Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Homeland Security Robots: Market Shares, Market Strategies, and Market Forecasts, 2015 to 2021

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LEXINGTON, Massachusetts (November 10, 2015) - WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Homeland Security Robots: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2015 to 2021. Next generation civilian security robot platforms leverage better materials, more sophisticated designs, software technology, and tablet remote controls to support high quality data gathering and communications in difficult situations.

Bomb squads have need for better technology, more flexibility, better maneuverability. The robots answer those needs, they can be tuned to the specific activity in which they are being used, using modular systems. Platform robot modules are highly targeted to specific situations. Robots make police organizations more functional, improve security performance by allowing remote operation. The study has 582 pages and 257 table and figures.

The ability to use robots for law enforcement, first responder, and homeland security is a function of affordability. Many cost efficient robots have come to market, challenging those offered by some of the existing market leaders that are part of the traditional military industrial complex.

Law enforcement, first responders, and homeland security robots are mobile automated process platforms that are responsive to homeland security needs. They are emerging in the context of globalization and smart phone devices that provide connectedness. This global aspect of the first responder robots means that the devices have a presence in every part of the world. First responder robots are inherently local, they are used locally, they are needed by security personnel in particularly dangerous situations. Systems of engagement apps are evolving as specially designed ground robot networks used to address terrorism and local law enforcement and fire department needs to support community and city safety patrol. .

According to Susan Eustis, leader of the team that prepared the study, “Robot security technology is having a great affect on law enforcement, first responder, and homeland systems effectiveness. Security Robots utilize platform technology and leverage the mobility of the robot. Within the robot platform, components have been useful as organizations move to secure the safety of the officers forced to function in dangerous situations. Law enforcement organizations are able to function more effectively. Video facilitates supervisors in communicating to a deployed unit in a manner that is taking into consideration the difficulties any particular officer is having in an individual situation, paying individual attention to officers deployed in the risky situation. Risk management performance can be improved, managing any situation can be improved using robotic platform technology.”

Vendors have adopted a variety of control mechanisms and and intuitive users interfaces so robot operators are able to drive the robots easily. Vendors have been able to make them more effective and more affordable.

Market growth comes from every law enforcement organization that needs to achieve an edge over the bad guys, over terrorists, protecting the civilian populations more effectively and with less risk to the enforcement offices than has been able previously. Organizations wishing to gain performance advantage in their local situations are buying the robots. By adopting prebuilt modules of enforcement technologies and adapting them to the local situations, vendors have been able to build worldwide markets.

The evolution of security robots and devices is in the context of smart phone adoption, going to 9.5 billion by the end of the forecast period, with apps becoming more accepted. The ability to offer sophisticated robots for the police officers and lieutenants is what provides sophisticated application capabilities. Apps are further evolving to provide tracking of motion and help provide mastery of various techniques for risk management. Robots are useful for mastering some aspect of police detail work and adding to lowering the cost of premium local and national border security forces.

Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Homeland Security Robots platform technology markets at $764 million in 2014 are anticipated to reach $4.3 billion by 2021. Market growth comes as every law enforcement agency faces the prospect of dealing with terrorists. With technology maturity and economies of scale, price points will decline rapidly and affordability will drive significant market growth, soon reaching billions of dollars. The companies that achieve measurable market share early in the evolution of the market are likely to maintain a strong presence in the billion dollar markets.

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First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement
Executive Summary 32
Robots Leverage Civilian Systems of Engagement 32
Local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and First Responder Markets Entering A
New Era 35
First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robot Market Driving Forces
Robot Border Patrol 40
SWAT Teams Everywhere Need Law Enforcement Robots 42
First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Shares 43
First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Forecasts 45

1. First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol
Robots Market Description and Market Dynamics 46
1.1 First Responders 46
1.1.1 First Responder Need for Robots 48
1.2 First Responder Robot Border Patrol 48
1.2.1 Border Patrol and Homeland Security 50
1.2.2 Delivering Robotic Capabilities to Border Patrol Teams 51
1.3 Robot Scope 52
1.3.1 First Responder Robot Applications 52
1.3.2 Types of First Responder Robots 56
1.3.3 Telerob Explosive Observation Robot and Ordnance Disposal 56
1.3.4 QinetiQ North America Talon® Robots Universal Disrupter Mount 59
1.3.5 General Dynamics Next-Generation CROWS II Increases First
Responders Safety 61
1.3.6 First Responder iRobot 62
1.4 SUGVs 63
1.5 Robots Delivering Protection Capabilities 64
1.5.1 First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robots 64

