Flexible Glass Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Nanotechnology, Worldwide, 2010 to 2016

Category : Materials & Chemicals  | Published Date : Apr-2010 | Pages : 233

Product Synopsis

WinterGreen Research announces that it has a new study on: Flexible Glass Market Shares and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2010-2016. Flexible glass is useful as a substrate for deposition of nanotechnology materials used to create solar panels, thin film batteries, and HDD drives. Substrates are needed for nanotechnology implementations of different devices including materials used in the aircraft and building industries. The study has 232 pages and 70 tables and figures.

Nanotechnology frequently involves sputtering some active material onto a substrate at high temperature and in a vacuum. Flexible glass is a valuable substrate because of its handling characteristics chemical characteristics, and the overall maturity of the glass industry.

Analysis of flexible glass markets depends on looking at the need for substrates for nanotechnology including the thin film solar and battery markets which in turn depend on the number of autos sold and number of solar panels. In addition there are a lot of metrics to look at, including number of concentrating solar installations up coming, number of LCD TVs, number of thin film batteries, number of semiconductors, and number of HDD components.

Electric power from renewable sources, particularly solar energy promises a new generation of utility companies that replace large fossil fuel generating plants with substations that gather electricity from commercial rooftops near the demand for electricity. Electric vehicles will be recharged from stationary batteries located near suburban homes.

Flexible glass has a higher threshold for heat management than polymer. Polymers will melt at temperatures where glass substrate remains stable. Glass markets overall continue to be strong. Corning expects worldwide glass demand to reach 2.7-2.8 billion square feet in 2010, up from 2.4 billion square feet in 2009. Glass shipments can be analyzed at a rate of 37% residential, 21% commercial, 28% automotive, and 17% specialty glass.

Following is a forecast for flexible glass substrate markets that represent but a fraction of the overall solar panel markets. Starting from zero in 2010, the market reaches $1 billion by 2016 representing just a fraction of overall spending on solar panels. After that, the markets are anticipated to grow significantly capturing a large part of the solar panel and other nanotechnology manufacturing production.

Market growth is a result of demand for nanotechnology that benefits from controlling matter on an atomic and molecular scale. New properties of matter are evolving rapidly.

Flexible Glass Market Driving Forces
Flexible Glass as Substrates for Nanotechnology Deposition
Flexible Glass Used In A New Way Of Generating Solar Power
Lithium-ion and Advanced Lithium Battery Substrate Market Forecasts

1.1 Ultra Thin Flexible Glass Substrates
1.1.1 Nanotechnology Depends On Substrates
1.1.2 OLED Technology Ultra Thin Flexible Glass Substrates
1.1.3 Wearable Displays
1.2 Flexible Glass Replaces Polymer Foils
1.3 Solar Panels Built on Flexible Glass For Building Facades
1.3.1 Glass As A Building Material
1.3.2 Focus on Energy Efficiency with Glass
1.3.3 Characteristics Of A Thin Film Solar Cell
1.4 Vacuum Coating Technologies

2.1 Flexible Glass Market Driving Forces
2.1.1 Flexible Glass as Substrates for Nanotechnology Deposition
2.2 Flexible Glass Used In A New Way Of Generating Solar Power
2.2.1 Flexible Glass Processes Protect Flexible Solar Power Shingles
2.2.2 Corning
2.2.3 Asahi Glass
2.3 Lithium-ion and Advanced Lithium Battery Substrate Market Forecasts
2.4 Flexible Glass for Imprint Molding Processes
2.4.1 Passive Optics and LED Imprints
2.4.2 LED Component Imprinting
2.5 HDD Patterned Media
2.6 Imprint For Biological Applications
2.7 Imprint For Integrated Circuits
2.8 Glass Production Regional Analysis

