Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Suncare; Exploring the key consumer behavior and innovation trends impacting suncare

Category : Consumer Goods  | Published Date : Aug-2016 | Pages : 25
The suncare category is rapidly evolving, particularly as sun protection is no longer associated solely with negative health impacts, but also with degradation of the appearance, particularly the acceleration of the aging process. This is resulting in far-reaching implications for both suncare and beauty brands and is driving new opportunities within this space.

Key Findings
- While awareness of the more immediate negative health impacts of sun is high, another key facet driving demand for suncare solutions has been the growing establishment of sun exposure as an accelerator of the aging process and cause of appearance-related damage.

- Skin remains the key focus area for sun protection, but consumers are also seeking more granular product solutions, with the belief that these will be more effective in meeting the specific needs of a certain area of the body, as well as identifying the impact of suncare on other features aside from the skin.

- While value and efficacy remain essential for consumers when making suncare product choices, following these two factors, ease of use and application was ranked the third most influential when making purchasing decisions in this category. Ensuring that applications can cater to this need will therefore be essential in driving the perception of easy-to-use solutions.

- The suncare space is evolving in response to changing consumer behaviors and needs. Innovation Trends and Opportunities in Suncare seeks to explore the key trends and future opportunities that are being shaped by these behaviors. 

- CONSUMER INSIGHT: Data analyzed from Canadean's consumer surveys delivers a clear picture of the global consumer in relation to the suncare category.

- TRENDS: Understand the key consumer and innovation trends impacting the global market and analyze the key implications across packaging, formulation, and positioning.

- INNOVATION: See the best examples of innovation and recommendations for brands operating in the market.

Reasons To Buy
- Identify the key consumer behaviors shaping the suncare space and resulting trends.

- Gain specific insight into suncare, skincare, and wider beauty categories.

- Analyze key innovation approaches in suncare globally.

Table Of Contents1.Introduction
2. Four trends in suncare
i.Trend 1: Blurred lines
ii.Trend 2: “Make it natural”
iii.Trend 3: Beyond UV
iv.Trend 4: Novel formats and applications
3. Foresights: What next for the suncare category?
4. Conclusion
5. AppendixList Of TablesN/AList Of FiguresN/A
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