Our Favorite Innovations of 2015; Flavor preferences and innovation opportunities

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : Dec-2015 | Pages : 45
For the second time, Canadean has compiled a report of its favorite innovations. Products have been selected and analyzed by Business Development Consultants, Managers, Researchers, and Analysts - all with a wide range of individual specialisms. This unique approach gives an insight into the sheer variety of innovation that is currently reaching the market. Each product is accompanied by the authors take on what has made the product stand out for them this year, whether it is a new market, a game-changing formulation, or a novel marketing method.

Key Findings
- A segmented approach to innovation type allows access to perhaps unconsidered product categories.

- Understand what it takes to stand out from other launches in a year of innovation, and learn from other game-changers.

- Gain a unique insight into the informed personal opinions of FMCG market experts.

Our Favorite Innovations of 2015  collates Canadeans favorite innovations of the year, and explains how they will help change the FMCG industry.

It delivers the critical what?, why?, and so what? analysis to teach you crucial lessons that increase your chances of launching successful products.

Your key questions answered:

- What are the most standout innovations of 2015, both in my sector, and from the wider FMCG space?

- What is next for my category and how can I stay ahead of the competition?

- How can innovations in other markets and sectors influence my decisions in the coming years?

Reasons To Buy
- Now in its second year, the Favorite Innovations series highlights the standout innovations of 2015 across the FMCG space.

- This collaborative report gives you an opportunity to gain a unique insight into the informed personal opinions of FMCG market experts.
Table Of Contents1.Executive Summary
Introducing our favorite innovations
4.New Market
5.Packaging Benefit
8.AppendixList Of TablesList Of Figures
Publisher Name : Canadean


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