Orthopedics Market Segment Forecasts, Supplier Marketing Tactics, Technological Know-How

Category : Medical Devices  | Published Date : Jun-2016 | Pages : 104
This report provides a worldwide strategic overview of the orthopedics market, including forecasts for major geographic regions, market segments and product categories.

In addition, the report presents a concise review of the major U.S. and international trends with potentially significant impact on the orthopedics market during the next five years, including industry consolidation, market globalization, environmental regulations, etc.

The analysis of major market segments, including reconstructive devices, fracture fixation products, arthroscopy, soft tissue repair, spinal implants and instrumentation, bone growth stimulators, power instruments, casting materials, operating room ancillary products and others is provided, as well as a review of the major geographic regions, including U.S., Europe, Japan/Pacific and others.

The company profiles include:

  • The U.S. and international sales force size.
  • Distribution approaches.
  • Major promotional tactics.
  • Internally developed and acquired technologies.
  • Technical expertise in biotechnology, engineering and other pertinent fields.

    Contains 104 pages and 3 tables

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