NHS Construction and Reorganisation: Implications for ICT

Category : ICT Media  | Published Date : Jan-2013 | Pages : 32
The changes described in this report will continue to generate a variety of specific opportunities for ICT suppliers. These vary significantly from trust to trust, but there are common themes, such as the provision of new wireless hardware and mobile computers including tablets that may have been difficult to use in an older building; from software, where a new system may be more attractive than joining two old ones together; from ICT service transition costs such as work on system integration and consultancy; and on communications hardware to facilitate mobile computing.
Kable covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
NHS hospital construction projects often produce significant improvements in the hospital environment, allowing ICT practices that are often impossible within the replaced buildings, such as full use of wireless. However in these austere times funding has become a much more significant issue. There is an increase flavour of financing being undertaken which will create different opportunities for consortia or suppliers. The report considers some of the most significant PFI construction projects with their ICT implications, in order of planned opening date.
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• Gain insight into the UK ICT healthcare market. • Gain insight into the reorganisation of the UK healthcare market and the implications for ICT. • Gain insight into the ICT opportunities within the UK healthcare market.
Table of ContentsContents
1 Summary
2 Summary of ICT opportunities
2.1 Hardware
2.1.1 Software
2.1.2 Services
2.1.3 Communications
3 Construction projects
3.1 Reasons for NHS construction projects
3.2 Impact of construction projects on ICT
3.3 PFI-funded construction projects
3.3.1 North Bristol
3.3.2 Barts Health
3.3.3 Alder Hey Children’s
3.3.4 Papworth Hospital
3.3.5 Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen
3.3.6 Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital
3.4 Non-PFI funded construction projects
3.4.1 NHS Lothian and other Scottish NPD projects
3.4.2 North Cumbria University Hospitals and centrally funded English projects
3.4.3 Great Ormond Street Hospital
3.4.4 North Tees and Hartlepool
3.4.5 University Hospitals of Leicester
3.5 Organisations with short-term leases
3.6 Organisations with freehold property
4 Reorganisations
4.1 Reasons for NHS reorganisations
4.2 Impact of reorganisations on ICT
4.3 Reorganisations in English secondary care
4.3.1 Central Manchester University Hospitals and Trafford Healthcare
4.3.2 Barts Health
4.3.3 Ealing Hospital and the North West London Hospitals
4.3.4 South London Healthcare
4.3.5 North Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol
4.3.6 King’s Health Partners
4.3.7 Other reorganisations in London
4.3.8 Other reorganisations outside London
4.3.9 Academic health sciences centres and networks
4.4 Transforming Community Services in England
4.5 South Wales Programme for specialist hospital servicesList Of TablesNAList Of FiguresFigure 1: NHS organizations with large properties on leases ending by 2020
Figure 2: NHS organizations with large freehold properties
Figure 3: Academic health sciences centres and mergers
Figure 4: Mental health trusts taking over community services
Figure 5: Acute trusts taking over community services
Figure 6: Care trusts taking over community services
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