Local Routes - Applications used by local Government to deliver transport

Category : ICT Media  | Published Date : Jun-2013 | Pages : 28
This report summarizes the status of the UK public sector ICT transport software market. It is intended both for those currently working with public sector clients, and those considering this market for the first time.
Kable covers the use of ICT in the public sector across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
UK council’s spend £30m per annum on software supporting transport infrastructure across the country. With public finance’s increasingly restricted engineers, contractors and key decision makers in local authorities are turning to technology to reduce the cost of roads and public transport through better management.
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• Gain insight into the UK public sector transport software marketplace. • Gain insight into the UK public sector ICT local government marketplace.
Table of ContentsContents
1 Executive summary
2 Transport and local authorities
2.1 Overview of the highways and transportation market in the UK
2.2 Local government’s highways and transport responsibilities
3 Overview of highways and transport software
3.1 Total local government spending software supporting transport
3.1.1 County councils
3.1.2 Unitary authorities
3.1.3 London boroughs
3.1.4 Metropolitan districts
3.1.5 Wales
3.1.6 District councils
3.1.7 Scotland
3.2 Local authority spending on transport software up to 2016-17
4 Focus on specific systems
4.1 Parking
4.1.1 Software supporting parking
4.1.2 Parking software vendors
4.1.3 Challenges and opportunities for the parking software market Revenue generation Outsourcing
4.2 Public transport
4.2.1 Passenger information Software supporting passenger information Passenger information software vendors Challenges and opportunities for the passenger information software market
4.2.2 Ticketing Software supporting ticketing Ticketing software vendors
4.2.3 Challenges and opportunities for the ticketing software market Government business plan Collaborative working Disruptive technologies Operator delays
4.3 Roads management
4.3.1 Software supporting roads management
4.3.2 Roads management software vendors
4.3.3 Challenges and opportunities for the roads management software market Better asset management Road works management Congestion managementList Of TablesNAList Of FiguresFigure 1: Local government software spend supporting highways and transportation, 2012-13
Figure 2: Total expenditure on services to citizens by local authorities in England, Scotland and Wales
Figure 3: Responsibilities for transport activities across local and regional government
Figure 4: Local government software spend by type of system and type of council, 2012-13
Figure 5: Spend on transport software by type of authority, 2011-12 to 2016-17 (£m)
Figure 6: Local government software spend supporting parking, 2012-13
Figure 7: Local government software spend supporting passenger information, 2012-13
Figure 8: Local government software spend supporting ticketing, 2012-13
Figure 9: Local government software spend supporting roads management, 2012-13
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