New Developments in Radlers, Shandies, and Pre-Mixed Beer Drinks

Category : Food & Beverages  | Published Date : Jul-2013 | Pages : 83
Sales of radler and shandy-type drinks have rocketed over the last five years due to their alignment with trends towards moderate drinking, refreshment, female beer drinking, and willingness to try new tastes. The cider boom highlights the demand for novel beer alternatives, and how national beer trends can now readily go global; will the radler be the next cider?

- Detailed market data on a country-by-country basis covering the volumes and value sales and sales growth of radlers and beer mixes in general.

- Survey-based analysis of the key demographic and consumer trends driving the growth in the consumption of radlers and beer mixes.

- Discussion of the key obstacles and gaps in understanding that are currently holding back the market for radlers and beer mixes.

- Analysis of market innovation based on detailed case studies that analyze recent successful and failed launches against the trends identified.

- Future-focused predictions and discussion of key areas for success and investment in radlers over the next five years.

Reasons To Buy
- How can the beer sector combat the threat posed by spirits, cider, FABs, and wine?

- What is the current size of the market for radlers and other mixed beer drinks, and where are sales concentrated?

- Which consumer groups are turned off by mainstream beers but interested in radlers and other mixed beer drinks?

- What is the difference between a successful radler launch and a failed radler launch?

- Will the Central andamp; Eastern European radler boom spread to the rest of the world?

Key Highlights
Radler volume sales in Germany are more than 10 times as high as sales in any non-European country, at 349 million liters in 2012. Slow growth of 0.5% per year comes in the context of a market where overall beer sales have fallen by 1.2% annually.

42% of global drinkers under 34 say that they consume flavored beers on at least an occasional basis, while only 18% of drinkers over 65 say the same. Of the largest radler volume markets, all but Spain are in Central and Eastern Europe, with Germany being the largest, followed by Spain, Poland, Russia, and the Czech Republic.

Younger drinkers who seek new flavor profiles tend to prefer higher alcohol strength products, while the demand for lower-strength products is concentrated among older drinkers. This creates a dilemma for radler marketers. Alcohol-free radlers will represent an increasing proportion of the total market moving forward.
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