2 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement
Market Shares and Market Forecasts 66
2.1 Robots Leverage Civilian Systems of Engagement 66
2.1.1 Local Law Enforcement, Border Patrol, and First Responder Markets
Entering A New Era 69
2.1.2 First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robot Market Driving
Forces 73
2.1.3 Robot Border Patrol 74
2.1.4 SWAT Teams Everywhere Need Law Enforcement Robots 76
2.2 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market Shares
2.2.1 Challenges That Define Modern Civilian Security 80
2.2.2 General Dynamics Robotic Sentry – Intruder Detection and Assessment
2.2.3 Northrop Grumman 81
2.2.4 Northrop Grumman 82
2.2.5 Northrop Grumman Cutlass 83
2.2.6 Northrop Grumman Mini-ANDROS II 84
2.2.7 QinetiQ Law Enforcement Robots 84
2.2.8 QinetQ TALON 85
2.2.9 ReconRobotics 87
2.2.10 SDR LT2 / LT2-F 87
2.2.11 iRobot Surveillance Robots 88
2.2.12 iRobot Research / iRobot Collaborative Systems 89
2.2.13 iRobot Packbot 90
2.2.14 iRobot PackBot Scout 91
2.2.15 iRobot PackBot Explorer 91
2.2.16 Kongsberg 92
2.2.17 Energid / Mitsubishi Next-Generation Robot for Nuclear Power Plant
Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection 92
2.2.18 Mesa Systems Development Division 92
2.3 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market
Forecasts 93
2.3.1 Application Scope 95
2.3.2 First Responder, Border Patrol, And Law Enforcement Market Industry
Segments 95
2.3.3 Law Enforcement and First Responder Market Metrics 100
2.3.4 Law Enforcement, First Responder, Border Patrol Segment Analysis 101
2.3.5 Law Enforcement Segment Analysis 103
2.3.6 First Responder Segment Analysis 107
2.3.7 By 2019 Every First Responder Team In The World Will Need To Have
Some Robotic Capability 109
2.3.8 Building a Culture of Preparedness 109
2.3.9 Discussion of Various Size First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border
Patrol Robot Market Strengths and Challenges 110
2.3.10 NTIA's First Responder Network Authority ("FirstNet") 111
2.3.11 Civilian Security Robot Systems Roadmap 111
2.3.12 Border Patrol Segment Analysis 112
2.3.13 Border Patrol Robots 113
2.3.14 Throwable Robot Market Forecasts 114
2.4 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Market
Analysis 117
2.4.1 Making Exploratory Investigation In Dangerous Or Unfolding Situation
2.4.2 Core Anti-Terrorism Technology 119
2.4.3 Small Mobile Robot Market Opportunity: Penetration of Fire and Police
Departments 121
2.5 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Prices and
Situational Uses 123
2.5.1 Robots Emerge As Part Of Critical Homeland Security and Emergency
Response Infrastructure 128
2.6 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Robot Regional Market
Segments 129