3.1 Flexible Glass as Substrates
3.1.1 Corning
3.1.2 Corning 0211 Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass
3.2 Asahi Glass
3.2.1 Asahi Glass Flexible Solar Cell
3.2.2 Asahi Glass ETFE Film
3.2.3 Asahi Glass Flexible Solar Cells
3.2.4 Asahi Glass Textured Surface Film Traps Light, Enables Highly Efficient Solar Cell
3.3 DuPont™ Substrate Materials: Robust Processing Thin Film Solar Performance
3.3.1 DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Films
3.3.2 DuPont Teflon® FEP
3.3.3 DuPont Tefzel® ETFE
3.4 Vitex Systems
3.4.1 Vitex Systems Barix™ Barrier Film (BBF)
3.4.2 Vitex Processes Protect Flexible Solar Power Shingles
3.5 Solyndra
3.6 Applied Quantum Technology
3.7 Wurth
3.7.1 Würth Elektronik Research Efficient Solar Modules
3.8 Honda Solar
3.9 Frontgate
3.9.1 Frontgate Memory Flex Polarized Unisex Reader Sunglasses
3.10 Merck KGaA Displays, Lighting And Photovoltaics
3.10.1 Merck OLED Tiles
3.10.2 Micros Microscopes Flexible Glass Stage
3.11 Cixi Kaixuan Glass Fiber Facturein
3.11.1 Cixi Kaixuan Nano-Scale Glass Coating
3.12 Qualcomm Full Color, Low Power, Fast And Versatile Mirasol Display Technology

4.1 Thin Film Poly-Si Solar Cells With A Thickness Of Less Than 5 Pm On A Glass Substrate
4.2 Innovative LC Mixtures And Advanced LC Materials
4.2.1 Liquid Glass Invented in Turkey
4.2.2 Liquid Glass Coating Is Breathable
4.2.3 Liquid Glass Spray
4.3 Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED)
4.3.1 Passive Optics and LEDs
4.3.2 LEDs Patterned With Photonic Crystals
4.4 HDD Patterned Media Disk Imprint Tools
4.5 Biological Imprint Applications
4.6 Integrated Circuits Bowing The Mold
4.7 Flexible Backplanes For E-Paper Displays
4.8 Thin-Film Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
4.9 Renewable Energy Flexible Solar Cell Study
4.9.1 Gettering in Large-Grained Thin Polycrystalline Silicon Films on Glass Substrate
4.10 Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
4.11 Fluorinated Materials for Energy Conversion
4.12 ETFE Film
4.13 Worldwide Demand For Electricity
4.14 Silicon Based Photovoltaic Systems
4.15 Thin Film Photovoltaic Systems
4.15.1 Commercial Rooftops for Solar Energy
4.15.2 Solar Energy Market Overview
4.15.3 Levelized Cost of Electricity
4.15.4 Installed Solar Costs
4.15.5 Lifetime Solar Costs
4.15.6 Solar Panel Lifetime Electricity Output

