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According to China Apparel Industry Report, 2013-2016 of Sino Market Insight, China’s apparel market size will reach RMB 1.1 trillion in 2016. 

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In 2012-2013, China’s apparel industry continues the status of adjustment, enterprises focus on destocking, and the production grows at a low speed. In 2012, China’s apparel output was 26.728 billion pcs, up 6.2% year on year, the growth rate declined by 1.94 percentage points. In the first quarter of 2013, China’s apparel output was 5.754 billion pcs, up 1.06% year on year, the growth rate fell by 6.89 percentage points year on year. 


Men’s wear is the fastest growing sector of China’s apparel market, and its share in the overall apparel market capacity increased from 36.6% in 2003 to 47.0% in 2012. In the future, with the rise of the middle class, Chinese men are paying more and more attention to appearance and fashion, and show stronger preference for apparel. The domestic men’s wear market sales are expected to reach RMB408.4 billion in 2016.

1. Macro-economic Environment in China, 2011-2013
1.1 China's GDP
1.2 Industrial Added Value
1.3 Fixed Investment
1.4 Consumption in Stable Growth
1.5 Import & Export
1.6 Price Level
1.7 Macroeconomic Forecast 2012-2013E
2. China Apparel Industry Demand
2.1 Overvall Demand
2.2 Total Sales of Key Department Stores in China
2.3 Apparel Sales Volume by Type
3. China Apparel Industry Supply
3.1 Overall Supply
3.2 Apparel Output by Type
3.3 Output of Leather Shoes and Hats
3.4 Regional Analysis
4. China Apparel Industry Import and Export
4.1 Import
4.2 Export
5. Marekt Segments
5.1 Mens’ Wear
5.1.1 Market Size
5.1.2 Competitive Landscape
5.1.3 Forecast
5.2 Women’s Wear
5.2.1 Market Size
5.2.2 Competitive Landscape
5.2.3 Forecast
5.3 Kids’ Wear
5.3.1 Market Size
5.3.2 Competitive Landscape
5.3.3 Forecast
6. Textile and Apparel Enterprises
6.1 Youngor
6.1.1 Profile
6.1.2 Related Business
6.1.3 Business Review
6.1.4 Channels
6.1.5 Production, Marketing and Cost Analysis
6.1.6 Development strategy
6.2 Septwolves

List of Figures:
China’s CPI YoY, 2008-2013

Apparel Retail Sales and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2011-2013

Total Sales of Apparel Market in China, 2011-2016

Monthly Sales and Trend Chart of Key Large Department Stores in China, 2011-2012

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