3 First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement
Product Description 131
3.1 iRobot 131
3.1.1 iRobot 110 FirstLook® 139
3.1.2 iRobot® 110 FirstLook® 142
3.1.3 iRobot +CBRN/HazMat Within Industrial Settings 143
3.1.4 iRobot Check Point/Vehicle Inspections 144
3.1.5 iRobot in Confined Spaces 144
3.1.6 iRobot Persistent Observation 144
3.1.7 iRobot FirstLook Bomb Disposal/ Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD)
3.1.8 iRobot FirstLook Robots Visual Obscurants 145
3.1.9 iRobot® 340 SUGV 146
3.1.10 iRobot® 310 SUGV 147
3.1.11 iRobot 310 SUGV Missions 148
3.1.12 iRobot® SUGV 149
3.1.13 iRobot Check Point / Vehicle Inspections 151
3.1.14 iRobot Confined Spaces 151
3.1.15 iRobot Persistent Observation 151
3.1.16 iRobot Route/Building Clearance 152
3.1.17 iRobot Visual Obscurants 152
3.1.18 iRobot® 710 KobraTM 153
3.1.19 iRobot 710 Kobra Missions 154
3.1.20 iRobot Robots Perform Missions On Land And In The Sea 156
3.1.21 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for First Responders 157
3.1.22 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for HazMat Technicians 159
3.1.23 iRobot® 510 PackBot® for EOD Swat Technicians 161
3.1.24 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for Border Patrol 163
3.1.25 iRobot® PackBot® 510 for Law Enforcement Engineers 164
3.1.26 iRobot 710 Warrior™ 165
3.2 Northrop Grumman 167
3.2.1 Northrop Grumman Remotec Robotic Platforms and Sub-Systems 167
3.2.2 Northrop Grumman Andros F6A - First Responders & SWAT 171
3.2.3 Northrop Grumman Andros Robots 172
3.2.4 Northrop Grumman ANDROS Hazmat 173
3.2.5 Northrop Grumman Mark V-A1 - HAZMAT Technicians 178
3.2.6 Northrop Grumman Andros for First Responders 179
3.2.7 Northrop Grumman Mini Andros II Features 181
3.3 QinetiQ 183
3.3.1 QinetiQ Tactical TALON for Homeland Security and First Responders
3.3.2 QinetiQ Law Enforcement Robots 184
3.3.3 QinetiQ Talon V 185
3.3.4 QinetiQ C-Talon 187
3.3.5 QinetiQ C-Talon Draper Laboratory Expertise in Action 188
3.3.6 QinetQ TALON 189
3.3.7 QinetiQ TALON Product Line Expansion 195
3.3.8 QinetiQ Laptop Control Unit (LCU) 196
3.3.9 QinetiQ Comprised Of Experts In Defense, Aerospace, And Security 198
3.3.10 QinetiQ North America TALON Detects Deadly IEDs And Saves Lives 199
3.3.11 QinetQ Dragon Runner 200
3.3.12 QinetQ Dragon Runner 10 202
3.3.13 QinetQ Robotic Appliqué Kit 203
3.3.14 QinetQ Expertise in Action: 205
3.3.15 QinetQ MAARS 206
3.4 Kairos Autonomi 208
3.4.1 Kairos RetroReach Manipulator Arm 208
3.4.2 Kairos Autonomi Pronto4 Agnostic Autonomy System for Existing
Vehicles or Vessels 212
3.4.3 Kairos Autonomi Pronto4 Benefits 213
3.4.4 Kairos Autonomi Pronto4™ Sub-Systems 214
3.4.5 Kairos Autonomi ProntoMimic Software Suite Functions 214
3.5 RoboteX 216
3.5.1 RoboteX Avatar III Robot 216
3.5.2 RoboteX Avatar III Tactical Robot 217
3.5.3 RoboteX Avatar III EOD Robot 219
3.5.4 RoboteX Avatar III Hazmat Robot 225
3.5.5 RoboteX Avatar Legion System 227
3.5.6 RoboteX Avatar LEGION System: Networks of Robots are Offered 229
3.5.7 RoboteX Avatar I 231
3.5.8 RoboteX Avatar II 233
3.5.9 RoboteX Avatar II EOD Robot 234
3.5.10 RoboteX Avatar III Security Robot 238
3.5.11 RoboteX Avatar 239
3.5.12 RoboteX Avatar® Home & Office, A Personal Security Robot 240
3.5.13 RoboteX Portable Reconnaissance 244
3.5.14 RoboteX Avatar I Spec List: 246
3.5.15 RoboteX Avatar I Use Cases: 247
3.6 Pedsco 248
3.6.1 Pedsco Remote Mobile Investigator (RMI) 248

4 Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Homeland
Security Robot Technology and Research 317
4.1 TARDEC’s Interoperability Profile (IOP) Testing 317
4.2 National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 318
4.2.1 Emergency Response Robots 318
4.3 First Responder Robot Technology Enablers 319
4.3.1 Military Robot Logistics 321
4.4 MRAP ATV: Requirements and Contenders 323
4.5 First Responder Intel Integrated Circuit Evidence-Based Innovation 328
4.5.1 Open Robotic Control Software 329
4.5.2 First Responder Robot Key Technology 330
4.5..3 -Bots 333
4.5.4 Visual Simultaneous Localization & Mapping 334
4.6 Advanced Robot Technology: Navigation, Mobility, And Manipulation 334
4.6.1 Robot Intelligence Systems 335
4.6.2 Real-World, Dynamic Sensing 335
4.7 User-Friendly Interfaces 336
4.7.1 Tightly-Integrated, Electromechanical Robot Design 336
4.8 Field Based Robotics Iterative Development 337
4.8.1 Next-Generation Products Leverage Model 338
4.8.2 Modular Robot Structure And Control 338
4.8.3 Lattice Architectures 339