5.1 Applied Materials
5.1.1 Applied Materials Segment Analysis
5.1.2 Applied Materials Silicon Segment
5.1.3 Applied Three-Dimensional (3D) ICs
5.1.4 Applied Materials Deposition
5.1.5 Applied Materials Atomic Layer Deposition
5.1.6 Applied Materials Chemical Vapor Deposition
5.1.7 Applied Materials Applied Producer CVD Platform
5.1.8 Applied Materials Low k Dielectric Films
5.1.9 Applied Materials Lithography-Enabling Solutions
5.1.10 Applied Materials Gap Fill Films
5.1.11 Applied Materials Strain Engineering Solutions
5.1.12 Applied Materials Epitaxial Deposition
5.1.13 Applied Materials Polysilicon Deposition
5.1.14 Applied Materials Tungsten Deposition
5.1.15 Applied Materials Physical Vapor Deposition
5.1.16 Applied Materials Etch
5.1.17 Applied Materials Rapid Thermal Processing
5.1.18 Applied Materials Chemical Mechanical Planarization
5.1.19 Applied Materials Metrology and Wafer Inspection
5.1.20 Applied Materials Critical Dimension and Defect Review Scanning Electron Microscopes (CD-SEMs and DR-SEMs)
5.1.21 Applied Materials Wafer Inspection
5.1.22 Applied Materials Mask Making
5.1.23 Applied Materials Display Segment
5.1.24 Applied Global Services Segment
5.1.25 Applied Materials Fab Services
5.1.26 Applied Films Vacuum Coating Technologies
5.1.27 Applied Materials Energy and Environmental Solutions Segment
5.2 Asahi Glass Co Ltd
5.2.1 Asahi Glass Fuel Cell
5.2.2 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells Close To Practical Use
5.2.3 Asahi Glass Fuel Cells In Daily Life In 2010
5.2.4 Asahi Glass Chemicals Business as Core Business to the AGC Group
5.2.5 Asahi Glass ETFE Film With High Transparency And Flexibility
5.2.6 AGC Asahi GlassRevenue
5.2.7 Asahi Glass Revenue
5.3 Battelle
5.4 China Glass Network
5.5 Corning
5.5.1 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.5.2 Corning Revenue
5.5.3 Corning Display Technologies Segment
5.5.4 Corning Telecommunications Segment
5.5.5 Corning Environmental Technologies Segment
5.5.6 Corning Specialty Materials Segment
5.5.7 Corning Life Sciences Segment
5.6 Directed Vapor Technology
5.6.1 Directed Vapor Deposition Next Generation Coating Technology
5.7 du Pont
5.7.1 DuPont
5.7.2 DuPont™ Kapton®
5.7.3 DuPont™ Kapton® Polyimide Films
5.7.4 DuPont Teonex
5.8 EMD Chemicals for LCDs & Emerging Technologies.
5.8.1 Customer-Specific Liquid Crystal Mixtures From EMD
5.8.2 EMD
5.9 Hangzhou Needindex Info-Tech Co.
5.10 Merck Chemicals
5.10.1 Merck KGaA
5.10.2 Merck KGaA Portfolio For Displays, Lighting And Photovoltaics
5.11 New York University
5.12 Nippon Sheet Glass Co Ltd c
5.12.1 Pilkington North America
5.12.2 Pilkington in North America
5.13 Nippon Libbey-Owens-Ford Glass
5.14 Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
5.15 Photonics / Hoya Candeo Optronics
5.16 Schott
5.16.1 Schott Electronic Packaging Gmbh
5.16.2 Schott Ag Flat Glass
5.17 Solyndra
5.18 Vacuum Coating Technologies
5.19 Vitex Systems
5.20 Vitex Systems
5.21 Flexible Glass Suppliers
5.22 Handai tech co.,ltd
5.23 Shenzhen Luobo Yurun Investment Development Co.,Ltd
5.24 Qingdao Hengda Glass Technology Co,.Ltd
5.25 Anhui Yinrui Glass Machinery Co., Ltd.
5.26 Fu Yang DEMAN Machine Co., Ltd.
5.27 Jinan Zhaoyang Machine Co., Ltd.
5.28 ZongHeng Trading Co.,Ltd
5.29 Qingdao Blue Crystal Glass Co., Ltd
5.30 Zhengzhou Yuke Glass Technology Co.,Ltd
5.31 Tianjin JingYang Glass Co., Ltd
5.32 china glass network
5.35 Jinan Senfeng Technology CO.,LTD

