Mining Equipment Industry - Argentina Market Data

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This report provides the market data forecast for mining equipment industry across the globe with a special focus on Argentina, in addition to data around the market landscape for commodities, leading suppliers, and key economic indicators for Argentina.

• According to Kable sources, the global mining equipment industry in 2017 is estimated to increase at an annual growth rate of over 8.5%. Argentina’s growth is forecasted to reach US$1.87 billion by 2017 with a CAGR over 7.5%.

• Coal mining will continue as the largest market segment in Argentina, while mineral mining leads gains.

• According to Kable sources, Argentina is the largest producer of silver with the production estimated to reach 998 tonnes by 2018.

•  This report is the result of an extensive primary and secondary research from Kable’s research and analysis team. This report provides the market data forecast for mining equipment industry across the globe with a special focus on Argentina. This report primarily covers surface mining equipment and underground mining equipment. On the whole, the report provides an understanding of the demand for mining equipment in Argentina.

In particular, it provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

• Understand the historical trend of the global mining equipment market value, 2009-2013.

• Understand the forecasted market value of the global mining equipment, 2014-2017.

• Understand the historical trend of the Argentina mining equipment market value, 2009-2013.

• Understand the forecasted market value of the Argentine mining equipment, 2014-2017.

• Gain insight into the historical and forecasted information of Argentine mining commodities and prices, 2009-2018.

• To know the Argentina mining equipment demand by application (coal mining, metal mining and mineral mining).

• Comprehensive financial information of equipment manufacturers and suppliers in Argentina.

• Understand the economic factors that are influencing around mining equipment in the Argentine market.

• The market share of mining equipment by country.

Reasons To Buy
• The report provides the historical and current size of the global mining equipment market with a special focus on Argentina.

• The report forecasts the future outlook of the global mining equipment market value with a special focus on Argentina.

• The report provides historical and forecasted production volumes and prices for all major mineral and metals produced in Argentina.

• The report enables the executives to take key decisions on purchase preferences and investments in mining equipment.

• The report also helps the executives to know the leading suppliers in the mining equipment industry. 

• The market data is clearly presented and can be easily incorporated into presentations, internal reports, etc.
Table Of Contents1 Market Data - Historic
1.1 Global and Argentina Value (2009-2013)
2 Mining Equipment - Demand by Application
2.1 Global Demand - by Application
2.2 Argentina Demand - by Application
3 Market Share 2013
4 Market Data - Forecast
4.1 Global and Argentina Market Forecast (2014-2017)
4.2 Commodity Production and Pricing Forecast (2009-2018)
5 Leading Global Mining Equipment Manufacturers
6 Companies Profile
6.1 Financial Comparison
6.2 Liebherr
6.3 Atlas Copco
6.4 Metso
6.5 Finning International
6.6 Hitachi Construction Machinery
7 Appendix
7.1 About Kable
7.2 Methodology
7.3 Secondary Research
7.4 Primary Research
7.5 Conventions
7.6 Definitions
7.7 Disclaimer
8 Economic IndicatorsList Of TablesTable 1: Global and Argentina Market Value (2009-2013)
Table 2: Global and Argentina Market Forecast (2014-2017)
Table 3: Aluminium Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Table 4: Copper Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Table 5: Gold Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Table 6: Zinc Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Table 7: Silver Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Table 8: Financial Comparisons of Leading Companies (US$ millions), 2013
Table 9: Liebherr: Key Facts
Table 10: Liebherr: Key Financials (US$ million)
Table 11: Liebherr: Key Financial Ratios (%)
Table 12: Atlas Copco Ltd.: Key Facts
Table 13: Atlas Copco Ltd.: Key Financials (US$ millions)
Table 14: Atlas Copco Ltd.: Key Financial Ratios (%)
Table 15: Metso: Key Facts
Table 16: Metso: Key Financial (US$ millions)
Table 17: Metso: Key Financial Ratios (%)
Table 18: Finning International Inc.: Key Facts
Table 19: Finning International Inc.: Key Financials (US$ millions)
Table 20: Finning International Inc.: Key Financial Ratios (%)
Table 21: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD: Key Facts
Table 22: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD: Key Financials (US$ millions)
Table 23: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD: Key Financials (US$ millions)
Table 24: Argentina Size of Population (2009-2013)
Table 25: Argentina GDP (2009-2013)
Table 26: Argentina Inflation (2009-2013)
Table 27: Argentina Inflation (2009-2013)
Table 28: Argentina Inflation (2009-2013)List Of FiguresFigure 1: Global and Argentina Market Value (2009-2013)
Figure 2: Global Demand - by Application (%)
Figure 3: Argentina Demand - by Application (%)
Figure 4: Market Share by Country (%)
Figure 5: Global and Argentina Market Forecast (2014-2017)
Figure 6: Aluminium Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Figure 7: Copper Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Figure 8: Gold Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Figure 9: Zinc Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Figure 10: Silver Production and Pricing (2009-2018)
Figure 11: Leading Global Mining Equipment Manufacturers - Revenues (US$ billions) 2013
Figure 12: Liebherr: Revenues and Profitability
Figure 13: Liebherr: Assets and Liabilities
Figure 14: Atlas Copco Ltd.: Revenues and Profitability
Figure 15: Atlas Copco Ltd.: Assets and Liabilities
Figure 16: Metso: Revenues and Profitability
Figure 17: Metso: Assets and Liabilities
Figure 18: Finning International Inc.: Revenues and Profitability
Figure 19: Finning International Inc.: Assets and Liabilities
Figure 20: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD: Revenues and Profitability
Figure 21: Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., LTD: Assets and Liabilities
Publisher Name : Kable Market Research

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