: The number of consumers who agreed that they like to buy personal care products that are reflective of their attitudes and opinions in life, in 2015
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