List of Tables

Table ES-1
Flexile Glass Market Driving Forces
Figure ES-2
Flexible Glass Solar Panel Substrate Market Forecasts
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure ES-3
Flexible Glass Thin Film Battery Substrate Market
Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 1-1
Cross Section Of A Thin Film Solar Cell
Table 2-1
Flexile Glass Market Driving Forces
Figure 2-2
Flexible Glass Solar Panel Substrate Market Forecasts
Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-3
Flexible Glass Solar Panel Substrate Market Forecasts
Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-4
Photovoltaic Solar Panel Market Forecasts Units and
Dollars, 2010-2016
Figure 2-5
Asahi Glass Solar Business
Figure 2-6
Flexible Glass Thin Film Battery Substrate Market
Forecasts Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-7
Flexible Glass Thin Film Battery Substrate Market
Forecasts Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Table 2-8
Worldwide Lithium-ion and Advanced Lithium
Battery Market Forecasts, Automotive, Power Tools,
Electric Grid, and PC Card, Dollars, 2009-2015
Table 2-9
Flexible Glass Thin Film Battery Substrate Market
Forecasts Units and Dollars, Worldwide, 2010-2016
Figure 2-10
Heptagon Imprint Lithography
Figure 2-11
LED Imprinting Mold
Figure 2-12
Flexible Glass Regional Market Segments, 2016
Table 2-13
Flexible Glass Regional Market Segments, 2016
Table 3-1
Corning Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass Applications
Table 3-2
Corning Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass Key Benefits
Table 3-3
Corning Microsheet PI0211 Product Configuration(s):
Table 3-4
Corning Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass Product Specifications
Table 3-4 (Continued)
Corning Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass Product Specifications
Table 3-4 (Continued)
Corning Thin, Lightweight, Flexible Glass Product Specifications
Figure 3-5
Asahi Glass ETFE Film With High Transparency And Flexibility
Table 3-6
Asahi Glass Flexible Cell Functions
Table 3-7
Asahi Glass ETFE Film Flexible Cell Characteristics
Figure 3-8
Asahi Glass Flexible Glass Green house
Figure 3-9
Asahi Glass Solar Curve Factor
Figure 3-10
Asahi Glass Textured Finish to Solar Panel
Table 3-11
DuPont Kapton® Features
Table 3-12
DuPont Teonex® PEN and Melinex® ST Polyester Films
Figure 3-13
Vitex Systems Barix™ Barrier Film (BBF)
Figure 3-14
Vitex Systems Barix™ Barrier Film (BBF)
Figure 3-15
Vitex Systems Guardian™ thin-film encapsulation systems
Figure 3-16
Vitex R&D cluster Thin-Film Encapsulation System
Figure 3-17
Solyndra Thin-Film CIGS (copper indium
gallium (di)selenide) Photovoltaic Tubular Panel
Table 3-18
Würth Elektronik Research Substrates To Replace Glass
Table 3-19
Flexible Glass Eyeglasses
Table 3-20
Frontgate flex Polarized Unisex Reader Sunglass Features
Figure 3-21
Micros Microscopes Flexible Glass Stage
Table 4-1
EMD4LCDs & Emerging Technologies Materials
Figure 4-2
Heptagon UV Replication onto Glass Wafers
Figure 5-1
Asahi Glass Transparent Conductive Film Glass Substrates
Figure 5-2
Asahi Glass Fuel Cell
Figure 5-3
AGC Asahi Glass Ecoglass Sun Balance
Figure 5-4
AGC Asahi Glass Comparison Between Ordinary
Windshield and Coolverre
Figure 5-5
AGC Asahi Glass Effects of Coolverre
Figure 5-6
Asahi Glass Revenue
Figure 5-7
Asahi Glass Sales Ratios
Figure 5-8
AGC Asahi Glass New Glass Products
Figure 5-9
AGC Asahi Glass New Glass Products
Figure 5-10
Asahi Glass Segments
Figure 5-11
Asahi Glass Sales
Figure 5-12
Asahi Glass Performance Trends
Figure 5-13
Asahi Glass Growth Positioning
Figure 5-14
Asahi Glass Production Technologies
Figure 5-15
Directed Vapor Technology
Figure 5-16
DuPont Photovoltaic Encapsulant Functions
Figure 5-17
DuPont Photovoltaic Encapsulants
Table 5-18
DuPont Kapton® Features:
Table 5-19
DuPont Technical Data for Standard Kapton® Polyimide Film
Table 5-20
DuPont Teonex
Table 5-21
Nippon Sheet Glass / Pilkington
Table 5-22
Hoya 売上高推移 Net Sales
Figure 5-23
fSchott Products Glass-to-Metal-Seals and Ceramic-to-Metal-Seals
Figure 5-24
Schott Automotive Glass
Figure 5-25
Schott Defense Seals
Figure 5-26
Schott Industry Special Products
Figure 5-26 (Continued)
Schott Industry Special Products
• Figure 5-26 (Continued)
Schott Industry Special Products
Table 5-27
Schott Electronic Packaging Product Benefits:
Figure 5-28
Schott A Flexible Glass Fiber Light Guides Transmit The Light
Figure 5-29
Schott Ultra thin Glass Flexible Substrates
Figure 5-30
Vitex Metal Foil Substrate

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