Next-Generation Marketing in Emerging Markets

Category : Consumer Goods  | Published Date : March-2015 | Pages : 45
Emerging markets (EMs) are increasingly embracing digital communication technologies, with many consumers incorporating them into their daily lives to at least the same degree as their developed market peers. This report discusses the key trends shaping the opportunity for FMCG businesses to make use of this continuing revolution in the means of connection with consumers.

- Develop an understanding of key digital channels in EMs and who their consumers are.

- Develop a clear picture of the opportunities and challenges that digital channels present for FMCG growth in EMs.

- Outlines key strategies for leveraging the digital opportunity to grow FMCG sales in EMs.

Reasons To Buy
- What are the key digital channels and why are they important?

- What are the challenges that stand in the way of successful utilization of digital marketing in EMs?

- Who are EM digital consumers and what are their needs?

- How have brands achieved success in targeting EM digital consumers?

Key Highlights
"Next-generation" digital channels are becoming an important means of connecting with EM consumers. As a consequence, preconceptions about the level of sophistication in EMs must be challenged vigorously and marketing approaches updated.

Personal media, particularly in the form of mobile phones, is becoming part of everyday life for vast numbers of EM consumers. This is fueling an unprecedented degree of connectivity between consumers, and between consumers and brands.
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