5 Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Homeland
Security Robot Technology and Research 394
5.1 Robot Enabling Technologies 394
5.1.1 Sensor Processing 394
5.1.2 Machine Autonomy 395
5.2 First Responder Robot Bandwidth 396
5.2.1 UGV Follow-Me Capability 396
5.2.2 Communications Bandwidth 397
5.2.3 Battery Power 397
5.2.4 Combination Of Batteries Linked To Onboard Conventional Diesel 398
5.3 DJI 398
5.4 General Dynamics 400
5.4.1 General Dynamics Public Safety 400

List of Tables and Figures

Table ES-1 37
Law Enforcement Robotics Market Factors 37
Table ES-2
Law Enforcement Robot Functions 38
Table ES-3 41
First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robots Market Driving Forces41
Figure ES-4 44
Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Border Patrol Robot Market Shares,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2014 44
Figure ES-5 45
First Responders, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Markets Dollars,
Worldwide, 2015-2021 45
Table 1-1 53
First Responder Robot Applications 53
Table 1-2 54
First Responder Armed Robotic Applications 54
Table 1-3 55
First Responder Robotic Systems 55
Figure 1-4 57
Telerob Explosive Observation Robot and Ordnance Disposal Unit 57
Figure 1-5 58
Telerob Explosive Ordnance Disposal EOD System For Operation In Confined
Areas 58
Figure 1-6 60
QinetiQ North America TALON® Robots 60
Universal Disruptor Mount (UDM) 60
Figure 1-7 61
Next-Generation General Dynamics CROWS II 61
Table 2-1 71
Law Enforcement Robotics Market Factors 71
Table 2-2 72
Law Enforcement Robot Functions 72
Table 2-3 75
First Responder, Law Enforcement, Border Patrol Robots Market Driving Forces75
Figure 2-4 78
Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Border Patrol Robot Market Shares,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2014 78
Table 2-5 79
Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Border Patrol, Robot Market Shares,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2014 79
Figure 2-6 86
QinetQ TALON 86
Figure 2-7 87
SDR LT2 / LT2-F - "Bloodhound" 87
Figure 2-8 88
iRobot 210 Negotiator 88
Table 2-9 89
iRobot 510 Packbot Characteristics 89
Figure 2-10 93
First Responders, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Markets Dollars,
Worldwide, 2015-2021 93
Figure 2-11 94
Law Enforcement, First Responder, and Border Patrol Market Forecasts, Units,
Worldwide, 2015-2021 94
Table 2-12 96
First Responder, Border Patrol, and Law Enforcement Market Industry Segments,
Dollars, Worldwide, 2015-2021 96
Figure 5-12 459
Kuka Customers 459
Figure 5-13 461
Kuka Regional (10) and Segment (7) Focus 461
Figure 5-14 463
Kuka Positioning with Smart Tools 463
Figure 5-15 467
Kuka Positioning in Robotics and Systems 467
Figure 5-16 471
Lockheed Martin Segment Positioning 471
Table 5-17 472
Lockheed Martin's operating units 472
Figure 5-18 474
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Segment Positioning 474
Figure 5-19 475
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Segment Portfolio 475
Figure 5-20 476
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics C130 Worldwide Airlift 476
Figure 5-21 477
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Falcon Fighter 477
Figure 5-22 478
Lockheed Martin Electronic Systems Portfolio 478
Figure 5-23 480
Lockheed Martin Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) 480
Table 5-24 481
Lockheed Martin Mars Atmosphere And Volatile Evolution Objectives 481
Figure 5-25 483
Lockheed Martin K-MAX 483
Figure 5-26 485
Lockheed Martin Desert Hawk III 485
Figure 5-27 486
Lockheed Martin Stalker UAS 486
Figure 5-28 488
Lockheed Martin Fury 488
Figure 5-29 489
Lockheed Martin VTOL Quad Rotor 489
Table 5-30 492
Mesa Robotics Technical Experience 492
Table 5-31 498
Northrop Grumman Partner Of Choice 498
Figure 5-32 500
Northrop Grumman Systems Segments 500
Figure 5-33 501
Northrop Grumman Portfolio 501
Figure 5-34 508
Power Hawk Rescue System 508
Table 5-35 518
QinetiQ Vision 518
Figure 5-36 522
QinetiQ Dragon Runner Urban Operations Rugged Ultra-Compact, Lightweight
And Portable Reconnaissance Robot 522
Table 5-37 524
QinetiQ Customer Base 524
Figure 5-38 533
Technorobot 533
Figure 5-39 535
Technorobot Collaborations 535
Figure 5-40 536
UC Davis Using Yahama Helicopter Drones For Crop Dusting 536
Figure 5-41 537
Yamaha Crop Dusting Initiatives 537
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